About Time

Tim realizes at the age of 21 that he has the ability to travel in time and influence what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by acquiring a girlfriend proves to be more difficult than you might anticipate.

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Release Date
November 8, 2013

123 minutes

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MPAA Rating

Tim Lake, twenty-one, is ungainly, little gangly, and comes from an eccentric but loving family in Cornwall. When his father tells him on New Year’s Day that all the males in his family have the power to travel in time, but only to locations and situations where they’ve been previously, his life has the potential to be even happier. After talking with his father about it, Tim concludes that the most important thing for any of his time travel will be to find a girlfriend. Tim, after moving to London to begin his career as a lawyer, believes he’s found the girl of his dreams in Mary, whom he falls in love with literally on first sight on what is their literal blind date, after a failed attempt with Charlotte, a friend of his sister Kit Kat who is staying with them for the summer. Tim will discover that achieving what he desires in life, including Mary, isn’t always as simple as recreating his life in the same way that failed him the first time. He will also discover that recreating certain aspects of his life may have unanticipated implications, forcing him to choose between competing and incompatible results. He will also discover that traveling back in time has more benefits than merely solving difficulties, that it cannot solve all of life’s problems, and that it has some additional disadvantages.