"The future ain't what it used to be."

Rules & Guidelines

The foundation of the community. Essential reading for all members detailing the dos and don'ts, ensuring a positive and respectful environment for everyone.

Welcome, chrononaut, to a realm where seekers of knowledge, boundary-pushers, and travelers of time streams converge. As we navigate both the meandering rivers of time and the vast expanse of the digital cosmos, we abide by these core principles in our sanctuary.

1. Enrich Our Time-Woven Tapestry

The Time Travel Institute is built upon an intricate tapestry of tales. Each chrononaut brings their unique narratives, experiences, and wisdom, enriching our collective voyage through the vast landscapes of time and digital terrains. Your contributions, be they solid affirmations or nascent thoughts, add depth to our shared chronicle. Allow your insights to mature at their own pace, understanding that wisdom often blossoms in moments of patient reflection.

2. Engage in Enlightened Exchange

Our Institute is a melting pot where diverse philosophies and viewpoints coalesce and evolve. Engaging in discussions here is akin to gazing deep into the universe's fabric. While differences arise naturally in such vast terrains of thought, focus on the essence of ideas rather than their originators. Challenge and question, but always with respect and an open heart.

3. Recognize Every Ripple's Resonance

Within the Institute, each gesture, whether a comment, a shared post, or even a 'like', creates echoes. As a chrononaut, be mindful of your digital footprints. The tools at your disposal serve to highlight wisdom or signal disruptions. Employ them judiciously, ensuring each act furthers our sanctuary's vision and spirit.

4. Shared Guardianship of Our Realm

The Time Travel Institute thrives on the collective efforts of every chrononaut. While our moderators maintain order, the sanctity and essence of this place are a shared responsibility. Address any deviations from our ethos gracefully, teaching and guiding rather than confronting. Our collective efforts ensure the Institute's luminance endures through the ages.

5. Pursue Digital Nobility

The Institute beckons you to transcend the usual digital discourse and embrace a higher quest rooted in respect and purpose. Engage with genuine intent, hear before you respond, and ensure your words reflect empathy. Avoid getting mired in trivial disputes, and strive instead to make our digital realm a beacon of enlightened conversation and mutual appreciation.

6. Harmonize in Our Hallowed Corridors

Conversations within the Institute interlace like converging streams, forming a grand river of wisdom. Engage in this dialogue with intent, ensuring your contributions resonate with existing narratives. Recognize fellow chrononauts' efforts genuinely, ensuring our interactions always breathe mutual respect and depth.

7. Celebrate Authentic Voices

Authenticity in the digital age is revolutionary. The Institute cherishes genuine voices that echo unique experiences and insights. Share your truths with honesty, and when you amplify another's thought, ensure you acknowledge their originality. Authenticity is not merely a principle; it's a timeless commitment to the shared pursuit of truth.

8. Exchange Wisdom: Bestow and Absorb

The Institute's heartbeat is its never-ending quest for knowledge. As a junction of insights from myriad chrononauts, we thrive on the shared tales of past epochs and visions of what lies ahead. Engage deeply, eager to both share and seek wisdom, fueling our sanctuary's eternal pulse.

9. Uphold Our Sacred Covenant

Your engagement within the Institute signifies a pledge—to honor and uphold our shared ethos. Our Covenant (Terms of Service) isn't just a digital agreement; it's a living testament to this promise. Together, we ensure the Institute remains more than a forum; it's an enduring legacy.

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    May 2, 2012
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