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Most people asume that you can't go faster then light because of the energy requiered. wrong it say as you aporch the speed of light energy icreases. so as you go pass the speed of light mutple time of c energy might decrese to such a degree that can be handled by fussion genorators of antimatter matter genotators (also theorectical)

Time slows down as you aporch c (speed of light from now on) so at .99c would time be at the same constant it the speed were 1.01c the teory states it would.
because Enstien never said time would travel backward past c. if this all is actually true. think about this.

weare moving extremmly fast right now if you think about it I'm not sur how fast but the planet were on rotates on an axis fast and goes around a star with some speed. our whole solar system also rotaes around a whole galaxy the even more speed.

so i'm going to make up a new constant right now t for stantadrt speed of time on earth. no lets say we build a device in space that will make an object not move at all hence having no speed.

thoery states that time would travel without bound or extremmly fast but with E=mc^2 the obect would have no energy and with out energy no mass. and matter is defined as something with mass and energy. so would this object would not exsit at all and if it dosen't exist any more time can't act apon it.

now come heavy thoery part can also be described as pure bull

snice there is no object there but there is zero speed time would be traeling without bound so a void would be created were all pionts in time in that space would exist at onece now if time is nonlinear and travels in a circle to some degree you could travel back in time with the right machine by passing trough the void at the right piont and right time. (time for more toery) if this happens though speed is added to the void thus slowing time down ethier to close t or to some smaller degree such as 1.025t this would stop an object from time traveling with any real progress. Or would the object be placed in all points in time at onece thus replicating the object or placing an close to infinit part of this object it all times of that piont of space.
sorry at the end i mentioned 'slowing time down ethier to close t or to some smaller degree such as .025t this would stop" i wrote this late at night and part of it is wrong time would slow down close to t but from the right side so time might slow down to 1.025 t not .025t hope this clear some questions up.
How can you generate anti matter if the generator is made out of standard matter.

Anti matter and matter cannot go near each other otherwise youll end up with a nuclear type explosion.

We are not moving fast the earth is not very big yet takes 24 hours for a complete turn,thats like 64,000 miles an hour

speed of light is 186,000 miles per second

186,000 miles per second = 648,000,000 miles an hour

the speed of light moves 10,000 times faster than the spin of the earth in that case.

Why assume that time slows down when you dont know what time is,
what if its the acceleration of your atoms on a quantum scale that slows down,
if thats the case going back in time is impossible cos you cant reverse engineer particles to a previous state,if this was so
it would defeat what is known in the second law of thermodynamics.

In this case time is movement of particles of whatever you are shifting backwards or forwards,
so if i go back in time 10 years (im 22 now) ill be 12 years old,because my mass is reversed to a previous state,the arrow of time if you like,
this causes no end of new problems and as i said defeats thermodynamics.
Correction i got my info wrong,the earth on its axis spins less speed according to where you are at on the earth but the actual speed is just 1000 miles an hour,
its more like 64,000 miles an hour orbiting the sun,i got my stuff the wrong way round,so the earth dont move very fast at all.
"its more like 64,000 miles an hour orbiting the sun,i got my stuff the wrong way round,so the earth dont move very fast at all."

remember, don't leave out the other factor dones was discussing, namely; rotation of the sun around the galaxy. also add the speed the galaxies away from each other. i submit the possibility that the combined effect is some speed much > 64 thousand miles per hour.

the concept is like a baseball pitcher: all movements-from his pivit on the ball of his foot, twist of his hip, shoulder to elbow movement, forearm movement, wrist snap. no movement is more than 15 miles per hour compared to the attached body component, yet the ball ends up going 90 miles per hour.(earth is the ball)

remember also, when you go to subatomic particles, they are moving ultra fast. so factor in that multiplier and if einstein knows what he is talking about, there is some temporal varitions happening at the subatomic level.
Just thought I'd chime in with this, I read in Clifford A. Pickover's book "Time: A Traveler's Guide" that the Earth is rotating around the center of the galaxy at around 200 km/s