In 1998, the world is on the brink of environmental catastrophe, with no clear way to avert disaster. Meanwhile, in 1963, a group of scientists have discovered a method to send messages through time using tachyons, subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They hope to warn their future colleagues of the impending disaster, and work tirelessly to perfect their communication. But the task is not easy, as the messages become distorted and difficult to interpret as they travel through time.

In the present day, Gordon Bernstein and his colleagues receive the messages from the past, but struggle to decipher them. As they work to uncover the meaning of the transmissions, they also confront the political and personal pressures that come with scientific research. Meanwhile, in the past, the scientists face their own challenges as they try to refine their methods and communicate more effectively with the future.

As the messages become clearer, the scientists in the present day realize that they have a chance to avert the environmental disaster that looms on the horizon. But their efforts are complicated by the political and economic interests that stand in their way. In the past, the scientists face their own ethical dilemmas, as they struggle to understand the implications of their discovery and the effects it may have on the future.

"Timescape" is a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of the possibilities and limitations of time travel, grounded in real-world science and full of complex characters and relationships. The novel presents a compelling vision of the future, as well as a stark warning about the dangers of inaction in the face of global crisis. Fans of science fiction and hard science will find much to enjoy in this award-winning novel by Gregory Benford.

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