Additional notation on Planet X


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I'm confused on the proximity of Planet X to Earth's vicinity, as from what Lieder has posted on her ZetaTelk web site, the rough circumference is almost as large as the sun!At and

This would mean that the proximity intercept to Earth, would be much closer that previously thought?

Note on physics and NRC required analysis postings on the said passing of Planet X over our central sun, so causing an immense output of radiation. NOT A FLAIR, but immense extra output of radiation.

Please note that by NRC, nuclear regulatory Commission Law, there must be a physicist publication of this event and this must be published where all of the public can see this.

This was not done and as I had said in post third posting down, there must be an assessment of an isotopial source, where any band of electromagnetic sourced radiation is targeted at a second source, which serves as an isotope and alter normal frequency rays and radiation are emitted?

>This has not been done by anyone to my knowledge and this is considered a felony by Earth law standards, concerning the NRC and is required by law!.

What I had said in is only a rough estimate and would not surface for the people's right to know, as there have undoubtedly been both animal, as well as plant-life effected here.

The only thing I can start with is primary radiation source A, yielding and increase in output over D which would be termed as Planet X, yielding an altered ray wave and an increase in electromagnetic frequcy spectrum, probably in the blue spectra's, for a period of one week and a half.

I'm not dumb, worked and lived through this and this required reporting has not been done by those in officidom?

My apologies to everyone, however I have steadfastly reported on this phenomenon, as a bid ambassador, for Earthpeople's right to know, what effects them.

I suggest that you write your letters of complaint to and really tell them what is on your mind.

It is your right to say and right to know on this subject.

Very fervent apologies, truly, DJB also known as Creedo 299, for my post as a offworld bid ambassador, truly and sworn,
Extra reporting to the nature of this thread>On reporting on peculiarities I have experienced as a reu sult of the said change in frequency with reference to this said.

I had bills done, paid them and sent them by mail.

Because realities, as well as frequencies all share copy replicates of like t items from frequncy realm to realm, the stamps used to mail the bills, disappeared from the envalopes after they were sent.

Fortunatly all of the bill envalopes returned, however stamped lack of suficent postage.

This was two days ago.

I figured out what had happend, purchased stamps and immediately re'mailed all of the payments within the mails.

2.A member in my household also stated, that he had taken a battery from a package in order to power a toy that he had.

He was sure of this package, however opened it durring the change in frequency, in order to remove two tripple A batteries to use.

He found this package today and informed me that two batteries had reformed within the package and the package had resealed itself, as if it were new.......?

If you have a story to tell, please by all means tell it here freely.

Swron, truly