"The future ain't what it used to be."

A TTI brain twister for you all...


Let's say you're riding in a car and you whip out your little time travel device, set it to 100 years in the future and hit "GO". Now, do you:

A) Appear in the place the car was 100 years ago (say, the corner of Pine St. and Elm Ave.)?

B) Appear where the car happens to be 100 years later?

OK, let's say you choose A. Let's expand things a little. The continents are always moving, right? What if you set your time travel device to 1 million years in the future. Surely the ground under your feet has moved a bit in 1 million years. Will you appear inside a mountain or under water?

The earth rotates on its axis at 1,000 miles/hour. If you set your time machine to just 1 hour into the future, when you reappear, will you be 1,000 miles from where you were?

Let's make things really daunting... the earth is moving around the sound at something like 67,000 miles/hour. The galaxy is also always in motion, moving away from the center of the universe (due to the big bang). It's a safe bet that just a few minutes from now, the earth won't be where it was a few minutes ago. If you set your time machine to 10 minutes into the future, will you find yourself in space instead of on earth?

Think about it...

Is there a name for this paradox? Dr. Schnelling talks about "relative time". I'm thinking we should call this "relative space". Where you may be one second may not be where you're gonna be the next second, even if you're standing perfectly still.

In answer to your question, it is both a bit of a and b. Yes we are moving in space, earths rotation around the axis, rotation around the sun, rotation around the galaxy, moving out from a starting point (the big bang). This relative motion can also apply in time as well with a slight variance in space. An analogy; like playing ping-pong on a fast moving train.
This is not a paradox. There are two classes of paradoxes: consistency paradoxes, and bootstrap paradoxes. Consistency paradoxes are of the kill your grandfather before he meets your grandmother type. And bootstrap paradoxes are the kind where your future inventor self brings a time machine back to your younger inventor self, so who originally invented the time machine.
Dear Everyone,

Perhaps one of the possible answers to this question lies in the nature of microwave theory. (or any theory of electromagnetic transmissions.). Now the strength of a sine wave is measured in units of amplitude which is determined by the height the wave. The wavelength measures the timing wave.

I apologize for the break in this transmission but I have to go. I will right back later to finish this transmission.


Edwin G. Schasteen
Dear Everyone,

I appologize for the break in the transmission.

I am a little rusty as to the units of measure that is used to measure amplitude of a sine wave in an electric current. But if I recall the Force measured in volts * the Amplitude measured in amps is equal to the power measured in watts. I could be wrong. Now this I know. If one takes a wave transmission that has an amplitude of four at a frequency of 60hertz that is sixty cycles a second(I think), then each wave crest will have four amps amplitude. (or four watts amplitude if that is the correct measurement terminology). Since we have sixty cycles of in that second all of which are made up of a crest and a trough with equal and opposite charges if we are talking about an alternating current system. The total electric amps in a second of transmission at sixty hertz is 60crests * 4 amps or 240 amps with a positive charge or orientation and 60 crests * 4 amps or 240 amps with a negative charge or orientation. Now this wave that we are measuring has the topology of a heli
spiral..like a spring) that is that has sixty twist in the clockwise direction to make sixty crests and sixty troughs then if we were to add another sixty twists to that wave transmission we would increase the frequency of this wave from 60hertz to 120hertz each of the 120 crests will still have 4 amps per crest and 4 amps per trough(if this is a dc system), but will be less in a ac system. This means that in one second we will have a total of 120 crests * 4amps from the same wave per second. This means that the total energy quanta contained in a transmission is determined by the number of crests and troughs in a wave over a given time that is the time divided into the frequency. If you were to freeze the transmission by slowing the transmission to a halt, cut each of the cycle out of the wave and overlap all the transmission so that you have one carrier wave sixty modulated waves and then melted the wave such as to allow it to accelerate nearly instantly to the origonal speed the result would be that all of the four amp would add up to 240 amps. Now the technology now exists to where physisists are able to decelerate a photon to a stationary halt and then speed that photon back up again. So here is what I propose. As soon as this technology is developed enough such that photon freezing technology is readily available to create a photon or microwave capacitor. A microwave has one million waves a second. So if we were to send a one second microwave transmission into this capacitor device and if each of the million cycles has a four amp peak amplitude then when we freeze the microwave transmission and and cut each of the million crests and troughs in the transmission and add overlap them all together in the same space when we release the transmission we will have a single wave and trough each having an amplitude of four million amps. It basically works off of the same principle as a stick of dynamite. If we were to take a candle and burn it for twelve hours the amount of energy released by the candle might be about the same as that released by a stick of dynamite however since we expend all of this energy over a length of time the energy does not nearly the same amount of work as a stick of dynamite. Now we take a stick of dynamite which has the same energy yeilding potential as a candle but since it releases all of that energy at once the amount of work done by a dynamite stick is far greater then that which is done by a candle. The microwave system that I propose is the same conscept only applied to microwaves. This device could be used for a very powerful radio transmitter or radar system. This would be most likely be most usable is deep space. It would be imperitave not to utilize this kind of system without adequate containment or shielding a microwave transimission of four million amps would not be something to tinker with in a garage. I have strayed quite a bit from the point of this paragragh but it is only the beginning of what I am attempting to convey so please be patient. I will on my next transmission tie everything up here and explain how this conscept provides a possible solution to the above stated paradox or non-paradox if that is what it is.

Thankyou for your time and please fill free to correct any technical errors that I might have made on this last transmission or just to put your own input into the ideas in this. I welcome enthusiastically any input for such input helps me by improving the technical knowlege and provides me with a variety of different points of view from which to consider my ideas. I appreciate all of your time and efforts that each of you take when you make a transmission or take the time to read these posts.


Edwin G. Schasteen U.S.M.C. Active