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Temporal Novice
Hi all this is my first post. I have always had an interest in time travel and very recently am taking an active interest.

I do have one question though, if time travel is possible, then should there not be time travellers here in our present time from the future? I mean if the technology is in it's infancy now. Then imagine 50 years from now or 100? Someone must get the idea to come back in time. Just wondering.

Well....thats were the ideas come into play...Many scientists believe our present time line might be on different planes then thoughs in the future or the past.,,,, so it is possible time travel does exist in the future but our plane is lost in the ever blending mas of matter called the Universe..Mabye ..Mabye not,,,that is all we can really say about Time Travel...Tatchi
I think that most people nowadays are first exposed to time travel through mainstream entertainment (movies, television).

Most of those theories assume a single linear timeline without any alternate realities, or assume that fate will intervene to preserve the timeline.

Unfortunately, people who have really given it a good deal of thought have realized this is inadequate to explain somewhat obvious paradoxes that will crop up with such a theory.

I am not one of these people. Don't have time. Don't need to be. I just have to be thoughtful enough to realize when something someone says makes sense. Critical analysis skills are important here.

Unfortunately, a lot of these theories are (or begin as) pure conjecture, almost just an excuse to explain how "time travel" might still be possible.

You are probably totally correct to believe that time travel (as you think of it) is not possible.

That still leaves open the possibilities of a different kind of time travel that is possible. Alternate realities (parallel universes), for example. But would that actually be time travel?

Maybe when we come up with new time travel theories, what we are actually saying is time travel is impossible, but APPARENT time travel is not. Just a bunch of definitions, I guess...

why do you say time travel is probably impossible? If you think a little deeper into it then things like superluminality, plancks constant, quantum intanglement, gravity, mind, wormholes, blackholes, etc. start to pop up. Now, if you are as good as you say you are at weeding out what makes sense and what doesn't, how could you have possibly come to that conclusion? None of these things make much sense at all, if you understand them (very ironic, but true), but they do exist (some theoretically, yet to be found, but will). In addition, each peculiaruty listed above opens all sorts of doorways through conventional thinking, out to the realm of the "impossible", time travel included. Keep searching, for the more you truly understand, the less you know.
Guess that means that you know it all, eh?

Perhaps we should dedicate a topic to actually reading and attempting to understand posts before replying half-cocked.

Sorry, I didn't mean to come across that way. I just believe people should be open minded; to say something can't happen is to say that you know every possibility which can exist, and I doubt anyone does. You never actually said time travel was definitely impossible, but you did state that you only accept things which make sense to you. Sometimes things don't always make sense, but are realities nevertheless, and that is all I was trying to point out. I stand by my quote "The more you understand, the less you know" - each answer raises a question.
Some have posed the idea that the space-time manifold may in fact be a non-Hausdorf manifold. In layman's terms, it means that now may have had many different pasts and may have many different futures.