A simple, readable collection of Titor's posts.


Temporal Novice
As history unfolds, I find myself thinking often of Titor, and I've found it increasingly difficult to locate readable copies of his original posts. Old forums are disappearing, search engines are forgetting, and it's hard to locate a canonical source.

This morning I collected and cleaned up much of his writing and put together a simple site to share it. This is something I've wished existed for a while.


This is a quick first pass, a morning hackathon, so it's pretty basic. Please share it if you like, and I'd love to hear suggestions (ideally with sources) of other Titor content to include, or other ways to improve the collection.

After I finished my quick project, I discovered that the original archives are seemingly preserved on this site. That's fantastic, and perhaps my project is duplicative. In the case that you think it's useful or have ideas about how the project could help continue to keep his story alive, I'd love to hear. Thanks!
That's brilliant! I've got a similar Titor page on the main site that I need to update, I'll add a link to this one as a resource :)

The posts here are about as close as you can get to the originals. I'm working on collecting archive.org references for a larger Chronovisor project though, the goal being to recover and catalog/preseve those discussions so they aren't lost to time.

Forums in particular are a bear to navigate through on the Wayback machine, and you're unable to filter by anything relevant to the what... Just the when. I've had a few false starts on this where I bottleneck myself (lots of life to live you know), but I've arrived at an approach I'm happy with. I can tag you when I get that far if you're interested in helping; welcome to the site!