"The future ain't what it used to be."

3 cheers for your mind


Temporal Novice
To all,

I was reading the introduction to a book entitled "The Future of Spacetime" today and came accross this paragraph /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

Written by Richard Price:

<font color="blue">"Relativity, or spacetime physics, with its aura of black holes and an expanding universe, grabs our attention because it is the stuff of daily life-space and time-made exotic, as if the librarian has driven by in a ferrari wearing a sarong. This explains, I think, the reason for the enduring public fascination by scientifically literate nonprofessionals. It also explains relativity's importance to those with too little patience and perhaps too much self-confidence. Every relativist has the experience of recieving, a few times a year, a new theory of relativity from a technically inclined nontraditional thinker who hasn't read "all the books" but knows where Einstein went wrong"

How enthralled I am to join in this forum with others of diverse backgrounds and knowledge. We are all asking the "WHY"s and "What If's". And in doing so are exercising our minds. Broadening our understanding. Sharing our ideas and beliefs.

And that is a pretty neat thing. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

A reflection of our times maybe.
To all the time is NOW. It is the time to move to the fourth dimensions of reality.

I too encourage open minded exploration of all that which is available to you in the essence of finding that which is Truth and Reality.

The first stage of removal of the veil of illusion is to open the mind to that which we do not realiaze or know.

The wish of love over comes me in my wish on your journeys into reality.

React as you may. Reaction is good Keven as maybe, just maybe it will open you to that which you dont see.

Best of luck with it I hope you find it


This is a forum for all perspectives and if you dont like seomthign better to not react due to the reflective nature of reaction.