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Hello. I just joined this discussion forum very recently and I have a few questions about John Titor. I understand that this is the place where he originally posted his messages. Well, since I am fairly new please forgive me if the following questions have already been answered:

A. What is the strongest piece of evidence you have that JT was not a time traveller, but a highly intelligent man seeking fame through a series of meticulously planned hoaxes?
B. What is the strongest piece of evidence you have that JT was, in fact, a true time traveller that has been sent from a different time/parallel universe on a military mission or to warn the human race about a civil war in 2005?
C. What scientific evidence do you have that time travel is, no questions asked, completely possible?

I would appreciate it if people would take this seriously and post only clear, honest, and direct answers to these questions with supporting evidence to back up their claims. I do not know if John Titor really exists, but I am not being biased or claiming that he does or does not, so do not take offense at this message or answer in a rude or defensive manner. Please post your replies ASAP. Thank you. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
A. What is the strongest piece of evidence you have that JT was not a time traveller,

For me? The strongest piece of evidence is that a search of groups.google.com turns up no mentions of John Titor or TimeTraveller_0 before July 9th, 2002.

While I'm very impressed by the thickness and consistency of the story, it's just not believable to me that there was a raging IRC and forum debate with this guy for five months in 2000/2001 and it didn't get mentioned on the usenet even once. It's very convenient that the Art Bell's website doesn't exist anymore, and even some of the oldest messages on the subject on this board (which include "hey, where did John Titor's posts go?") are surrounded by messages saying things like "hey, how come the dates and times on this site don't make any sense" ... these seem to me reasonable ways of creating confusion to hide the fact that the whole thing was created later than we are led to believe.

At this point, it seems to me most likely that the entire thing - conversations and all - was created by some clever group of academics in spring and summer of 2002, with 9/11 and the patriot act existing to serve as cruft for Titor's predictions. Everyone parrots the line "John Titor had a series of board postings and IRC discussions in 2000/2001" but despite hours of searching online I cannot find any independent confirmation of that fact beyond this site. Not with google, not with slashdot, not with archive.org... nothing. To all appearances, IMHO, it started in 2002, and we're just being *told* it happened in 2000.

I don't think it's coincidence that we're all learning about Titor "in retrospect".

I was here during 2000. You can check the archives if you want. I didn't post during the Titor saga, because I immediately thought 'ummm...ok....better get back to studying'.

There was no raging debate. The debate only really started after he'd left. It then died down to nearly a whisper in 2003. Mid 2003 people started to flood forums with links to www.johntitor.com. Check google and look at cached pages. There are specific dates where the links did the rounds.

Are you suggesting that this site was set up to provide the Titor hoax.


That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. That would mean that every post pre Titor would also have to be fabricated!! That's alot of posts, and I can testify that I was posting here before that.

The "Topics limited to 11 pages?" thread is still here you know. I'm sure Roel would like to hear that he's only a figment of a hoaxer's imagination. He posted in that thread, and he's posting today. Or at least yesterday!

A hoax of a hoax... That's a good one.

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Are you suggesting that this site was set up to provide the Titor hoax.

Or was involved with it, yes. (And it's now "was suggesting")

I really can't find external confirmation that this actually happened in 2000; the first references seem to appear in 2002. So, based on the knowledge I had, it was a reasonable hypothesis.

You're the first person I've seen actually claim to have been there when it happened in 2000. So, if you're honest and not part of the hoax, then okay, at least the messages did appear in 2000.
John Titor ( alias Timetraveller_0 ) was a good hoax. under the environmental act 2027 paper is no longer used, your Version of CD would be a good indication of the future of storage media. in 2015 the ozone act is fully in place and a result is a "shift in power" red wood and other tree's are now extinct due to over poaching. Look carefully into antimatter, the answer lies there.

Area51 is a research facility.

Ghosts first found on film proven to be related to ley-lines electro-magnetic reaction.
Time-travel is first discovered in 30676.

3 more atrocities will take place before 2005.
A total power loss US UK EUROPE is blamed on terrorists in 7 may 2009 no groups ever claimed responsibility or evidence found to prove who did it.

Flight BA588 crashes in December 2005 killing a famous star.

18 countries are in the EU by 2009

Libya should not be trusted. but as i already said time cannot be changed altered or adjusted.

Records do not date back before 2000.

6 wars will be fought by the US, 2 million dead, vietnam north korea and china shift from communist to socialist.
18 countries are in the EU by 2009

My God - what a preposterous suggestion. You MUST be a time traveller...

Let's see 15 now.

8-10 joining in May...

Hang on I smell an American not knowing his current global news!!

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Don't worry Rainman... You'll be old and crusty by 2027, and not much good to anyone anyways. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

This forum needs more and better "smilies". hmmph!