Turn Coat

In "Turn Coat," the eleventh book in The Dresden Files series, Harry Dresden wrestles with loyalty and betrayal as he defends a Council member accused of treason, all while navigating a world teeming with dark magic and political intrigue.
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“Turn Coat,” the eleventh installment in Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files series, dives deeper into the complicated life of Harry Dresden, a wizard-cum-private investigator. In this urban fantasy thriller, Dresden finds himself entangled in a series of treacherous events after a senior member of the White Council shows up at his doorstep, accused of treason. As the Council starts its own internal hunt, Dresden must navigate a perilous maze of dark magic, political machinations, and Faerie involvement. “Turn Coat” stands out for its layered storytelling and character development, as Dresden confronts moral ambiguities and challenges his own principles. The novel incorporates a blend of suspense, humor, and emotional depth, while tackling themes like loyalty, betrayal, and the cost of making difficult choices.