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I posted this under the Don't Believe thread, but saw no responses. Any thoughts?

Hmmm, interesting thread. I for one, think speed is not the answer, but molecular breakdown.
All things "breakdown" at a molecular level. Given enough time something will deteriorate, will it not? What if we could match (or extrapolate) the speed at which something will decompose or something did decompose?

Something will decompose=future
Something did decompose=past

If a device could be made that could match the molecular timing at which an object decomposed, I feel one could determine a time where this or any object existed intact or at a juncture one could get to.

Suppose you sit in your machine and determine the breakdown "speed" of an object near you. You extrapolate back and match the objects molecular breakdown and move in time to its origin. You could reverse that option travel into the future to where the object would have been if it had not "broke down".

Naturally objects such as stone or rock have a slower molecular breakdown and exist longer. People once no longer alive breakdown faster! But every item has some kind of molecular speed at which it exists and transfers its energy into something else. Match its "vibrational" structure and move with it.
Yes, This sounds very plausible,

What you would be trying to find out is the universal frequency of entropy. That is at what rate an object is breaking down. This could be divided into further subsections. How fast the object breaks down per instant which is the second derivative of the rate at which mass breaks down at the molecular level. This I believe is dependant on the imbalance of force within the molecule. If perfect balance is achieved then the amount of break down may be less then the universal break down speed per instant. Now as a mass deteriorates the disorder of the mass increases. Coinsidentely, as an electromagnetic field increases in radius the disorder within that system is greater defined by the decrease in density or strength of the field. So as a light field increases radius the density of the field decreases. As the density of the field decreases the frequency lowers. Now I could be wrong about that last part or any part so feel free to correct me. Now since the mathematical pattern of entropy between expansion of fields and decay of molecules, one can gragh the decay of molecules and freqeuncy of decay of those molecules with the expansion of a field where at the center mass of the field the decay is at an infinitely high frequency as is the stength of the field. Thus at the center mass the amount of chaos is zero per instant and one per infinite number of instants. Thus the rate of chaos is proportianal to 1/r^2. When r^2 = 0 the rate of chaos is zero and the rate of order is infinite. Thus choas and order is a ratio. =Order/Chaos.

Edwin G. Schasteen
What about mental breakdown? La-la mentalentropy la-la, la-la!

I haven't dated carbon in years. Though I did give my girl a tree ring.

Thats for post one and three on this string. Post two simply can't be approached.

This is all really about entertainment right? Lettus fiddle wilst Rome burns........to which I plead gilty.
Looks like I got few hits with this post!

So Shadow, you find my theory enlightening, how so?

All items have some kind of molecular structure, correct? The atom stays intact, the molecule stays intact. Lets say a complete object, such as a rock, a human, a car stays intact to some degree because the sum of all its parts "stays together". What if the sum of all the parts had some kind of "complete molecular" structure. Simply put:

Car(Vibrational Structure)=(metal molecules+Paint molecules+plastic molecules+Glass molecules)

Naturally a bunch of stuff makes up the car, but why cant the unit as a whole have some viable, measurable entity that will identify when its going or gone?

Think of tuning fork, its "vibrational" measurement allows us to see something (hear) we can't.

Vibrate something fast enough, pass through it. Vibrate at the same speed of something, move with it!
Ah, who, haw, what - what?? Oh, MOLEMAN, right, theory check....ah

I usually only get to play with my computer in the tired wee-hours. Long posts are the bane of my blurry-eyed existance, especially ones that contain new ideas that require some actual thought to decipher. But since YOU seem to be awake I'll go back and read it again. Be right back..........er, shortly if'n I don't nod off......
back to THE MOLE!!!!

like rules, theories are made to be broken.

lets say that you are at the right stop but you are fixin to leave on the wrong bus

can you beat the game MYST blindfolded ? cause the problem you are trying to work is no easier than that

I'll get back with something less cryptic in a day or ttwo must get sleep.....
Moleman, you're so right! I heard of this guy on the road 710 who was "vibrating" in his car at very cut-edge speeds, he was drunk and very angry (about ex-gril-friend), he pass thru a wall on the sideline of the road. That was exacly what he did: pass thru the wall - this fit all your calculation. His was vibrating (don't forget the bass in his audio system) and the wall was still. ;)

Sometimes, the answer is simple then we expect. Seriously I beleive what your are saying, but I don't remember any example of a body passing thru an other. I know about neutrinos (maybe you know that too?), I update my knowledge as fast as I can, the last news was that scientifics were trying to stop those particules with a specific king of water, many miles underneath...
Now this is getting fun!

I won't put down any theory or criticism, I just wanted to post a different theory and see if my thoughts were funky on this, or if they held some validity. Thank you DOB and Shadow for the responses.

Here is another oddity. Watch the spokes on a hubcap, notice that a certain speeds it appears to go backwards. This got me thinking, what if you could speed around the earth at a rate fast enough to get past your point of origin before time clicked off or moved? How fast would that be? Speed of light? What if you could move faster or fast enough to get back to point of origin and actually beat the clock, forcing it backwards much like the hubcap spoke?

Odd eh? Possible? Hmm.....
RE: Moleman and wholistic vibrations

You are correct. They call it Radionics. Search it on the web, be amazed.

Get on the bus labled "Subquantal Mind". It stops everywhere that matters.
Subquantal Mind. Hmm insult or compliment?!

No, I don't want to go freaky here and equate vibrational patterns to Radionics, puhlease!

Hey if we can boil water and changes it strutcure temporarily, why not look into that further? But maybe that is as far as it goes?
Mabey some of those magicians that claimed to "walk through walls" was no majic at all?

and the cloak around them was to keep everyone from seeing what was really going on as the magician passed through, not because it was necessarily a "trick" per say, but more importantly since a magicians oath of secrecy is to never reveal their secret, perhaps this was in fact a means to conceal to the public that the magician was for real, molecularly altering matter ino energy on a level that permitted matter to pass through matter, as the body actually "passed through" the wall!

Perhaps this was the biggest secret of all?
we all know that there are many facets of social indifference towards one another as it is, can you imagine how these magicians would have been treted if they demonstrated a "TRUE" Active Power like this???

I know that if it was me performing this in front of live audience & on live television, and during the moment my bdy was beginning to "pass through" the wall, all of a sudden the cape, or blanket covering fell away, revealing to everyone's disbelieving eyes as my body was passing through this wall, I would be running away in fear of my life & what the spooks may do to me if I were caught! Becomming a lab rat & all, and yes that does happen! all the more reason for secrecy.

Why do you think in the potrayal of Marvel Comic Superhero's & such, they always had to conceal their identity? Exactly the same reason for so much secrecy in Real Life!!!
Moleman -from the reply you made for my reply, looking at something spinning and having the feeling, that at a certain speed it goes "backward"...

This is just a matter of "time-frame". Human perceive about 26 images per second from the eyes to the brains. When you see something moving fast you perceive "motion blur" behind the subject because you 'find" missing "frames" - in the case of a rotating object you won't feel that you miss frame, your brain is always getting an image so he compose it as you see. Turn it fast, you'll see that it seems to go backward, turn it faster and you'll see that it's going forward again (you can also find a speed where it seems to not move anymore - subtily).

The fastest exemple: move your hand very fast in front of your computer screen at a regular speed, you'll experiments "time-frame" because your screen display by frame frequency...
Timeborne is not "born in time" but "carried by time" (borne).

Time travel is possible, but not in a way that can change anything. (That would be a paradox, which is impossible) You are already traveling through time, because time is, in effect, stationary. There is no past or future, only now, and to "time travel" means to decide where you want to place "now".

Consider this: One hour ago is the past, and one hour from now is the future. But two hours ago, the 'past' was the 'future', and two hours from now, the 'future' will have become the past. Absolutely nothing else has changed...geographical location, whatever happened or will happen, what we know or never knew...the only thing that changed was our perspective of 'past' and 'future'. Why? Because they all already existed, in the same space, at the same time. We moved through them, like walking through rooms or dimensions. So if they all exist, all at once, all in the same geographical location, why can't we see them? We can, by changing that geographical point which we have deemed to be "now".

It is accomplished, as best as I can describe it, by a combination of hypnotic suggestion and what is called "Astral Projection" (Has nothing to do with religion, but it is amazingly like 'ghosts') When you have broken through, you travel like those things we call 'ghosts'. You can observe, but you cannot change. You cannot be seen (usually), heard (again, usually) or felt (ever). You can touch things that 'don't' move through time, like chairs, tables, walls, floors, etc. You can't pull up a chair and have a glass of water. You cannot move anything in the 'dimension' that you are visiting. Nothing has texture...a cotton ball feels like iron, a soft bed is like steel decking. You would pass cleanly through living people and animals, for they are in constant motion through time. There are a few exceptions. You pass through fire, and you do not feel it. You do not feel hot or cold or wet, etc. These things are not affecting you in your dimension. Water is solid to you...you can walk on it if you keep moving. If you stop, you will slowly sink, but you will not displace any and you cannot drown. If you fell onto it from a great height, it would be like landing on cement. You can't pass through walls or furniture, but you can (slowly) pass through doors and windows. (Probably because they are meant to be either open or shut, I don't know)

Obviously, as a 'ghost', you cannot change anything, because you cannot touch anything, or tell anybody anything in the dimension you are visiting. You can observe, and bring back knowledge, but that can't change anything. You will only know what already happened, or you will know what is about to happen, but nothing can be changed. The past, of course, has happened. As far as the future, there is a factor called "Preordainment". It's like, 'what you see is what you get!' If you see your house burn down, then it WILL burn down...there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. Knowing this, there are certain things you'd rather not see, such as your own funeral, especially if it were going to be next week! You CAN use the knowledge to change only those circumstances which apply to your own personal future outside the future of the rest of the world. For instance, you would find that all Timeborne are wealthy. This is a given, and the first thing a Timeborne uses this for. You can go into the future, and see the winning lottery numbers for instance. If you go no further, to see who won the lottery, then it will be you when you return to play those numbers. (Not necessarily by yourself, though) You can see which stocks will take off, and return and invest in them. The only difference this would have on the rest of us is that you and your heirs are now wealthy. Perhaps one of them may build a factory that you may someday work in, but that would mean nothing to you OR him. It is something that was always going to happen. If you see yourself dying of cancer, you cannot go into the future and bring back the knowledge of a cure. The cure will come when it comes. It may have been influenced by something you did or said, but that will always have been the case, and the future will unfold as you saw it.

There are other limitations that are too lengthy to go into here. There are examples of attempted misuse, too, which have backfired for the perpetrators, leading, in the most unfortunate cases, to some of what we call mythology. (One guy well known among Timeborne went back in early times to try to set himself up as a 'god' on the Isle of Man, calling himself 'Esus' and trying to establish a following and create an 'inheritance' for himself. It doesn't work!) And you cannot extend your life. You may shorten it at any time, of course, but death has its own place on The Clock, and can't be cheated.

Don't fear 'ghosts', even if they want you to. Some of these people have warped sense of humors! Some of our most famous 'ghost stories' were (usually)Timeborne having fun.

I'll be back to tell some more!

Thats quite a tale you tell, the future being written in stone and all. Here is a question for you. Do you think that perhaps it is the previewing and pre-knowing of the future that MAKES it inevetable?

I am of the opinion that options remain open until the point of observation, and then only IF there is an observation.
I totally agree with Shadow's point of view. The futur is always inevitable in a sens, but what is going to append is always free to us to interfere. It's like the wheater prevision, computers and sensor try to do their best to give us the most accurate possibilities, but (because they're not powerful and intelligent enought) we rarely gets to the precision they promoted.

The same for us; if you throw a ball in the air, you know that the ball is going to come down after reaching is "peak" (ok, suppose the ball didn't get stuck on the roof), this prevision is previsible. But tomorrow, you can cross the street and get hit by a car, that you would'nt be able to predict. ---BUT!!! If everybody (or somebody at least) could be enought intelligent, full quotient and be knowing evrything appening in the world at the same time;;;this people would know the futur... God? Or anybody out of this world, from the immortal dimension, on the other side of the life? -Geting kinda deep now!

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I don't think the futur is writed in a stone. If so, you're still able to interfer it, many times I've experimented that I would have to do something and I didn't do it, a kinda mess followed that, that wasn't what I had to do, (I feel it that way)...

< dob >
What's important it's what's valuable.

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Dear Everyone,

Yes my post is similar tocarbon dating. However it delves a little deeper and assumes a little more in that it states that all energy including light is decaying at a universal rate and that as the decay progresses the quantum frequency of all energy in the universe decreases to a lower frequency. The theory proposes that the cause for energy's universal decay at the quantum level is the increase of volumes of space existing in the universe. As the quantity space increases in the universe the energy in the universe expands to occupy the newly added space, which is added at all points in space simultaneousely. As the energy occupies more space the density of that energy decreases because energy stretched over a greater region of space is less dense then that same energy spread over a lesser region of space. Also, energy that is less dense has a lower resonant frequency then that same energy when it is more dense. An example of this is the guitar string. The tighter the string the higher the frequency of the sound coming off of that string which is caused by the increase in the density of the string along it's depth. So as mass gets more dense the frequency of the sound energy that travels through the mass when it is struck rises. So I believe that there is a possibility that the density of energy increases as the density of space that the energy occupies decreases. I have postulated the following equation to describe the density of energy with respect to the density of space, and vice versa, as a means to further define the absolute quantity of energy. The equation shows that the quantity of energy is determined by number of cycles in the base frequency of energy when that energy is existing at a state seperate from space. I am considering the possibility that that time, as a dimension, is defined as the radius of an energy system or of a region of space. I believe that space, as a dimension, is defined as the circumferance of a circle that propagates perpindicular to the time dimension(also the radius).

To describe this system further I would like to use a random electromagnetic pulse emanating from a particular point in absulute space free from the presence of gravity. At the origin point x,y,andz=0 the event begins and the radius of the field is 0 and the strength of the field is infinite. Now over a period of time t the radius of the field increases and the circumferance of that field increases and the density of that field decreases. Now in 1 second of time the field has traveled outward as a shperical wave a total of 186,282 miles in all directions uniformly. The difference between the radius and of the EM field 1 second after the pulse in term of radius is 1 second in time. So if one after one second adds a negative second to that system during the next second the field will diminish to a radius of zero as the field travels in reverse back in time to the origninal pulse when and where the radius of the field is/was zero. So the field when traveling along a radial path is actually traveling along a dimension of time since all points along that radius correspond to a particular point in time after the originating event of the pulse. It is safe to assume that the density of space time that the energy occupies increases as a result of that energies progression towards the future in time. So the reason that a field increases it's circumferance and decreases it's density is that the space that the energy occupies increases to the square of t(time). So as time progresses the density of the energy decreases to the inverted square of the distance from the begining point in space(or the source)which is why the electromagnetic field decreases in strength propotional to the inverted square of the distance from the source according to Newtonian physics. S=1/r^2 where r is the radius of the field measured from the source. The energy mass of the field is determined by the duration of the pulse. (how long it takes for the pulse to complete) A longer pulse has more energy to pulse and therefore requires a longer period of time to complete the pulse. The range of of a longer pulse period will result in the transmission of a pulse with a greater range
then pulse with a shorter period.

To sumarize,

1. As energy increases density the density of space that this energy occupies decreases creating a gravitational field manifested as a difference of space density.

2. The radius of a circle defines the dimension of time for that circle.

3. The circumferance of a circle is the description of a ratio of space density to energy density.

4. The density of space squares proportional to the radius of the circle which is the dimsension of time, not space.

5. The density of energy decreases proportionate to the inverted square of the radius as a direct result of the increase in the density of space at that period in time along that point in the radius.

6. The density of space increases as a result of the inductive connection of two different points in time along the same radius resulting in the replication of each point in time at the different layers in each space circumferance ring in the form of a multiplicity.

7. This multiplicity increases as the event progresses temperally in one direction away from the origin point. Thus, to approach the center of a circle is to approach the past, and is to travel with a negative time component.

8.To arrive at a location in the past point in the world line of an event requires one to travel beyond the center mass of a circle which has a frequency above that of the highest frequency of all energy that exists in the present.

9. So to tune to a higher frequency then a point is to tune to a frequency range that defines the past.

10. This frequency range that is in the past is also superluminal.

11. Thus to tune a frequency that has in a frequency range that is a higher frequency then a point is to tune into a frequency range that corresponds to the tachyon spectrum.

For more details read the following:

Energy that is in the present is mediated in one of the four fundamental forces Stong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravity. Tachyon energy is a fifth fundamental force that exists at a frequency higher then the frequency of a point and is an open form of energy so the quantity of that energy is variable not constant. And, this energy's quantity, possibly, varies randomly.

If you are interested I will continue on. In the mean while please feel free to dispute the above stated since I by no means have all the answers to any subject.

Also, Shadow please don't fret if you go cross eyed while reading my post's cause I am usually cross eyed while posting my own posts :).

What does everyone think?


Edwin G. Schasteen
dob, I agree with you,
"what's important is what's valuable"
however aside from the obvious, what is valuable is also a matter of "Perception"
You're right! I've tryed to translate from something in french, I think it didn't work out, I can try again (mostly a joke...!)

What's important it's what count.

(I'm not shure you can use "count" as the same meaning that I think, tell me if it sounds good...?)