Just One Damned Thing After Another

Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor is a humorous and action-packed time-traveling adventure, featuring a group of eccentric historians who face a series of chaotic and unpredictable missions throughout history

"Just One Damned Thing After Another" is the first book in the "Chronicles of St. Mary's" series written by Jodi Taylor and published in 2013. This novel introduces readers to the world of St. Mary's Institute of Historical Research and sets the stage for the time-traveling adventures that follow.

The story follows the protagonist, Madeleine "Max" Maxwell, who is recruited to work at St. Mary's Institute. St. Mary's is not an ordinary historical research facility—it has the capability to send historians back in time to observe and document historical events firsthand.

As Max settles into her new role, she discovers that life at St. Mary's is far from dull. The historians face numerous challenges, including catastrophic events, dangerous missions, and unexpected twists. Max and her colleagues navigate through different historical periods, encountering both historical figures and life-threatening situations along the way.

"Just One Damned Thing After Another" combines elements of science fiction, history, and adventure. It showcases Jodi Taylor's blend of humor, action, and historical accuracy, making for an engaging and entertaining read. The novel sets the stage for the subsequent books in the series, establishing the premise of time travel, the dynamics of the St. Mary's team, and the challenges they face in preserving the timeline.

Since its publication, the "Chronicles of St. Mary's" series has gained a dedicated following, with readers enjoying the mix of historical events, thrilling escapades, and the camaraderie among the St. Mary's historians.

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