Battle Ground

In "Battle Ground," the 17th book in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, wizard Harry Dresden is pushed to his limits as he defends Chicago from an onslaught of supernatural threats. The novel marks a watershed moment in the series, blending urban fantasy and action elements.
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“Battle Ground,” the seventeenth installment in Jim Butcher’s long-running Dresden Files series, catapults wizard Harry Dresden into an apocalyptic showdown in modern-day Chicago. Faced with cosmic entities, supernatural creatures, and treacherous politics, Dresden must marshal every ounce of his magical prowess to defend his city and loved ones. The novel blends elements of urban fantasy and action, infused with Butcher’s signature wit and complexity. This high-stakes battle serves not just as an exhilarating episode but as a crucial pivot point in the series, marking profound changes in the landscape of power and relationships that Dresden navigates.