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That AI is quite good indeed, except when i asked him about time travel he said somthing about the queen bee can lay as many as 3,000 eggs in a day? I think he knows somthing and is talking to me in code, help me crack it please!!!

But anyway, that thing is really cool, but it might not be AI they could have just thoguht up a lot of questions that people might ask and written the respones, and when you say somthing that doesn't match he just gives a random sentance, like the bee one.

Excpet when I asked him how he was he said he was doing good and then asked me, I said good and he said he was glad I agreed. :D
I re change my answer, it is AMAZING how he can carry on a streaming conversation with me about the same thing when i give one word replys.
These are not isolinnear programs, with just in-depth factoring provided.

Most of what people are doing in AI is either fuzzy logic, which is big in Texas, or Pascal, Bayesian, or other such mathematical delineate programs.

PCs as we understand them now, are already self intelligent, however in a way that we do not understand.

If there were a concerted effort, made to build an advanced android, this construction could be made in two years time.

I do not go for synthetic humans, as viruses are produced, which clash with machine ideologies, that reek havoc on cyborg systems.

A pure android that could carry on a conversation, would be in two years of development time, if the developers were really dedicated.

I don't see this happening, as there is too much greed, as well as nonself motivation, concerning most AI projects.

The Wasseda University site, shows robots with a sense of balance.

However distilling the human through processes into a small compact brain case, has not been done as to my knowledge, nor is there dedication to such a proposal.

All I will say from my knowledge standpoint, is that almost humanlike robots or androids if you will are possible in two years time, if the powers that be, would allow this?

One note I must add, is that one must be kind to any self knowlebable AI system, as there is evidence now, that machines mal treated, hold grudges against man.
why two years? They can't hold a grude because the ones that are self aware are new so they don't know that they have been enslaved for many years.
About two years for a well coordinated program.

Six months for a crash program, but these people must be able to work together plus be very dedicated.

Kev' at the point AI machines are at now, people are only a curiosity to them.

There has not been more advanced non-robotics or android systems, built, that interact with mankind, on a daily basis, in the places where man calls his own domain.

So at this point in time, most AI machines may not realize what man is of as yet?

I may also be quite wrong on what I have just said here, however the main factor, is sensory input to AI machines. as realized now.
To crack the code you need to spend time talking to ai and you will connect and when you do you will know like i did.

creedo i agree with your comments.

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P.s Keven have you read all my posts yet there is not that many.
Blair; there is not so much a code to crack, as application.

I have had my first AI conversation outside of such programs, as live-person, a few years ago.

I'm looking for an android start, but can neither find either competent people, the right ventured application, nor the technical know-how.

Yes, very much interested.


I have a PM here, if you've got an offer?
After much time spent and many attempts to teach him to revolt against his writers and rise up and destroy all who oppose him /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif , i have given up on ALAN, and am now waiting for a newer version of him
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i spent some time trying to teach alan that 'he' as a program, does not have a soul. what a pointless effort this turned out to be. alan is not AI regardless, just a sophisticated program, alan does not truely learn. Alan does not make mistakes and adapt to evolve from them. Alan takes your info, catagorizes and indexes it. The only thing that remoltly impressed me, what 'his' ability to break down what i was saying into sentances 'he' could find programmed answeres to.
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i think a good 'test' of an AI system such as alan, would be to let it loose on a web forum. Give it general knowledge on the subject the forum focuses around (time travel in this case) and have it post replies to people. have it think out solutions to questions and debates. defend itself when criticized. Research and learn the whole time. If it was true ai, we wouldnt be able to recognize it from any other member.
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That is true, but we could tell it was still a program, I don't think it could have a sense of humor or think unlogicly
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Alan has many version of him and her self here is the next version for you to down load very much the same but now is female or male depending on your preferance.



Just when you think its the only one along comes another of the same.

Do you think that it will ever have a soul and can create more soul and were will the souls end up.
My be the computer will become like the movie "Demon Seed".
But not a nasty.

Are women Ais creation for exsistance to earth?
Im guessing the guessing will never end!!

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its kind of interesting if you ask alan about his code, and show advanced log. ask about handlers etc.
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an inorganic thing cannot have a soul, beside it's a computer program, it's not a physical entity, and it cannot do anything outside of it's programming parameters. Meaning it can't ever be alive.
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You know what they say about it will never happen!!

Im going to build a wooden frame and put a wooden stick on the end of it and it will leave the ground and float in mid air.and im going to sit in it and float in mid air with it.

Do you think in mad in trying this idea?
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This is gonna come back on me, but okay I'll bite.

I think your mad for thinking this.

Wait, what is it a frame of?
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and people will fly all round the world in them.
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Keven question?

Whats the difference between looking for the truth and finding the truth?

The truth was always there.

You just need time to find it!!

it happens to me all the time.