Active govenment man X & creedo takes CAT on a date:


Epochal Historian
We have all the greats on Mexican Federation world wresteling.

There is El Panthrea, the Masked Pahntom, The Creep, as well as many others who have both captured and entertained the Mexican public.

The most intresting phantom wresteler, is U.S. Government Active X.

This wrestler wears a black spandex outfit, a hooded mask and is mysteriouis, the same time he is mennacing.

Everyone fears this wrestler and often boos and hisses at the sight of him.

CAT's date:Gee Creedo you look nice' however this is one strange date.

There is to be no romance, physical contact, or even a kiss on this date. Yet we are to go out in San Francisco and be near each other and I am to read this script?

Creedo;Yes' this is what happens when social situations augment so you must read the lines supplied within the printed form I have given you?


As their Mazzeratti finnaly winds its way to Observatory Road, the car stops and the script is begun.

Creedo;Okay,.. CAT' your part???

CAT:Oh yes Creedo....You had said that everyone had tried to recrute you, and the people that you had loved the most, even had tried to gain control yourb??...Creedo;Your..
CAT:Oh yeah, your intrest, small typo there..hmmm?

Creedo;Yes CAT' even my own extraterrestial sister Sem-ya-zee.

CAT;Well you said you had wanted to always be with her, how tid??..Creedo;Did,..CAT;Yes, did you do this, even though she weas in a spaceship and you on the ground?

Creedo;Well I'm part Gypsy and am able to both move and cast over distance and use the internet in ways never thought possable.

CAT;Wowb???..Creedo;Wow?!..CAT, Oh yes' wow!, how did you do this Creedo?

Creedo;Well' I simply waited till the end of the day, sat in front of my computer and stuck my finger under my naked armpit.

CAT;"What the Hell are you some kinda pervert"?I mean who does this...INTERUPTION by Creedo;The script CAT?

CAT;Oh yes' what then did you do with your fervent hormone-pheromones as placed on your index finger Creed?

Creedo;Well CAT' I then went to pictures of Semjase in my files and then useing a littel magic, stuck my finger under her nose and chantted send?

CAT:God your weird!!!???..Creedo;What?

CAT;Oh I see now Creedo, it was at this point, your fervent hormones were sent to Pleiadean Cosmonaut Semjase and you offically you two have met?!

Creedo;Yes that's quite the issue CAT, we had done what the entire Pleiadean Atlantian continum could not stop us from doing and this was being togeather.

CAT:Pray-tell' why is the logic of this?

Creedo;You see my good friend CAT, the relayment of pheromone hormones, is the same as being togeather, as by vital information concerning our physiologigies has now been relaied, ah ha' ah ha' ah ha!

CAT;Well doesn't Creedo,...I'm going to VOMIT!

Creedo;Cat' are you all right, thats not in the script, is everything okay, are you sick or what?

CAT'I think it's the leather interior or something in this too fancy of a sports car...?God it's giving me the heaves?


Creedo;Well get out, I'll call you a cab and this will get you home!!!??

CAT: I'm sorry Creed' you put me up to the script, but not the barfining, I better get home.

Creedo;Thanks CAT, I'm sorry this expensive rental gave you the ups!?At least thank you for reading the script for me??

CAT;Think nothing of BAAARFFF, Oh' BARRRFF.

CAT;Thanks for the Tygamatt, here comes my cab and don't ever call me again?


As part Mexican American, I’d just like to say that your misinterpretation of our race offends us, etc. etc. things of that nature… and in conclusion cool it with the Cat fantasies. I don’t believe you have the permission of Cat here to harass and upset with your perverted displays of what seems to be loneliness. Go hump a goat if your horny, just leave the women here alone you horn-dog.

Creedo;Well' I simply waited till the end of the day, sat in front of my computer and stuck my finger under my naked armpit.

CAT;"What the Hell are you some kinda pervert"?I mean who does this...INTERUPTION by Creedo;The script CAT?

hahahahahhahahahaha rotflmao hahahahahahahahahahaha oopz, sorry, i didnt want to feed in... its just... haha, just... hillarious

p.s. Creedo has director's skillz, should make a movie... Titled "Joy Ride" hahahahahaha

Appologies to all.

CAT is an agent and a player within this game.

2.I study Mexican culture, very, very intensley and have done so for years.

The animus of Mexican wresteling, brings forth what is hidden and I have no appologies for this.

What is in Mexico, is also in the United States.

There is another who interprites what I say and this interpritation will come forth soon.

CAT is not upset, but a competative player.

You seem to be two-faced TTA, but I won't give you this label.

On charm, I say nothing at all.

What is the meaning of this?

And whats with constantly displaying and slandering my name all over the posts? What is it going to be next? My name in LIGHTS over the San Francisco Bridge! Next you'll be camping out in my back yard!

And besides I'd rather try on swimsuits in a well lighted dressing room than to go on a blind date with you!

Anyways I'm not your type! THE INFLATABLE KIND!

Sex was not an issue within the last post.

Your privacy is assured as nobody knows who you are in the San Francisco area.

You have said yourself, that you are competativly based, within your last post.

Friedship with you is dangerous, as you seem to have trouble with exactly what this means??

Of course, Clara will come through with an interpritation of what this means, which might mean that your throwing up information.

At this block of time, I do not wish to become sexually arroused, as you have said and share an expierence with a blow-up effigey.

What does this post mean, you tell me?
Sometimes when I read this board I get puzzled. It trails off to such topics that have nothing at all to do with time travel. I am not even sure how sex got involved with all of this. Now Crreedo, why do think you want to date CAT after all? And by the way, shouldn't you even know what you're saying without someone clarifing it to someone else that didn't understand you in the first place. I short terms, think about what you post and understand what you are saying.