"The future ain't what it used to be."

2D Time?


Just tossing an idea out there; what if time has more than one dimension? I haven't looked at the physics of it (it's way beyond me at this point), but maybe there are two time dimensions, kind of like a plane. Then, our particular world lines could be travelling at any number of angles to the, let's call it "upward" flow of time. At first glance, this might help solve many time travel paradoxes, without resorting to infinite universes.

Any comments?
Probably time doesn't even exist. Maybe past, present, and future are all exist in the same time in different frequencies or some other patterns. Just that we can not see each other from the past, present, and future. For instance, I am sitting on the chair now, and 2 minutes later I stand up. Probably me in 2 minutes ago still exist sitting on the chair, just that I don't see it. How about that?
Is there any difference between an infinity of universes and one universe of infinite complexity? Well yes, the latter implies communication amoung the parts versus separate compartments.

Time should have two major aspects: "stop-time" and "go-time". We can define stop-time as spacial volume and go-time would be movement within that volume. "Time - time" would be a series of complete spaces observed in sequence like frames of a movie film.

I believe that each and every physical or mental force constitutes in itself ONE dimention, wich is added to or divided from its neighboring dimentions. Wich SET of dimentions you see at any given moment is a product of your personal orientation in space.
Time does exist, Grace...we live in a 4 dimensional world..but remember time only exsits in the universe and not outside.. if the universe if gone so is time..time is not 2d its 4d..time exist in the dimension of lenght width depth and space time..im not just stating the 4 dimensions...im stating the dimensions of time...for example a point in space would me 0 dimensions but in space time it would be 1 dimension as it would exist as a line.

Your explanation of Minkowski space-time continuum is a little off try again. If time did not exist how would this change space as we know it?