Project Almanac

A group of teenagers discovers the secret schematics for a time machine and builds one. However, things begin to spiral out of control.

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Release Date
January 30, 2015

106 minutes

Movie Genres
Science Fiction

MPAA Rating

David Raskin, a talented seventeen-year-old high-school senior who aspires to follow in his late inventor father’s footsteps, finds himself with his back to the wall, unable to afford MIT’s tuition costs. However, things take an unexpected turn when David discovers his brilliant father’s blueprints for an untested time machine and, after much experimenting, decides to utilize it for personal benefit. Soon after, the first key mistake occurs, generating irrevocable ripple effects caused by David and his friends’ time trips, causing more harm than good. As each excursion they take only leads to further calamity, the young adventurers’ already shaky future crumbles more. Can the ambitious Project Almanac rescue the team’s past by repairing their future?