"The future ain't what it used to be."

A realm of echoes



A light was flashed in my eyes one evening and I saw the red that would usually come of course, but there was also figures walking towards me, the one with most clarity was about seven feet tall had something like a coroners hat(old west), a long black trench coat, eyes as black as coal, skin as pale as the deceased, long white hair, no nose, and had hands three times the size of an average mans'. About four months ago another visioned light in the eyes occurred, only this time a deep delay of a repeating echoe said 'Cidian Omenidus' over and over. Another vision followed two weeks later, only this was a bit in the future we were part of a GROUP called the Standing Nine and a young man with short white hair had brought a new technology to turn a flashlight INTO an odd device( I'm not sure what it was). As he left the room I thought of asking his name and he suddenly replied, "My name is Cidian Omenidus." And he left. If anyone has any info on this man or occurrances like this please let me know, he is what represents the battle in the mind for ownership of territory; our temple, the body.
First of all, we don't know what we are. We sometimes do many and very unusual things without knowing and then realize. Do we are controlled somehow? We must take every advantages following and taking notes as the conscience.