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4+ diminsions?



most of us humans percieve the world in 3 dimensions, up-down, left-right, and depth. Is it possible that us humans live in a fourth diminsion, and not even know about it? Not time, but something we don't know about yet.

Is it also possible that we share diminsions with other creatures, but because they arent in all 3 we can see, we can't see them at all?

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good point i like your thinking, if this is true could it also be possible that all of the mythical creatures still exist just they moved out of our vision stile? If you were being hunted down and killed wouldn't you leave?
that is actually a good point because all of those creatures are supposed to be made up. How i think of it is that is some one can think of a dragon out of thin air i doubt it. the fanstay lit says that it is a mix of a lizard + volcano and i think that is way to farfetched for me. also that they can think of Rhino + Goat + Horse can make a unicorn i really think that this is a really good possiblity and if is a truth i would want to go to one of the dimension with the dragons because god i would like to see one even if it killed me i would just want to see it

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Im pretty sure all fiction has some fact to it

so, it could be possible that mythical creatures, Dragons, Griffiths, Mermaids, all existed on our dimensions, then one of them shifted for them, and if contact on all dimensions is required for interaction (think about it, everythiong has 3 dimensions in our world, even to the atomic level)...

we colkd go through a dimensional shift and not even know it if we don't shift to a dimension that is shared by other creatures.

Ghosts, maybe, are sharing 2 dimensions with us, and vampyres, and bigfoot, other things that don't seem quite right.

ugh, never thought this stuff up before. Well, that explains where the aliens are coming from, they're crossing into our dimension and observing us. So, instead of colonizing other planets, we should colonize other dimensions.


don't quote me, please. I base this off absolutly nothing
This is how I had it explained to me (hope it makes sense without the visuals). Pretend your a creature in a 2 dimensional world. All you understand is 2 dimension and 1 dimension because anything else is not conceivable to your 2D mind. Now pretend a 3 dimensional person sticks their finger through your 2 dimensional world, all you are going to see is that 3D finger in 2D form because your mind won't register the 3D, which in this case would be a flash colored circle getting bigger and smaller. So, despite belief, no matter how hard someone tried to explain or discover a 4th deminsion, they simply can't, it's too complicated. Hope that makes sense...
There are definetly more dimentions than the ones we can comprehend at this time, the question is, will the discovery of these dimentions allow us to travel through space/time?

I.E. As a dimention or a 'fold' in space you will basically have this... (bear with me)
/ \

Ok, so the hump shaped thing is space, as a fold. And the Equals sign is the bridge found in the + dimentions as said. We can't find them, or see them untill we can find these dimentions and even then we have to find a stable way to cross through them. Unlimited amounts of space could be covered.

you're right. I heard a nriddle or something once, a 2D square was going around in his 2D world, doing his 2D things with his 2D friends, then he saw a circle growing then shrinking. The square asked "what the heck is up with you?!"

the circle said "you percieve me as a circle, but that I am not. I am in fact a sphere just passing through your dimensions. Watch me shrink and shrink into nothing as I leave" Sphere left, shrinking and eventually dissappearing.
Superstring Theory describes everything (from particles to forces) and requires a reality of ten dimensions in which to operate. These additional six dimensions provide a whole new gamut of opportunities for speculation.

At first sight, this may be seen as a reason to dismiss the theory altogether, as we obviously have only three dimensions of space and one of time. However, if we assume that six of these dimensions are curled up very tightly, then we may never be aware of their existence.

Furthermore, having these so-called compact dimensions is very beneficial if String Theory is to describe a "Theory of Everything". The idea is that degrees of freedom, like the electric charge of an electron, will then arise simply as motion in the extra compact directions! For simplicity, it is usually assumed that the extra dimensions are wrapped up on six circles. For realistic results they are treated as being wrapped up on mathematical elaborations known as Calabi-Yau Manifolds and orbifolds.


<font color="blue"> Tridimensional representation of a quadridimensional Calabi-Yau manifold [Representation tridimensionnelle d'une variete quadridimensionnelle de Calabi-Yau]. [/COLOR]

The additional six dimensions are explained by the process of compactification. Compactification refers to "curling" up the extra dimensions, usually on Calabi-Yau spaces or on orbifolds. The mechanism behind this type of compactification is described by the Kaluza-Klein theory. The idea is to curl up the additional extra dimensions into such a small radius (10^-33 centimeters or less) that they become invisible. This sounds rather convenient, until one considers the theories of Zero-Point Energy, in which an extra dimension or two is particularly convenient in order to move energy intra-universally.

So why settle for 3 or 4 dimensions when there is a genuine basis for 10!
Dear Tonya, last night, I made it through the portal, during partial sleep.

I thoughed Sir Nelid and gained confidence, talked to him and then went through.

It was dark and nightmarish with many disembodied spirits guess they were wizards floating around in there.

Was frightening but I stuck to my goal, once I got to where I was supposed to be.

Made a place sort-of, established my own library, in the terr-byte range.

Brushed up on magic, which is a goodly part of my library and went back out through again.

Am interested in older realms of wizards, that went technical to an extent.

There are many of them.