A theory for time travel using gravity

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I just came up with my own theory on how to communicate with yourself in the past. With my technique there are no paradoxes to mess things up.

Now I'm not really a physisist, so I'm making a few assumptions. If I'm horrably wrong in these assumptions, please let me know. As far as I know every body in the universe has a gravitational pull on every other bopdy in the universe. Since we know that space and time are interchangable, bodies in the present are at least slightly effected by bodies in the future and the past.

The end result of the experament would send a short message (perhapse a binary BYTE or WORD) into the past through a computer. We would need a number of heavy pistons (each piston representing a byte). The pistons would need to be able to move back and forth extreemly fast. On one end of each cylander the associated piston is attached to would be a some sort of device which can detect gravitational fields. Every few picoseconds or so, the computer would perform the following steps:

1. Use the gravity senser on each cylander to detect anomylous gravity fields, taking into account the known current location of each piston and background gravity.

2. If the senser can detect a nearby gravity field, than that pistons associated bit is set to one and the piston is moved into position on the side of the senser. Otherwize the bit is assumed to be zero and the piston is moved to the other end. Perform this step once for each senser.

3. Display the number formed by the bits to the screen. This is the number that was sent back in time.

Essentially, each picosecond we are detecting the position of the piston in the imediate future and resending it to the imediate past in a form of linked list.

Now, here's my idea on how to avoid paradoxes. This would only work for transmitting numbers which the computer can easily and quicky interpret. Let's say, for instance, that we wanted to know the lottery numbers for the next game. As soon as the lottery numbers are made available through the internet, the computer would automaticly and autonomously send the message to the past without the aid of a human. The human would not be allowed to see the winning lottery numbers before the computer. Since the information is just a binary number and won't cause the computer to behave differently, no paradox should be generated.

Anyway, that's my idea. Let me know what you think.