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Aug 27, 2020
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The idea behind remote seeing is to use one's thoughts to gather information about a distant or invisible object. Remoting viewers are often asked about things that are out of physical vision and separated by a significant distance.

Esotericism uses the word "astral projection" to describe a kind of OBE in which a person intentionally leaves the physical body and travels across the astral plane, assuming the presence of a "subtle body" known as a "astral body."

In the course of a dream, a person experiences a series of visions, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations while they are sleeping. During a lucid dream, you are aware that you are dreaming, which is a unique form of dream experience. In order for a lucid dream to be considered one, the dreamer must have some degree of influence over the dream's characters, storyline, or surroundings.

Use this category to explore these concepts and more, such as:
  • Dream interpretation
  • Logs of successful remote viewing or astral attempts
  • The Akashic records


Mar 30, 2022
@Cosmo basically remote viewing it's a new way of saying clairvoyancy. Just because remote viewers don't like to be associated with old grannies in rooms lit by overhead lamp shades looking into crystal balls.

I have many stories, that never happened taken from files that don't exist, about my dealings with clairvoyants ( remote viewers).
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