The Philadelphia Experiment II

The Philadelphia Experiment II

Stephen Cornwell

A 1993 science fiction film where David Herdeg, a survivor of the original experiment, is transported back to 1943 to prevent the government from conducting another time travel experiment and alter the course of history.

"The Philadelphia Experiment II" is a science fiction film released in 1993 and serves as a sequel to the original "Philadelphia Experiment" released in 1984. The movie follows the story of David Herdeg, a survivor of the original Philadelphia Experiment, where a naval experiment went awry and transported the USS Eldridge battleship through time.

In the sequel, it is revealed that after the events of the first film, Herdeg is living in the year 1993 and trying to adjust to his new life. However, he soon discovers that the government is still conducting experiments involving time travel and they intend to use him as a test subject.

Herdeg finds himself transported back to 1943, the time of the original Philadelphia Experiment, along with a scientist named Allison Hayes. Together, they must find a way to prevent the experiment from taking place and alter the course of history.

As they navigate through the dangers of World War II, Herdeg and Hayes encounter various challenges, including secret government agents and a powerful organization that seeks to control time travel for their own nefarious purposes. They also come across Herdeg's own past, confronting the consequences of his actions in the first film.

With their lives and the timeline at stake, Herdeg and Hayes race against time to stop the experiment and ensure a different future. Along the way, they must make difficult choices and face personal sacrifices.

"The Philadelphia Experiment II" explores themes of time travel, alternate history, and the ethical implications of manipulating the past. It combines elements of science fiction, action, and adventure to create a thrilling and thought-provoking narrative.

November 12, 1993
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Stephen Cornwell
Wallace C. Bennett, Don Jakoby & Kim Steven Ketelsen
MPAA Rating
United States