And the Rest Is History

And the Rest is History by Jodi Taylor is a thrilling installment in the Chronicles of St. Mary's series, where time-traveling historians face perilous missions, unexpected twists, and a race against time to preserve history as they know it.

"And the Rest is History" is the eighth book in the "Chronicles of St. Mary's" series written by Jodi Taylor. In this installment, the story follows the adventures of time-traveling historian Madeleine "Max" Maxwell and her colleagues at St. Mary's Institute of Historical Research.

In "And the Rest is History," Max and her team find themselves facing another series of dangerous and chaotic missions as they travel through time to witness historical events firsthand. They aim to gather accurate information and document important moments in history.

Throughout the book, Max encounters various challenges, including life-threatening situations, unexpected twists, and encounters with historical figures. As she and her team navigate through critical periods in history, they must overcome obstacles and work together to ensure the preservation of the timeline.

"And the Rest is History" continues to explore the themes of adventure, history, and the consequences of time travel that are central to the "Chronicles of St. Mary's" series. Jodi Taylor's signature blend of humor, action, and historical accuracy is present in this installment, providing an entertaining and engaging reading experience.

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