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A lurker: to Jim/Pamela


I've been lurking about the two forums and I admire both of your willingness to share with the public at large about your 'alter-vu' experiences - I found them to be very striking. I'd just like to say that a lot of people do believe you and would encourage you to continue to share with us whatever you feel comfortable with. With all of the recent posts by 'Charlie' and what seems to be a Titor imposter, you may be in for another round of changes.. or maybe not! Keep up the search for the truth and let us know if you find anything worth sharing with the rest of us!
My brother and I have been noticing this type of experience for some time now. We have drawn the conclusion that reality can be changed merely through *complete* faith. This means that doubt needs to be purged from the sub-conscious, not merely be pushed into it. My brother and I have made amazing things happen that we can not discuss with people that we need to associate with because the aura of disbelief when around these people who feel uneasy around us is quite uncomfortable and disruptive to keeping our focus and control of our realities. It is not that we feel we *need* to control our realities every moment, but the feeling that our control is in jeopardy, like when a person is in handcuffs, is uncomfortable.

Let me describe a few situations. My brother left his backpack on the city bus on his way to the university. He knew he brought it with him because he remembered vividly how he carried it and where he set it, etc., but he was able to convince himself that he left it at home and it was there when he returned. Yes, that is an example that is easy to deny, but the number of things that he has been able to procure by merely mentioning his desire and belief that he would obtain them is amazing. He "found" a leather coat on a sidewalk within 24 hours of expressing his desire for one, and the same with a pair of gloves.

My experiences have been at a more sub-conscious level. There is an elevator I used to use several times a day. Eventually, every time I walked up to the elevator the doors would open and the elevator would be empty, ready to take me to where I wanted to go without having to push a button until after I got in to push the floor button. This happened consistantly - every time from the moment I noticed it happening. Eventually, I decided that it was improbable that it was me doing this so I sat outside of the elevator for over an hour observing the frequency that this phenomenon occurred for other people. Not once did the elevator open for someone without then pushing the up or down button first! This phenomenon has been happening at work as well. We have a door that opens by sensor. The sensor has been malfunctioning so we put a sign on the dorr that reads "We are having sensor problems. If the door does not open then wave your hand in front of sensor (above door)" There was a time where I had to wave my hand in front of the sensor to get it to open. Typically the door is supposed to open when a person is less than 5 feet from the door. It now opens for me every time when I am more than ten feet away! The sensor has not been repaired!
Re: Qualification, Precipitation and Alchemy

Friend JScannell of EarthTR125.0121

The experience you relate as occuring to your brother and yourself are actually taking place more and more through out this world. The phenomenon can be harnessed and put to good use. The process is very similar to ancient alchemy, the act of changing things, not only gold but invisible things as well.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Qualification, Precipitation and Alchemy

Somewhat similar to that, during the past 6-12 months or so I will express my curiousity about something to myself only to later subconciously point out the answer to it. It happens quite frequently.