A light or energy machine?


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Could it be possible to create a machine that was made entirely up of light or energy? I mean let's say I wanted to travel to the nearest star and it's solar system and the star was 4.5 light year away. Now it would take me 4.5 light years to get there. Now what if someone manipulated light like they manipulate matter and created some sort of robotic space traveling light machine that traveled there and came back 9 years later with clear images of the star its planets.
Look for a way of degenerating the bodies structure back and forth before you can go any further. Because so far we can not teleport a mass from one area to the other. Every one seems to worry about the speed we need to travel, but if you can not convert the body to some type of molecular structure we are not going to be able to make this happen.
Imagine if one could trap a photon or electromagnetic field to a given area then stretch the photon over a greater area. Perhaps of one were to stretch a photon to from one star to another one could transfer messages accross the photon itself instantaneously since any acceleration with in a medium of a photon is superluminal. This would also explain why a photon is absorbed by electrons and by matter on account that a velocity accross a photon is created when the photon slams into the electron or group of atom resulting in a production of negative energy and within the photon and a mutual anihalation of the electron if the energy of the photon is equivalent to the energy of the electron. A photon with an energy of .51 Mev will produce an anti energy of ~.51Mev by creating a combined velocity of the photon and electron of twice the speed of light approxamately resulting in the mutual anihalation of the electron into energy in the form of a gamma photon with an energy~1.02Mev.

An electromagnetic field which has an infinite strength if confined to an area that is known as a point which is a fractional value less then the minimal quantity absolute one known as plancks constant. Since the energy of an electromagnetic field which is the conduit for the energy for the sustainance of the field is fractional energy less then the plancks constant, the field requires a quantity of static energy to amplify the energy in the center mass of the field to an from a energy less then plancks constant to an energy equil to or greater then plancks constant in order to enable the field the neccesary amount of energy to conduct through space. If one were to increase the energy in the centermass of two magnetic fields--with to opposite polarities which are attracting and thusly exerting an equil opposite acceleration upon each other--to an energy greater then plancks constant the two fields will become indefinately connected and self sustaining without the need for a solid mass to sustain the field. Thus one may have free floating magnetic fields in free space. Icrease the strength of these field one can encapsulate them around a solid iron mass which will combine with the field and increase its strength as a result of constricting the flux of the field as the field permiates the iron. The only difference between a regular magnet and this kind of a magnet is that the iron is not the source of the sustainance of the field but the field itself. The iron will be magnetized as a result of exposure to the field and will poduce its own magnetic force in addition to the force of the self sustaining field around the iron. This field created by the iron mass will have a fractional energy at the centermass of the iron magnet less then plancks constant and will require the iron magnet to sustain it an will thusly not likely interact with the other field and will thusly most likely be out of phase with the self sustaining field.

Edwin G. Schasteen
That might imply that all matter has a counterpart and all counterparts can instantaneously communicate with each other. If so, then that might be the definition of a universal halographic consciousness.
The photon's only a probability distribution until you do something to it - then it becomes a particle and it won't transmit information FTL. Sorry, that's quantum mechanics.
why the hell humans do a lot of job to just
send a robot to a distant star just for some
funny picturs???????

Oh God I do not understand that .Why a star in the first place .Why dont we go??
Dear Kamran,
we do so because our life support technology is not yet advanced enough to support us long enough to make the trip. If we advance the speed at which we travel and the life support technology we will be able to make the trip. Do you have any ideas?


Edwin G. Schasteen
Could you explain the Quantum Physics of that slower for me? I'm not as advanced as you are with that, but I would like to be.
I understand stretching the Photon, but you lost me with the long explination.
I appologize for the confusion I will I am still learning the art of expressing simple ideas simply but I complex simple conscepts in order to discover and analyze underlying machanisms and sequences. I will reexplain in my next transmission.