"The future ain't what it used to be."

from the future

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    A warning from 2038

    I am a time traveler from the year 2038. I have been sent back in time to alert you of a coming war. In my time, the United States has been divided into two nation-states: One is a dictatorship controlled by the UN, which has banned all firearms. The other is a totalitarian regime that controls...
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    I am about to break every law... and tell the truth

    I am not from 2054, I am from 2172. I was sent here for the purposes of acquiring information. Your time, roughly 2003-2027 is a dark period. Little to no information is known. That is because in 1962, the United States of America and Canada collaborated to invent time travel. They worked on it...
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    I am from the year 2522

    I have come from the future to learn about your time and when exactly things happened because the history from 1970-2150 is partially lost when I come from. I have been here since November 11th 2003. In my time my profession is a chronohistorian which means I am a historian that investigates...