a theory i have had for awhile


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i came up with this theory while really [censored] up one night but i figured id share it here and see what you all think /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

people wonder how was man created? did god make us? but who made god if he made us? i could go on with questions but that would just delay me getting to my theory...

my theory is... that sometime ago... we where indeed created, but by who? i think we where made by aliens... the be exact i think we are the results of gene splicing between monkeys and aliens themselfs... why else would we have organs we dont use?? and have other abnomralitys without our bodies that I consider genetic flaw.. i mean think about it.... it could very well be true right?

take a steriotypical alien right... tall, white, creatures... now take a monkey... a shorter brown colored creature that is very smart, but nothin compared to a human... you take these 2 creatures and slap them together.. with maybe some alterations, or maybe none.... and if you ask me you got a human...

this is a theory... i do a lot of drugs and well.. i may have an altered perception on this... but what do you all think? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I have always thought that humans evolution was altered a bit, I mean we don't fit on this planet,

we eat everything on it, even eachother! Another point one could use is, if we evoloved from apes

and monkies why are they still around? Your theory answers that question, I would look at eairler

posts on the subject, maybe somthing to base a more complex theory?