Visionary: The Mysterious Origins of Human Conciousness

In "Visionary," Graham Hancock defies conventional wisdom by exploring psychedelics, ancient art, and human evolution. Traversing diverse landscapes and states of consciousness, this revelatory book questions the very fabric of reality.

In “Visionary,” bestselling author Graham Hancock embarks on an exploratory odyssey to unravel the enigma of human evolution. Formerly published as “Supernatural,” this updated edition offers an enthralling investigation into the role of psychedelics—from the Stone Age to the Space Age—in shaping our understanding of reality. Hancock travels from the majestic painted caves of prehistoric Europe to the remote rock shelters of South Africa, eventually venturing deep into the Amazon rainforest to partake in hallucinogenic rituals with Indian shamans. He delves into cutting-edge consciousness research, pondering whether hallucinogenic experiences could be gateways to other dimensions. Tackling everything from the “greatest riddle in human history” to the potentially purposive nature of evolution, “Visionary” is a must-read for those intrigued by alternative history, archaeology, and the boundaries of human perception.