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The majority of people in the world are blind to the radiant power of the ever-present Life. They have looked to the external world for power, with the result that they have lost the only power to create with true satisfaction.

Man has been seeking for "something" above everything else in the world which would give him freedom and satisfaction, yet by his temporary blindness he has missed the splendour and radiance of this very thing, because It was too near to him, thus he could not see It.

The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power has proved to me more than anything else that when we once get a glimpse of this radiant power, the so-called impossible becomes possible.

The thousands of letters that I have received from those who have benefited through the Silent Healing Power has convinced me more that ever of the mighty power that is awaiting expression from within us all.

I sat down the other day to read some more of these marvelous results where so-called incurable disease have vanished almost overnight, where the depressed and dejected have been restored to happiness, where peace now reigns where at one time there was chaos, where the burdens of life have been lifted and confidence restored, where homes have been reunited in happiness, and success has taken the place in failure, where freedom has taken the place of bondage, and perplexed minds have attained the light of truth.

I could go on enumerating the many wonderful things that are happening in our midst which shows that once we get a glimpse of the radiant presence of the "Presence," the impossible becomes possible.

The most important thing in life is to gain a further understanding of this great and mighty power that can do all these things.

I am not speaking to you about theories, for I have had enough evidence of the practical application of this power in my life and in the lives of thousands of others of whom I speak, to assure me that, with our continual practice of the Presence in our lives, the result we will obtain will be beyond our present ability to imagine, and I say without any fear of contradiction that this is the greatest thing in your life and mine.

We will examine the practical application of the technique we should use so that by understanding and applying this technique we can help ourselves and thousands of others to win this crown of glory.

When I say it is a state of mind that enables us to use this radiant power, it is a truth that can not be denied. Although our contact with the Presence is eternal and ever-present, we do not create the state of mind that is essential for the manifesting of this mighty power through us.

The majority of people have been led to believe that they have to learn philosophy, psychology, mythology and much more before they are able to express the Omnipotent Omniscience. Some would make you believe that they have the only right to It, and through them alone are you permitted to even glance at It, but I tell you It is free to all and is exceedingly simple in Its application.

When I switch on the electricity I get the light, the electricity is there all the time waiting to express itself. It is the same with the presence. By our conscious awareness of the Presence we switch ourselves on so that the Presence produces for us according to our needs.

Now this seems very simple, and it is simple, when the mind is at rest and there is a quiet, calm peace. When there is a silencing of the outside noise, then this contact with the ineffable and glorious Presence that is above everything else is the world, is possible. It is possible to the extend that all is possible unto those who are "aware." Do you understand what being "aware" means?

Do not think that the world has been left to itself to swim out of its difficulties as best it can. It is not so. There is a great Spiritual plan, and that plan will be made manifest as the Presence is realized in our lives.

What we need is a sustained acceptance of the Presence so that Its mighty power can be active in our individual lives.

We must not try and make an image of the Presence for that would be useless, we would then be limiting the Presence according to our own "image" of It, and this has been the cause of most of our troubles. We have been trying to create an image of the Presence according to man's standards.

Man, made in the image and likeness of God, has been trying to make a god according to man's own image, with the result that the word has been lost in dogmas, creeds and illusions while Reality has been smothered by these beliefs.

We have smothered the Presence with religious ritual and sanctimonious formalities to the extend that we ourselves are buried in a grave of ignorance, and not until we dig ourselves out of this grave of ignorance can we realise that truth of our Being, and everyone must do this for himself or herself, there is no other way.

In my previous lectures I have made it plain that the Presence is the only Creative Power there is - the only substance there is. The Presence created form within Itself for Its own self-expression, therefore, in Reality the finite becomes the Infinite when this Truth is properly understood and realized. You know that "the Father and I are One." Man gives expression to this absolute Love, Wisdom and Power.

Now, the state required which leads to the inspiration and expression of the Infinite power through the finite is one of aspiration. This state I would like you to understand is one that is free from craving from without. There must also be a state of awareness of the mighty Presence, full of enlightenment and realization of the Love, Wisdom and Power of the presence.

An enlightened consciousness is a consciousness that knows itself to be the point through which the infinite expresses Its radiant power of Love and Wisdom.

The Infinite Presence is in nature omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and although it is impossible for the individual consciousness to comprehend the immensity of the Infinite Presence, it can be aware of that Presence. Therefore the individual should make no effort to define It, but allow It to express Itself, and rejoice in the expression.

We can see that the Presence does not crave, for within the Presence there is eternal peace. It is the craving of the human mind which brings a deep sense of lack, and it is this turmoil in the mind that causes sorrow and conflict.

When you are fully aware of the Presence and Its peace, this peace and quiet is established in the mind, but this requires practicing the Presence. By practicing the Presence you improve your daily living in all directions accordingly.

When there is craving there is frustration, and when there is frustration there is sorrow and conflict, through the mind being in continual turmoil. You can not reflect the mighty Presence through the ruffled mind.

The following will help you to attain the necessary state of mind:

First of all, you must discern that which is relative to that which is Real within yourself. Everything that you can analyse, is relative; what you can look upon, see, touch and the like, even what you "think about," is relative to you. Therefore to think of God, to try and analyse Him you make Him relative; this you can see is an illusion.

That which is analysing, that which is thinking, is Real. Thus you become aware of yourself as the thinker, the creator, the Presence. Then there is an awareness of the self as the greater Self. The finite and the Infinite become one in conscious realization. In this way there is no struggle, no effort, only calm discernment as if you were looking at something that you can control, and handle with ease, this gives you dominion over all things - the relative world.

With the awakened consciousness there is devotion, which leads to earnest aspiration, then wisdom comes into the individual consciousness, which leads to peace and "silence."

When your peace is disturbed it is because you have not realized the truth of your Being. You are under great provocation, under emotion and desire. You allow things external to the self to control you, the the mind becomes ruffled and turbid.

The more you are aware of these experiences the sooner you overcome them, you get more and more strength as you begin to discern the cause of the turmoil and realize your dominion over all things.

Do not be dismayed if you do not obtain that peace at once. All things have a beginning and soon you will experience a peace that nothing can move, and as this peace is developed the Presence manifests Itself through you more and more. That is why tuning in to the Silent Healing Power is so essential. You must give time to this precious thing that you so earnestly desire. The time will come when no effort will be needed, the Presence takes Its abode in you permanently. This is the peace that the world cannot give. It is the peace that the Christ gives and is beyond human understanding.

You will see now that there is no need for you to become the football of your own unruly thoughts, or a rudderless ship on the sea of your emotions and desires. Neither need you sink in the thought atmosphere that surrounds you. But through the practice of the Presence you will dissolve this atmosphere and help not only yourself, but others as well.

You will soon recognize that there is within yourself that which is the factory of thoughts and also that which can discern, judge, dissolve and accept. You will the realise that which is real and that which is relative.

Some people struggle with their thoughts, they say that they practice the controlling of their thoughts, while all the time they are only creating turmoil, and not peace.

The way to get peace in the mind is not through struggle, but to watch quietly thoughts that pass across the mind, viewing them as you would a flock of birds crossing a windless sky. They come, you discern, and they disappear leaving no trace, while you remain undisturbed in the realisation of the truth of your Being.

Practice is essential every day, then the Presence will surround the individual consciousness, and the outer will be full of peace. Then the Silence that is beyond description will reveal the vast impersonal Omnipresence and Omniscience giving expression to the omnipotence of Its Creative Power within. This develops from that deep, deep silence that is only known to those who have realized the true Source of their Being, which begins ro reveal Itself more and more as you expand to It.

I and the Father become one in Reality. This state is not a surface feeling, nor a platitude in the mind, but is an awareness every moment of the Presence that is ever-present, and only in the present, the only time there is in Reality.

This is why I say practice the Presence as often as you can at the times indicated in the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power. (1)

You will then have a glimpse of what is possible to man through the sustained acceptance of the Presence in your life.


Be still, let the Presence work through you.

Learn to know the Presence through your own experiences.

The formless gives birth to the form, yet remains formless, while giving voice and power to the form.

The roar of the ocean, the silence of the deep, the rush of winds reveal the Presence.

Remember the thing or person that you loved most in the world, then feel this love and much more towards the presence, then the Divine flame will leap forth to dissolve all that is not Its own.

(1) Although this Angelic Power is permanently active, there are times when man can be more receptive. The most positive time of the day is 12 o'clock noon, when the sun is at its meridian, and every three hours afterwards are suitable times, such as 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12 midnight, 3am, 6am, 9am, and so round the clock daily. It is not necessary for you to engage in all these times - the time most suitable to you for a few minutes wherever you may be, is all that is necessary. You will note that, as the earth revolves and as this work will cover the whole earth, there will be a continual flow of the divine Healing Power moving throughout the world. There will be no time when this Love, Wisdom and Healing will not be dissolving away the chaotic conditions created by man himself. At the same time, mankind will receive this Angelic Healing Power in his or her own heart and mind to make It his or her own. Thus your work will be the greatest blessing that has ever been offered to the world, for the Christ can live again in the hearts of man and woman.


you should really find a new forum to post this crap in. try www.i'
I respect your views, I don't agree with them, but you should be posting this stuff elsewhere. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif


I'll wait for the Coles Notes version

Hi there, 1stBorn:

you should really find a new forum to post this crap in. try www.i'
I respect your views, I don't agree with them, but you should be posting this stuff elsewhere.
Let me try to act as a bit of a mediator here. First, let me acknowledge that, at first glance, the stuff that Thetazone has been sharing seems to reek of "religion". This is primarily a function of the fact that the material he is sharing is "cut-and-pasted" from someone else's work. But even in the material that is "original" from Thetazone, there is still that overt "flavor" of religion.

Now....I would suggest that you study some of these posts, and simply IGNORE the religious references and overtones. Instead, try to dig a little deeper. This was EXACTLY the process that I had to follow when I first began trying to glean "real science" out of the Tree Of Life way back in 1982. The result of doing this was a "re-framing" of the mystical/religious mumbo-jumbo of the TOL into the "3x3x3 matrix" work you have commented on. What I am suggesting is that underneath the blatant religious undertones (sometimes not very far underneath) are some valuable implications to science, and specifically systems theory. For one example from this thread:

We must not try and make an image of the Presence for that would be useless, we would then be limiting the Presence according to our own "image" of It, and this has been the cause of most of our troubles. We have been trying to create an image of the Presence according to man's standards.
Now this can clearly be seen to correspond to a "religious edict" handed down by God that prohibits having any graven image of Him. But now let us "throw away" the centuries of interpretation that has been forced down our throat. If we look deeper into the message of WHY we should not do this, the message in the above quote gives us a scientific reason: When we do this, we are actually ascribing some sort of limited (false) representation of what "God" really is.

Now let's deal with the "God" part....or as this write-up calls it, "the Presence". Is there a potential scientific implication to this reference? I think there is. In past postings I have described a "super-system" that exists outside the context of the 3-D Mass/Space/Time Matrix that I have used to describe our perceptions of physicality. If this 3-D Matrix is actually a hologram, then the context within which this hologram exists (4-D) would be the same context from which "the Presence" operates!

Let me again repeat: Don't get me wrong here... I am not espousing the "religious dogma", and I don't think the deeper meaning of the posts that Thetazone shares is espousing that either. It just happens to be written in such a tone. I think that the "real" message is hidden below the surface impression you might get when you read it. The "real" message is calling us to awaken to the illusion (hologram) that we have been living under. Read the following quote from this same thread, and see if you can relate it to how we need to come to a greater understanding of the system within which our physical reality is immersed:

First of all, you must discern that which is relative to that which is Real within yourself. Everything that you can analyse, is relative; what you can look upon, see, touch and the like, even what you "think about," is relative to you. Therefore to think of God, to try and analyse Him you make Him relative; this you can see is an illusion.
RELATIVE! Relativity. It is pointing to Einstein's message of General Relativity! It is really talking about a scientific approach to understanding the larger (4-D) context of our situation. This also points towards a technique that is well known in systems engineering: Understanding the requirements of any single system/element by expanding your context of thought to conceive of the system within which the subject system/element operates.

I hope that, maybe, I have been able to help you see that there may be some worth in what Thetazone shares. Distinguishing the deeper (scientific) message from the "religious wrapper" that it is encased in can help us resurrect long-hidden knowledge that was available to, and known by, our ancestors.

Kind Regards,

Dear All,

It is with sound understanding that which RainManTime has posted.

It is not as it reads on the surface a litrature based on God and religous tone. The aticles I posted are of sound knowledge accumulated by those who sought the inner powers of the universe and all that is not explained by modern science.

They are perhaps the hiden keys to many mysteries that exist in science, hence my posting here.

I have received a great many posts from those who complain continually of the religious contax. I have posted these to share a wisom and understanding and a path to finding that which may open the doors to all questions of life and existance.

Best of luck to those who can read beyond words and find the inner that exists in the outer and universe.

Thetazone C

To continue along this analytical trend:

There was another thread that Thetazone started, on the topic of Science, that I wish to "bubble up" to the top of our list again, in order to point out some of the "deeper" implications of what it is talking about.

But right now I must run off to the gym and get in my ritual workout. More commentary upon my return.

Kind Regards,

Hey Ray,

Those were good points that you made and I do see what you are saying. I read throgh the article again, taking into consideration what you said, and felt very differently about the article. I guess I just get a little too defensive when the word "god" is thrown around... I'm working on that. I want it to be known that I DO respect the veiws of everyone on this forum, while I don't agree with all of them, and I am greatful to have such a resource as this forum. I have found a lot of interesting posts and links here that have taught me a great deal and opened my eyes in many ways, for that I thank everyone, though I could do without the JT stories and theories, becuase honestly, I don't but it. :D



"Nobody plans to fail, they fail to plan"

Small note on nature of man nature of God:It was found out that mankind in relationship to God, was put together more like an automobile, rather than a sole product of God.

Through many sources it was found out that some inputs were by nature, some by said alien assistance and still other by the spiritual consortiums.>No answer will be made to this note.

Second note, made with caution:

Secondary note, apart from first note made here:Further that all religious intonations such as holy books and religious experiences may act as sorts of spiritual guides, our course books, for those who would profess such a spiritual need for this type of guidance.

So combining these two note, it is expressed that God gods may in some instances be part of the making process of man, however in the category of religious needs, that the guides for spiritual needs, may be adopted from other sources?

Any part and experience with said creators, referring to God their gods, many be through their spiritual way of effacing to this God and these gods?

This may have been planned so, due to cultural ethnic diversity.

Other factors such as population head so effecting thee proper biological processes, (proper), may infract on some aspects of any said life plan guides, such as said biblic effectiveness, however placed within that particular population?>In proper phase these statements will be answered to, however badgering and or attacks will be ignored:

TGIF! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I guess I just get a little too defensive when the word "god" is thrown around...
Oh believe me, I totally understand! The friend who first introduced me to the Tree Of Life was a psychology major who was heavily into mysticism. I was only interested in what sort of science was hidden in that mystical claptrap. Sometimes he would try to lay his "mystical dogma" on me about what I was doing with TOL in the Science realm, and it used to really tick me off. I tried to explain to him that his mystical dogma was not good enough for what I was doing if it could not be justified within a scientific context. Eventually, I just ignored the comments he gave me that I knew had no basis in science. to what Creedo is talking about in the posts after yours....I have no clue! Some sort of Creedo dogma? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Kind Regards,

however badgering and or attacks will be ignored:
With all honesty and sincerity, Creedo, I am not trying to badger you or attack you. I really would like to be able to understand some of your commentaries to some of these posts, because I get the sneaking suspicion that you may have something relevant. But your grammar and ability to convey thoughts is just not conducive to comprehension.

I've said before: Sometimes you can write very lucidly, where your thoughts are expressed well enough that I can follow them. But many times, your sentences are just too disjointed. If you could work on this, even a little, perhaps we can have some more meaningful dialogs...and perhaps I might learn some of the things you are trying to teach me.

Kind Regards,

Dog spelled backwards, according to Ripoff Press Inc. is God:

Ray' maybe I respond in ways you can not understand, cause your you?

I liked your original photo in your avatar, here at TTI.

Now you have this silly dog to represent who you are, in your correspondences here.

Have you ever thought of graphically morphing the two photos together and making RainmanTime-dog?

I think that the possibilities would be endless?

No Ray, in reality that is just how man on Earth is put together, a little influence from here, a little from there and still a little from over there.

He, or she, with all due fairness, is a metaphysical composite.

Ray, your a nice guy, don't want to fight here.

Ray' maybe I respond in ways you can not understand, cause your you?
True enough, El Creedo. I need to learn to read your postings in a much more non-linear manner...

Now you have this silly dog to represent who you are, in your correspondences here.
You still have not understood the significance of my 3-picture shift??? No, it has nothing to do with DOG being GOD backwards! Besides, my dog's name is Chili DAWG, so I don't take God's name in vein that way! :D Keep thinking and you will get it. Don't let the fact that my avatar has remained Chili for so long cloud your analysis. The message is in the larger set of 3 pictures. If you need me to almost spell it out as obvious:

- I Began with an image of SELF.
- I Moved to an image of MOTION (fasttttttcar...)
- I Became another Being of MATTER (loyal friend)

Ray, your a nice guy, don't want to fight here.
And I'm not here to fight, Creedo. I am here to interact and share thoughts, just like you are. I just wish that more of your posts were written in a way that at least 50% of the population could understand. It might help me in understanding your comments. Believe it or not, sometimes I am interested in some of the aspects of things you post about. Your inquisitive nature is your best asset!

What does your inquisitive nature tell you about the construct of ENERGY, Creedo? Are you and I nothing more than different expressions of the same, 4-dimensional glob of Energy?

Kind Regards,

Holy CRAP!

Creedo not only said something that I can understand, but something that I kind of agree with!