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A question even Einstein couldn't answer


A question even Einstein couldn\'t answer

You all know the age old question:
What if I went back in time and killed my grandpa?
The answer is: If you killed your grandpa then you couldn't have been born, if you weren't born then you couldn't have killed him, so he lives, and you were born and you killed him, so... it goes on like that. But what would happen in the end? Would something prevent the bullet from ever hitting him in the first place, or would time just keep repeating itself or something crazy like that?
What do you think the answer is to one of the great mysteries and confusions of time?
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There were numerous probabilities that your grandfather could have experienced. In some of those probabilities, he lived a long life and in others he died young. In some he did not have children and in some he did and later you were born.

The question is: Do those probabilities include one in which someone from the future could go back in time and kill him? Such an action would change the probability that he chose and lived and is that allowed under the rules or laws of probabilities?
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Dear Chrono,
I was considering the dilemna and came up with the following: If one is to travel into the past then one must accelerate to a superluminal speed which requires an greater then infinite applied kenetic force. If one were to apply an infinite kenetic force to a mass the mass would accelerate to the velocity of light. If one were to instead of applying the kenetic force to lets say the left sides of the object to accelerate the obkect to the velocity of light in the direction of right; one was to disperse the applied eneergy accross the mass equilly from all directions causing all the kenetic energy to rest at the center mass. Wouldn't this be the same as accelerating a mass to the velocity of light for in both cases infinite kenetic energy is aplied to the object? The only difference is that the first object is accelerated to the velocity of light and the second is compressed to an infinitely small point. Thus there is no difference in acceleration and compression for both energies applied add up to the same energy exerted. To compress a mass past its own center point is to accelerate the mass into the past. Thus to convert the object to a tachyon. The sun itself since it is over seven light minutes away actually exists as a tachyon thus the absolute location of the sun from our point on earth is equil to the sum of a quantity of mass plus the mass of the sun divided by infinity cubed. For the mass beyond the center point of an object follows after cantorian transfinite infimals.(If infimals is the correct words:if not I mean infinitismals). So that the energy one at infinitismal point zero-that is-singularity is equil to infinity. Thus one beyond the infinitismal point is equil to infinity plus infinity which is also equil to infinity squared. Since these two add up to infinity cubed then the next level increment beyond the center mass is equil to infinity cubed^2 plus infinity equilling infinity to the tenth. Thus the third increment past the center mass minus the square root of the total mass which is equil to infinity to the tenth is equil to the infinity to the seventh power which is the absolute location of our sun if it were exactly seven light minutes away on acount that the area between the earth and the sun would be equil to the speed of light in miles per minute to the seventh power when confining the distance to an infinitely small point where time difference between the two locations, earth and sun, are the same. However when calculating for relative distance between the earth and sun and not absolute distance then the distance will be equil to the velocity of light measured in miles per second times seven.
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what do you think is the above plausible? Please forgive any puntual errors I am on a timer. Edwin G. Schasteen
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Dear Chrono,
Taking into the consideration of the indistinguishable compression-velocity one may consider that as a person "!" were to accelerate-compress to point pryer cause "?" that the time "!" would become comfined to "?" creating infinite density at point"?!" Causing the acceleration-Compression to become Cause"?" By confining the influenceing both events "!?" infinitely grreater then the sum of both events causing the events to be sustained as a single event at a single instant at a single space reslulting in the anihaltion of both events into energy equil to the sum of both masses.
Edwin G. Schasteen
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Dear Chrono and Notime,
I appologise for the lack of clarity in my last two transmissions for I was on a timer and therefore was in a hurry to write what I had just thought of so as not to forget it. I will write again to expain with clarity and accuracy. However I will write a short summary of what the above mentioned theory suggests and then later write with clarity the math and scientific evidence. In short the theory suggests that compression and the velocity and acceleration are all the same. The theory also provides a means for calculating absolute position and supplies a mathematical theorum that differenciates absolute position from relative position. The theorum shows how to calculate the absolute position of a mass body at an instant in time by taking the relative position and its relation to compression to solve for the absolute location of the mass body. It also shows how a mass body one can travel back in time kill his grandfather without stopping his birth and his existance by utilizing the energy that propeled him to the past to replace his grandfathers survival in sustaining his existance. This is all found out by taking into consideration the manipulation of times topology in the afore mentioned thought experiment.

Edwin G. Schasteen
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Do you think someone will really wanna to kill his/her own grandparents or parents? He/she should realizes that if he/she does that, he/she will never exist.
RE: A question even Einstein couldn\'t answer

Annabelle: How can person who doesn't exist go back in time to kill anyone?
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Reply To:] "AnnaBelle"

Quote from the above URL...

SURFING: In regard to the "ancient astronauts", you stated: "these ancient astronaut artifacts and stories were the direct result of humanity in the future going back in time and changing reality;" and that your research is directly linked to this fact. Can you elaborate?

SARGEL18: What I am showing humanity with the doorway in Wanaque is that time as we know it can be manipulated. In the future this ability to manipulate time will be perfected and accepted by our scientific community. I'm just the town crier letting humanity have a sneak preview of what we can accomplish with a little imagination and a whole lot of help from beings outside of our perception.

SURFING: Do you think this "going back in time" had anything to do with The Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk?

SARGEL18: These are just two successful attempts that the public is aware of. Of course, who is to say that in our future we didn't come back to 1943 and create the experiment on purpose? Who knows? Maybe we just keep coming back again and again until we get it right. Who really knows?

SURFING: Do you think this "going back in time" has anything to do with HAARP?

SARGEL18: Yes. I will give you this example. Do you remember a few years ago that the HAARP system was unattended for 17 minutes and the story went that it opened a hole in time? Well that hole was in (I believe) Africa and southern NY state and northern NJ. The NY/NJ part is right where Wanaque is and the vortex. Coincidence? I think not. Check the picture out for yourself and you decide.

SURFING: I think what you are referring to in regard to HAARP is the following document that was allegedly a leaked top secret HAARP memorandum that made the rounds on the internet a couple of years ago. Is this the incident that you refer to?

N.U.S.C./N.U.M.A. J.C.S.

1455 Overlook Ave,

Washington, D.C. 33902

Office of The Director of Security

01 April 1998

To All Security Operatives, Sector EC/NE/48+I

It has been confirmed as of this date, that a failure of the H.A.A.R.P. 15-3 Proteus Unit at Ascension Island U.K. had lost it's targeting control during it's first operational trial. The accelerator was damaged at shutdown, and will not be operational until 12 June at the earliest.

This failure went undetected for approximately 17 minutes, and appears to have caused another series of dimensional rifts along the East coast of the U.S. and Southwest Africa. These dimensional rifts are x- dimensional and have a time frame of -100 million B.C. plus or minus about 20 million years.

As was the case in 1995, several predatory reptillian animals have entered our y-dimension and are as this is written, freely roaming in the Southern New York region, Northern Pennsylvania, West Virginia and a possible sighting ocurred this morning at 2:34 hours at Norfolk N.A.S. 150 meters off the beach.

All operatives are officially at level 4 alert, and are to be ready to go on 60 minute notice. (DOOTP) article 15-1 through 17-4 with all addendums are to apply.

Weapons are to be available at all times, .40 and .50 caliber minimum, with FMJ and EHP rounds only, minimum handgun to be carried .357 MAG/EHP

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Mr. Schasteen, why do you use Cantorian transfinites to try and describe reality? True infinities cannot exist in this universe, so what's the point in looking at Cantor sets? Even tachyons don't make use of transfinites, instead resorting to exotic negative mass/energy.
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That's why no one will ever go back and kill his/her grandparents or parents. If not, he/she will not even exist.
RE: A question even Einstein couldn\'t answer

Annabelle: It's a tough problem to ponder. If we travel back to a time before we were born, maybe we become the person we were in that past time (assuming that reincarnation is a fact). In some probabilities, our grandparents were not killed and in some, they were killed (assuming that probabilities are a fact). Maybe we can....Nah.
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Dear Everyone,
I believe that transfinites come tp play when trying to extract energy from the parallel tachyon dimension by expanding that dimension into this one which is the same thing as compressing a mass in that dimension to an infinitismal point. Because the cause is being caused in this dimension with the affect in the parallel dimension the mass of the other dimension can be compressed to an infinitismal point that is to gain a positive mass in this dimension with the outer edge of the mass having an infinite density. Please forgive me for refering to the anamally as mass when only energy can exist at a point singularity according to modern theory. However I do believe infinities to exist for the evidence is in the inverse square law. The fact that as a magnetic is compressed to an infinitely small point that is a singularity, the strength of the field increases to infinity. Secondly since it would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate a mass to the velocity of light then there an infinite amount of energy acting upon the mass to resist it from reaching a velocity of light. To be totally accurate as a mass accelerates toward the velocity of light the kenetic energy within the mass approaches the amount of static energy that is contained in the mass so that just short of the light speed velocity the kenetic energy added to the mass is converted directly of static energy that is mass in order to continue accelerating the mass one must add more an more kenetic energy. This energy of course is adding to the mass of the body thus requiring for more kenetic energy in order to accelerate the mass. This phenomenon accurs at 99.percent light speed. Where the energy required to accelerate from 99 percent to 99.99repeating is infinite. What do you think? is this viable. By the way the information about infinite blue shift in balk holes and infinite red shift is rather amazing. I seem to remember some similar arguements made by Steven Hawkings... Edwin G. Schasteen
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I thought you might like this one....

The Race to Create a Black Hole
October 3, 2000 08:10 CDT

Scientists are preparing to create a form of black hole, known to astronomers as one of the most devastating phenomena in the universe, on a tabletop in a laboratory at a Scottish university.

Ulf Leonhardt, professor of theoretical physics at St Andrews University, plans to make a sort of "optical" black hole that sucks in light.

He insists that his hole, no bigger than a raindrop and created by a whirlpool of atoms, will pose no risk of sucking the Scottish seaside town through a hole in the space-time continuum.

"There is certainly no risk of it causing harm to beautiful St. Andrews," he said. "It is a very simple idea and the possibility of making optical black holes is becoming a reality.

"I believe it could be possible within the next three to five years."

Scientists believe that black holes, surrounded by vortices of swirling matter and energy many times larger than the sun, hold the key to a full understanding of Einstein's theory of relativity and other natural laws.

The lack of knowledge about these phenomena has spurred an international race among scientists to be the first to create a working model in the safe confines of a laboratory. Leonhardt is at the forefront, along with his colleague, Paul Piwnicki, of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The optical black hole will be made when chilled atoms are forced to swirl rapidly inside a tube.

This mimics what happens in deep space. The scientists must then slow down the speed at which light travels, so it can be sucked into the vortex.

Slowing the speed of light was unthinkable until now. But last year scientists at Harvard University invented the BoseEinstein condensate, a low-temperature material that is half-way between being a liquid and a gas. Beams of light, which normally travel at 186,000 miles per second, slow to 38 mph when passed through it.

Leonhardt and Piwnicki are confident they can further develop the process to slow down the speed of light to one inch per second. Their atomic whirlpool would then need only to spin at several feet per second for the light to be sucked inside.

Other researchers in the field of theoretical physics are equally excited by the breakthrough. Matt Visser, professor of physics at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, said: "There are technical details with this specific project that need to be overcome. But something like it is almost certain to work."

"Playing with gravity is awfully difficult and getting a real black hole is a no-go. However, I would say that five to 10 years down the line there is an excellent chance of something like this working."

Source: London Times

Cosmiverse Staff Writer
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Light slowed down to 38 mph? Now we can claim that our cars can go faster than the speed of light.
RE: A question even Einstein couldn\'t answer

LoL Crono!
RE: A question even Einstein couldn\'t answer

Wouldn't it also take an infinite amount of energy to squeeze a magnetic field into a magnetic singularity? I mean, an exponentially increasing force?

But I still don't see where Cantor sets come in. I mean, infinities just don't exist in real life. Mass never actually reaches c, it just goes asymptotically toward it. You can't ever actually compress matter to a singularity, it's just a mathematical abstraction. Even black holes don't count, because you can never see the singularity. Infinite red shift doesn't exist, because it corresponds to photons with zero energy. Infinite blue shift doesn't exist, because it corresponds to photons with infinite energy. So where's the justification for needing Cantorian math, when even simple infinities aren't needed?
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This is possible if infinity is not obtainable from the finite quantity then cantorian math will not be needed. If this is true that the field does approach but not reach a point then it will reach the limit of the field itself. If this accurs then it is possible that if any more constricting force is added to the field the field will either deflect the energy, reflect the energy, or absorb the energy and be forced to change form into a form of quantity that can be constricted further then the minimal constriction area for a field. If all fields that decrease in strength to the inverted square of the distance have the same minimal area of constriction, then the fields new form will either be in the form of a field that does not decrease to the inverted square or not in the form of a field at all. However, if infinity can be obtained by constricting the lines of flux to a point then the field will approach infinite strength and a singularity will result. The device that we are going to construct should reveal which if any of the above are true. If it required an infinite amount of energy to constrict the lines field to a singularity then the device will need more and more electricity to constrict the field from a cylinder topology to a hourglass topology. However I was relying on the increasing strength of the field to attract to the new coils more strongly.
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Well, that's the problem, isn't it? The reason it's so tough to time travel or travel superluminally. Most of the most conceptually easy ideas turn out to need infinite energy to get anything done.
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I agree, and I think we have to forget about black holes, worm holes, the speed of light, infinite amounts of energy, etc. No one really understands those things when you come right down to it. A different approach is needed, but not many people are looking for it, so it seems.