"The future ain't what it used to be."

A short story



the date 2080,finaly the 20 probes were ready the countdown complete the rockets hurteling into deep space to deliver 20 probes to a massive orbit around the solar system..20 probes carrying a small amount of raidio acvtive material ,someone had come up with the idea that if we could accelerate it close to light speed for long enough future generations could retrieve them and detect the rate ofdepletion if it had not depleted relative to the samples on earth this would prove that einstiens theory was correct and the probe samples had stayed young,protected fom any outside radiation of course,but goverments changed bujets came and went a second plauge of a super flu virus had halveld the population but by 3050 the population had recoverd ,in 3090 a large meteorite had hit the atlantic after being broken up by the space protection federation and...the probes drifted into memory then were finally forgoten..."sir".. what is it now ? said the watch commander of the listening station at nasas ageing lunar base,..there it is again.. what? said the commander ..that signature theres three of them ...adrian had worked there for 20 years,he was close to retirement and every four years he had seen the same,but no one had listened but this time the bright young commander did,one thing led to another and after two years preperation they were finally ready to bring them in, out of the twenty probes sent out to orbit the heavens two had crashed back to earth within a year of leaving ,wich of course was denied,four had dissapeaerd into the depths of space ten had followed the lead probe to close to jupiter and disitergrated ,one had stopped functioning and was lost,leaving three lonley soles loyaly tracing their given paths for a master long since gone, on each probe was a golden plack giving the source and information about the project,the earth samples were recoverd and after much publicity and months of measuring and debate the results werw finally ready ,the masses gathered and eagerly watched thier screens and finally a rather frail looking group of scientist stood infront of the medias cameras 'after much study and exstensive research we conclude that einstiens theory is .... what do you think would be the results