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Add notation on Planet X and energy function


Please note on passing of Planet X in periferon past the sun, at http://emfx13.proboards17.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&num=1054505582&start=285

the fourth entry post down, showing the Solar Orbiting Helios Observatory, as said shown in probability.

Please note that for this week, I was exposed outside working.

I had noted while the temperatures had ranged in the one hundred five to ten degree range, that frequency of solar radiation, not only heat and brightness, had changed.

These may have been due to the fact that said Planet X is a failed protostar, that had never reached the point of ignition, necessary in order to make a star.

However the core may be semi-active and posses radiation characters, so when PX had passed the sun briefly, there was an immense solar flair, that had gone off the scale of anything ever recorded before.

I feel as a well studies individual in offworld technologies, that the link between the sun and Earth was intervening upon.

Know that Earthbased mans DNA control replication patterns are housed within the sun, as said by Marciniack in her, Earth The Pleiadean Keys book.

So therefore because this link was disturbed by the presence of this failed brown dwarf, an immense output of solar radiation had occurred, which inturn had upped frequency of solar radiation character.

This phenomenon had increase operational frequency to a high vibratory resonance, to where our single sun, had functioned with increased angstrom length strength and frequency.

I have been applying both copious amounts of vitamin E, as well as Vaseline petroleum jelly, along with lotions and sun block, after the days work.I would wait about fifteen minutes, then towel this mixture off.

I feel for now amplitude of frequency has dropped slightly, however be especially careful when having to work in the sun, due to the presence of the second solar body, which in some way has effected the character of radiation put out by the sun?

The proof work for a type of intelligence within the sun, was brought forward by a Major Edward Dames as well as the Navaho Spirit Walkers, in these mutual groups experiments, which gave them abilities to go very near the sun.

The chief medicine man elder of the Navahos has said do not go past a certain distance when observing the sun, too near, due to the chance of the sun eating your soul and taking it back.

The Dames R.V. group was stooped in their attempt, as said on Art Bell past archival show, in getting to near the sun, by ethereal agencies.

So it stands to reason that there is a symbiotic relationship between Earthbased man in his charticer and the central sun, in how each reference to one another?
Re: The red oxide pre-veil of said Planet X:

Please note continued comment on Planet X inline with scientific data, please note the following as said in the August first digital photos print, at link http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/rogue/nancy346.htm ?

Please note this photo-contrast as compared to the said Alaskan and Norway photo digital shots at link http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/rogue/nancy348.htm ?

These photos are at link http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm

The following comparisons apply, that in-atmospheric photos, differ from space set photos.
This is through the eye of a telescope, as at a distance through a telescope, when imaging light, due to light pressures at a distance, light tends to appear globular and ball-like, instead of possessing a definite shape?

The in-atmospheric shots from Norway and Alaska, show a definite distortion, of light around the sun, which I'm not sure is charona.

I feel if Planet X is indeed coming at Earth, due to the factors of solar wind blowing away from the surface of the sun, the red oxide from said Planet X, a failed to ignite protostar.
This appearnce should have its iron oxide veil, precede it, much the same way railroad cars, would precede the caboose of a long train.

I have enquired to a friend on the internet for Astronomical verification of Planet X, via some method or apparatus, however have not received this return verification as of yet.

In the paranormal range of events, I did try and hot the said supposed space between the Earth and central sun, with a mental ray, wave of sorts, about two to three days ago.

I got a return on this sent wave, which had returned to me while I was driving, as there is a phenomenon in physics, that some refractation of a wave, will always return to its sender.

Yes' I got a real weird wave, type of hum return and this I feel was part of the meditation level state of wave sent by me a few days earlier.

So yes, I do feel that there is something there; however as I had said before, I do not know if this said protostar is coming straight at us, or has assumed a orbital course around the sun.

The question did also rise, from information placed on the web at http://www.geocities.com/transition7/planetX , where >http://www.citiesoflight.net/kadjin02.html and at http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/flagshipnibiru.html that this proposed protostar, is somehow alien controlled?

If this is the case, which at this time I can not detect, then if this were a controlled vehicle and Planet Xes approach were to effect Earth.

This statment said as the Nostradamus prophecies predicted, as> A Most cruel king), then this appearance would also amount to certain legal factors, within galactic law, which would be termed felony murder, for selective cause?

Again, I am looking and do searching for some kind of astronomy based technical imaging, to where the depth and tracking portion of Planet X can be attained.

Please note that there is also a large rock semi planetoid, near the surface of the sun, as imaged in the 18th century, however this rock body, would be greatly inferior to the said proposed size of Planet X, is such a protostar is bearing down on Earth, directly now.....?

Constructive comments and views are most welcome.

Thank you