"The future ain't what it used to be."

A few Curiosity Questions.....



I'm 17 and new to this board and I just want to say that I like it a lot. The maturity level is way up there, rather than on other boards that seem to drift away from Time Travel and focus more on lying about things such as the people they've met from the future and machines they've built and used. I am currently intrigued by travel in the fourth dimension and I had a few personal and general questions about travel.

1. If you actually built a time machine and it worked, would you keep it to yourself? (The premise for Back to the Future)

2. What are some of the best books you can buy on the subject of Time Travel? I am currently reading Time Travel: A New Perspective and I have read books like Einstein's Universe. Are there any books that are just really awesome, without having to know an incredible amount of knowledge on the mechanics of the universe?

3. I would be really interested in helping to further the development of time travel and its research. What kind of knowledge or basic principles would I need to understand that could help me contribute to the Time Travel community?

In all honesty, I know time travel is possible because I've had Deja Vu's all my life. I know it sounds stupid, but how in the world can I actually see the future and know exactly what is going to happen, but it not exist? I am to the point now where I can pin point what it going to be a deja vu and what is not. It's kinda strange, but I am pretty sure all of you can do it as well. I just have this gut feeling that somehow energy has the ability to be returned to it's previous states and form the past or a possible future. Thanks.

-Matt Williams
About his number 3 question. I too would like to be able to help further the development so would someone please post on here what kind of basic knowledge would get me started on problem solving my way to victory.
Young and eager to get started quickly on getting Time Travel oriented, ehh?

Well that's good and all, just don't forget to study morals and basic human principles while your studying Time Travel theories.

Ask your self questions like: "would it be ethical to use what I know to manipulate the past to my favor" or "does a Time Traveler have the right to interfere with the past, and yet allow humanity to believe to have freewill, when all events are orchestrated by them?"

As long as you have a balanced mind frame when it comes to Time Travel, and understand it's moral implications that it entitles. You are 1 step ahead of understanding something that took the TTA to understand until the age of 19.

Good luck to you,
-TTA<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">
Your not the only new seventeen year old on this board, I was about two weeks ago, havent put much but definately enjoy this place, I wish you luck Matt.