Timecrimes is a suspenseful thriller that delves into the complexities of time travel and its consequences. The film follows Héctor, who accidentally stumbles upon a time machine and travels back in time by an hour. As he tries to avoid encountering his past self, Héctor unwittingly sets off a series of events that lead to disastrous consequences. Timecrimes masterfully explores the intricacies of cause and effect, highlighting the potential dangers of meddling with time and the seemingly unbreakable chain of events that can result from even the smallest of actions.

Héctor, a middle-aged man, is spending a relaxing afternoon with his wife when he sees a mysterious woman undressing in the woods behind his house. As he investigates, he's suddenly attacked by a man whose face is wrapped in bandages. Héctor flees and takes refuge in a nearby building, where he finds a machine that transports him back in time an hour. From there, Héctor embarks on a complex journey through time as he tries to prevent the tragedy he's just experienced.

As Héctor repeats the hour leading up to his attack, he finds himself caught in a web of causality, as each action he takes has unforeseen and often devastating consequences. Along the way, he meets several versions of himself from different points in time, and he struggles to keep track of who knows what and who is responsible for which actions. As the situation spirals out of control, Héctor becomes increasingly desperate to change his fate, even if it means sacrificing others in the process.

The film is a dark and mind-bending exploration of time travel and the paradoxes that come with it. Director Nacho Vigalondo cleverly weaves together multiple timelines and perspectives, leaving the audience guessing until the very end. The low-budget production relies heavily on dialogue and atmosphere to create a tense and unsettling mood, with sparse but effective use of special effects. The film's themes of obsession, regret, and the fragility of human relationships make it a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience.

Despite its complexity and occasional moments of confusion, Timecrimes rewards patient viewers with a satisfying and thematically rich story. The film's twists and turns keep the audience engaged and guessing, while its unconventional narrative structure invites multiple interpretations and deeper analysis. Overall, Timecrimes is a must-see for fans of intelligent and challenging science fiction, and a standout example of the time travel sub-genre.

December 12, 2008
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