Edge of Tomorrow

A soldier fighting aliens gets to relive the same day over and over, with the day resetting each time he dies.

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Release Date
June 6, 2014

113 minutes

Movie Genres
Science Fiction

MPAA Rating

When an alien race known as the Mimics invades and destroys Europe, London is the final bastion of resistance on the continent. General Brigham organizes an invasion of France in the hopes of defeating the Mimics and assigns Major William Cage, an American public relations officer, to cover the invasion. Cage, on the other hand, refuses to accept the task and threatens General Brigham with exposing the casualties. He is arrested, accused of desertion, degraded to private, and ordered to fight in the invasion in the Heathrow Base under the command of the brutal Sergeant Farell. Humans are slain during the invasion, and Cage kills a Mimic and is splattered by his blood; Cage dies in less than five minutes of combat. Surprisingly, he awakens in the Heathrow Base and repeatedly relives the same day after dying. Cage tries to cure his squad’s deaths each time, and he meets Sergeant Rita Vrataski, who urges him to find her when he awakens in the base. Rita takes Cage to see Dr. Carter, who tells him that he murdered an Alpha and that his blood has the capacity to reset time. Furthermore, the elimination of the Mimic leader, known as the Omega, who is hidden, is Earth’s final hope. Will Cage and Rita be successful in their lone mission?