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Paul Day

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A thought about the whole aspect of paradoxes,

that time travel and pan dimensional travel are linked, that in theory you could accidently kill one of your grandparents and survive since that given the multiverse theory their death would just cause another dimensional branch to form but leave you own "timeline" intact
It is definately the least threatening and most "interactive" method of time travel. Imagine being able to go back in time, do whatever you want, mess around, whatever, and then you go back to your time, and everything is OK.

On the one hand, you haven't messed up your future at all. On the other hand, this means you can't go back in time, give yourself the lottery numbers, then come back to the present and expect to be rich. Instead, your "alternate" self in another timeline will be rich.

Oh well, you can't win them all.

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One problem, as I stated above considering a different scenario; You travel backwards in time and visit your past self. If you didn't experience that visit in the past as the VISITED, then the timeline of your memory has been "contaminated" simply by the action of your pastward excursion (your presence in the past). Furthermore, the present you return to will be a slightly changed version- one in which you ARE WEALTHY. So, it's all relative and subjective. In essence, you create your own destiny as you go.
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HI. I just found this great site. I some times think what I would do if I could time travel back in time. I some times have dreams that I time travel,but I know they are only dreams,but they do seems real.