Novikov Windows

"Novikov Windows" by Chris Cosmain is a hard science fiction tale of time travel, moral dilemmas, and psychological drama. Set in 1996 Australia, the story explores the emotional toll of being trapped in an unchangeable timeline, while grappling with advanced technology like wormholes and quantum computing.
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“Novikov Windows” by Chris Cosmain plunges readers into an emotionally and intellectually fraught adventure that fuses hard science fiction with a deep psychological undercurrent. In 1996, David Singh, a time traveler, assembles a team of experts in remote Australia, binding them with objects that pique their unflinching trust. Their task: to build a time machine using futuristic wormhole technology and quantum computing. As they embark on this quest, the group grapples with the unsettling reality that they are prisoners to an unchangeable timeline, encapsulated in a concept known as a Novikov Window. The narrative explores the psychological burden of knowing the future yet being powerless to alter it, while ethical quandaries multiply and gnaw at the fabric of their community. Unfolding in a universe orchestrated by fate, the story dwells on existentialist questions of free will and moral ambiguity, amplified by technological advancements that seem more like Pandora’s boxes than saviors. Underpinned by real science and research, Cosmain, who himself trained as a scientist before becoming a medical doctor, offers an action-packed exploration into the human psyche, the ethical dilemmas of meddling with time, and the fractious dynamics of a team under unparalleled stress.

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