"The future ain't what it used to be."

a couple of questions regarding time travel



I've scrolled down the board, and I've seen a portion of one of my constant questions regarding time travel and nothing on the second.
The first has to do with matter. I read with interest the quantum concept of some sort of interchange of matter. That seems acceptable at first glance; but it raises a second sub section question.
What about the specifics?
What I mean is -- as I write this, I have on a shirt, slacks, shoes, socks and each item has it's own physical properties. Yesterday they were slightly different and tomorrow they will be altered yet again. My body (ample though it is) is not the same today as it was yesterday, nor the same as it will be tomorrow.
The food I have ingested, and disgorged has had an effect on me.
All of that is made up of specific matter. Matter that was in yet another form in the past.
Merely finding 200 pounds of matter in the past and exchanging it for my own bulk, would seem to cause a significant problem.
All that I am now was in use as something else in the past.
Now, on to a second conundrum!
For the sake of this question, let us accept the quantum mechanics that are so significant in the processing of the possibilities of time travel.
Projecting all of that into the scenario, when we go back in time, where do we go?
Even if time is flexible, the event of 9:38:54 p.m. (cdt) Thursday, August 31, 2000 occurs at a specific location somewhere in the universe.
Let us suppose that there is a black hole reasonably close to this solar system (yet far enough away not to cause us grief). If we must travel from here to there, plunge into the rotation of the hole and if we emerge at another place and another time, who's will it be?
How do I return to the event of 9:38:54 p.m. (cdt) Thursday, August 31, 2000?
It seems to me that if we become capable of time travel, it will not be enough to leap into a black hole and hope for the best!
That's rather like taking potluck at the airport and hoping for a safe plane that will deliver you somewhere on the globe.
And even that seems less arbitrary than the time travel proposed by quantum theory!

Inner Workings of Time
.. notes and methods for observing the locally original mechanisms of change

It can be hard to follow and enjoy the creative work of genuinely independent minded scientific explorers (for other examples). Some are well worth it, but for many reasons heading off on one's own in science, an enterprise normally involving extensive interaction with others, is inherently hazardous. At best independent explorers may produce only that, interesting isolated explorations. At worst, of course, and there seem to be plenty of examples, independent explorers regularly fall prey to their own fantasies, a "what if I'm right" flowering of grandiose thinking, producing work of single minded imbalance. On the other hand, true radical thought, the raw stuff that leads to great discovery, can also have that appearance.
As surely as the things of nature have organization, distinguishing what developed inside them from what lies out, and that scientific theory has found little if any use for this curious general feature of nature... what you'll find here is radical thinking intended to push scientific thought into wholly new areas. There's a method for watching how and where the inside organization of things develops. This site is not designed primarily as a scientific statement, however, but to show some of the work that has been done. It's mostly just a collection of things, loosely organized itself. The two main subjects addressed are 1) an improved method of pre-analysis for time series data, helping to identify natural structures from subtle changes in shape 2) some basic physics theory and discussion regarding a new primitive theory of causation, local animation.

In my humble opinion, the second is quite well evidenced in the application of the first, clearly exposing the presence of local organizational development processes as part of all change. Learning what that means, of course, may take some time, and this site is not really well designed yet to be a good teacher of this principle finding of the work. There's also the question of why this isn't taught elsewhere. It's partly because the normal steps of data pre-analysis strip away the evidence of local creative processes, in moving data to formal analysis. Formal analysis imposes simple, single, fixed structure, equating the complex accumulative interactions among independent uncontrolled parts found in nature with equations based on measures, even snipping off the non-fitting tails where the clues to what's really happening are best displayed. It's only when you linger with the individual details, using a more sensitive pre-analysis of data for natural forms, that the evidence of locally animated organizational development becomes visible.

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Again, if time travel is possible, then it is happening now (in some time) and all the questions have been answered and resolved.

In other words, if time travel is perfected a hundred years from now, then they can travel to our time or to any other time (or to any other "now").
Mr E

Maybe past and future static copies of yourself "already-still" exist and visiting them mentally is what time travel IS.
Just a thought - if you needed to exchange an equivalent amount of matter with the past in order to go there, wouldn't this mean an exact duplicate of you would have to have been made in the past? To stop upsetting the balance of the Universe, wouldn't the energy, entropy, etc transferred have to be exactly the same? So an exact duplicate of you would have to be there already. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose in the first place?
See what I mean?
All the quantum mechanics, and physics theories seem to overlook the two basic phenomena of time travel!
The existence of place, and the replacement of matter.
It isn't that I can't be in the present and the past as much as that what I am in the present is significantly different than it was in the past. Even the recent past. The body continues to transform by the second. Have a glass of water, and you add to yourself. Relieve yourself and you take away.
The water so recently consumed and eliminated (although a portion remains with you) will become something entirely different.
Secondly, what is the location of yesterday or tomorrow?
When we time travel we must be able to hit the right spot or we'll be somewhere else.
And compound that with the fact that time doesn't flow uniformly everywhere...