The Good, the Bad and the History

Max, a time-traveling historian, confronts a full-scale uprising in twentieth-century China, formulates a plan to escape, uncovers historical treasures, and battles the malevolent organization Insight while risking exposure, ultimately racing against time to dismantle them and ensuring only one side emerges victorious in a nail-biting continuation of the Chronicles of St. Mary's series.

In "The Good, The Bad, and the History," the fourteenth installment of the Chronicles of St. Mary's series by Jody Taylor, our intrepid historian and time-traveler, Max, finds herself in the throes of a full-scale uprising in twentieth-century China. Desperate to escape her present circumstances, she formulates a Brilliant Idea, leading her into the heart of the tumult. Along the way, she hopes to unearth a few historical treasures, adding to the thrill and complexity of her mission. However, the high stakes and the perilous environment make survival far from guaranteed.

The plot thickens as Max's path crosses again with Insight, a malevolent organization from the future bent on manipulating History for its own nefarious purposes. Having infiltrated their ranks, Max finds herself in a unique position to thwart their plans. However, the precarious nature of her position within the organization means she is constantly on the brink of exposure. The tension escalates as Max becomes aware that her cover within Insight has been compromised, adding a layer of danger to her already perilous mission.

Max is thrust into a race against time as she endeavors to dismantle Insight before they can target her. The suspense heightens as the circle around her tightens, setting the stage for a showdown where only one side will emerge victorious. "The Good, The Bad, and the History" promises a nail-biting continuation of the Chronicles of St. Mary's series, filled with the thrilling historical adventures, high stakes, and wry humor that fans of Jody Taylor's work have come to love and expect.

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