Ah well, score one for Eris.


Temporal Navigator
Well, this forum has even less sane discussion than when I last left. Almost all of the threads are bull, and the rest are clouded with metaphysical crap to the point of unreadability. It's a shame, because the early archives of the board looked so promising. I think the moderator needs to take a long hard look at the whole point of this forum and the types of threads that could be allowed.

That's it for me, TTFN.

PS Eris <-> Discordian. Look it up.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."

Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
And stay out, or the TTA will knock the taste out of your mouth

Nah I am j/k, at least you didn't leave cussing this time

From me to you,
Understanding is a gift I
Can't bestow; nor

Yet, it still seems
Odd when you remain without

And it's odd to the TTA that after 3 long years I continue to see the potential in helping mankind, while your still an arrogant asshole

So I guess that makes us even

You just don't appreciate Janus's intellect.
and I missed his poems!

Actually I wish more people like Janus would
come back to the board and start discussing
time travel with more of a scientific frame
again. I thought Janus was intelligent and fun.
It seems lately all the board does is
argue with each other...who wants to read that?
time traveling is actually not being discussed
very much here anymore.
I scan over the postings once in a while but
nothing interesting really catches my eye much.
Thank you Pamela for that constructive criticism for someone who see’s us all as retards next to him… But what will catch your eye? There’s no one here claiming to be from the future

RE: For Pam\' the things that you might need?HISTORICVUM::

I had seen the demise of CAT within this structured forum.

I feel that she had come on too emotionally and was demised by her own doings, although well meaning.

I feel that inside, she was a very nice person and I had considered my friend.I am sorry that she does not post here any more.Bye!

Withces are real and so are wizzards.

Neither both of these, within this time and space known entities are always considered bad or harmfull, all of the time.

At one time, witches as village healers had been cosidered very valuble people within olden social structures and had been consulted, in order to heal, where others could not.

The most famous person, who was a mystic, as well as a fully vested and highly qualified physician, was Nostradamus The Healer.

I feel what the short sightedness of history forgets about this man, is that he truly loved people, had a wonderful bedside manner, as well as patient assoication.

His apothacary skills, were par excelance.

May it be noted that durring the plauges in Europe, that this past healer had acted with both forsight, vision, verve, with an exceptionally deep understanding of his fellow man.

I must say to you, that since there is a possability that not all either witches or wizzards are from this dimension and others exist within other space time structures, that wizzards as well as mystics from other realms, may not all have the same qualities nor abilites?

My contention is that the old wizzards of another realm, have not only differing capabilites and awarenesses, however their internal organ placments, as well as atomic makeups differ from trained or inheareted wizzards of this dimension?

It is vitally inportant to know and understand that if one were to synthacize a child yealding from a witch of this dimension. Furthermore' raise him within another dimension to come back to this dimension later, that with the abilites we posess within this dimension, there would possably be either no way to controll him, nor to stop him?

It may be with wizzards of other dimensions, that internal organs posess some levels of metalic, or some certain elements, which easily allow this being to transend the borders of time and space, so entering these portals to other dimensions, as easily as we within this dimension would walk through an open doorway.

I don't know why I know this, however the maturation for this child, before he starts to throw a series of nurological fits, with be at age five.

This process is where certain key elements within a said area near the liver, will start to need fluxed elemential power ranges, which are phased in the hundreds of thousands of volts.

Within this process, there will be periods of mental blackouts and nonrecogntion of the people who are sent to take care of him.

This I know will be at a secure facility within the state of Nevada.

Regardless of how sure our scientists are sure, that they will be able to contain this child, they will have miscalculaited. The child will breach a magntic containment apparatus, ment to hold even the most escape prone of the Grays race who inhabbit the same facility.

As a matter of fact, the Grays will sence him within the same faclity, durring these needed hormonal flux states.These are a prepubescent erra for othewr dimensional wizzards.

The Grays will instintivly know of him and cower within their cells.

PLEASE NOTE:By my judgment as a parent, this child should never be brought into this dimension, due to the fact that he would crave being with his own kind.

Additional to this fact, he will litteraly be one of the most potetially lethal beings ever brought into this dimension, for the malfesance of power, by those corrupted who try to rule, within this dimension.

I did not say necessarily evil, however extreamly powerfull and not fully understood.

This is an odd time, where we had found within the origional Ong's Hat web site.
This web site has now been change to a man waering a duncecap stile hat, former to a fully vested flying vehicle, for the town of the same area, that both the attempt of magic, as well as extraterrestial forces are now present with each other.

CAT knew where the access was to the published schmeatics to the Ong Vehicle, which was a good peice of detective work.

For my own taste, I do not care for any offworld vehicle less that thiretyfive feet in diameter.This is due to the danger of attack from larger ships, as well as breakdowns, where antimatter does not function, however an emergency chemical reactor is necessary to get one to their home planet, or emergeny landing site.

Pam has shown herself within a church proposal.

I personally know why she has done this with reference to her time travel encouters.

I mean to let this go unsolved.

John Titor it seems did break down.

This was posted on the Art Bell BBS, which my system has told me that I should mention within my writings this candle lit evening.

There are reason why Titor was structured the way he was and I will leave this also unsolved.

>>To Pam and she had asked me why?

Say it poetry you fool.

~~It was on this day I sat upon a hillside wondering what would go wrong with this place I had worked.

I could not till as my earnings were not sufficent to add the tines needed to be placed by the blacksmith, so that one good spring plantting could be achieved.

"I needed the money badly"!

The child rose from the creek area, he was tall, dressed in that outlandish ruffled shirt, that his mother had fashioned him, before the time of the plauges.

The sun shown and illuminated his blond curley hair as one stride after another took him closer to me; his father who now was wrapping a grease filled cut on the palm of my hand.

He carried calouses on his hands, but did not sport them as pain, nor vestages of too hard a days work, as I.

In his eyes I saw his mother.His eyes colored the same cast of mothers, this early spring day when other children laze next to ponds and greenly lit passageways to forest and fields.

His shoulders broad, his blue eyes inqusitive and searching, with that certain smile I had looked down upon him, when it was time to change his fold cloths.

"Father, it is about the plow and tines have you fixed".....

As he began to show concern, I was supprise how much he was within his manners, so much like me.

I can not remember the words.Surely the tines for the rows were broken well beyond repair..?

However within the strong assured grasp of his hands, the missing tine that the smith must hot stike and meld back into place, so that the planted rows would align come mid June, shown from within his gentil hands.

"Father' I'm sure that you will be needing this"? as he handed the four inch and a'half metal spike to me.

Thank you Ma'ell' I said still sitting however riseing only a little to recieve the missing metal peice.

In that portion of time, I do not know what it was, but other things that he had done, such as the broken window from the ball thrown too hard, were seemed at this point in time to be forgotten.

It came to my throat as a well of emotion and the words, even though my mouth was opened, were not heard, however still came out without their saying.

"I love you son"

I think as a parent when a father mother or gurardian has done all that they feel they can do for their child, within their process of learning, the simple testament of know that one is loved and that one is cared for and appricitated, means the most of all.

This was the empricum to the mixtured formula, that no magican within this world, or for others for that matter, could ever pestal into their products.
RE: For Pam\' the things that you might need?HISTORICVUM::


I, for one would be interested in knowing how it is you think Cat will not be posting? Could it possibly be that you and TTA are good buddies after all and maybe you share information? I hate to burst your bubbles, but the Cat is not gone and is not forgotten. Perhaps you would wish it to be so. There are strange goings on here and multiple personalities. Manipulative and controlling personalities will fall into their own traps. TTA, please don't send me any more pictures!! I am beginning to question what your motives are for this. It is STRANGE, to say the least, for a man to send another man his pictures and tell him to ENJOY them? It is presumption in the extreme to think that a picture of someone will somehow portray that person's "personality". Could it be that this is why the anomalies web site had problems with you? It is not I who was "interested" in you as you so slyly stated in an earlier post. It is YOU who emailed me with your "forked-tongue" approach. You certainly know how to play both sides of the fence. First you claim that God is a manipulator and side with atheists who attempt to debunk his existence and then try to claim with me that you "serve" God with all your heart. An honest opinion, whatever it may be, is a joy to me. A hypocrite will eventually be revealed. And oh, just for the record, your double digit theories are pure CRAP. I held that back because of your friendship with CAT, but now I can tell you that you would be well to get yourself an aluminum foil hat and plaster your home with the same to stop those pestering double-digits!! You are a LEGEND IN YOUR OWN MIND. To actually BELIEVE that you could have ANY effect on whether time travel happens or not is the ULTIMATE DELUSION. And oh, if you think you can turn this around on me and claim me antichristian, let me remind you of a little verse that begins, "Whether they will hear or forbear". You can be assured that a web site will arise that will bear the plain truth about time travel and the means to do so. Any good story needs a bogeyman to give the story a dramatic twist and make the good guys really stand out because of their crusade against the bad guy who tries to prevent the machine from being given to the whole world. The TimeTravelActivist will become famous--or should I say INFAMOUS. Let me remind you that it is you who said that everyone on this forum is naive. It was fun discussing things on this forum but manipulation and deception can be found aplenty out here in the world. I have found one very good friend here and that has made all the rest bearable. This is for you CAT. Your intelligence, wit and perception has been a joy and will last for many, many years to come.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon
That you don't get it
That you don't see
And that you don't even try

Is to me, your largest

A game is all any of this is;

Prose nor poetry apparently
Riles you anymore;
I perhaps
Cannot, or should not,
Keep on posting poems you don't get.

*Janus, off to find a good wordplay forum.*
PS Pamela nice to read you again.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."

Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
TO: Creedo & Sonofbabylon

Welcome back, I sure missed debating with you
. And as always you wasted very little time in getting back into your usual groove of making no sense.

Well I thank you Bob for bearing “no malice” towards me in your accusation of my lack of sincerity towards my friend CAT (yet again). And I’d hate to burst your bubble Bob, but your wrong, again.

Since we’re being all-open about this on this forum and have taken it out of personal e-mail, there are certain details (that you omitted to mention) that need to be known to clarify this misunderstanding.

I had sent you my pictures, yes, the same pictures that were once on my website for the sole purpose of proving one thing that you said in regards about me to CAT. And in that instance I laughed at how wrong you were
I didn’t need your assurance of how close I was to knowing the truth.

I sent you those pictures to merely shut you up. Only to have you reply with some religious crap to it. Saying that I have fear in my eyes and that I am calling out for help.

Please, the whole e-mail was self-flattery. Going through the exact motions of your work as if I fall under the same cookie cutter pattern of your classic troubled teen.

Again, I didn’t care what you said, but it was really hilarious that a grown man who is competent in the inner workings of people’s minds can be so inaccurate. So I sent you another picture, to show you the truth.

Read for you self the e-mail I sent you:

-------------------- ---------------------

Finally home, and able to relax and re-read your
e-mail… Reading it over again I realize that you go
through the motions of your work quite well. That part
about not having to respond to confirm any of this,
really stood out to me. Are you so sure of your self
that the desired effect will be achieved by the
clever delivery of your words?

And surprisingly enough, I am the one with the ego
Bob, look I admire what you’re trying to say to me.
Don’t think I am not taking it all in, I am. I read it
again to make sure I wasn’t missing something. But
it’s like I said, there are simply to many misses in
your explanation of me.

For example you said: <<You would not have such a
depth of COMPASSION were it not for your depth of

Wrong, I have always been compassionate. I get it from
my mothers side, she is a big ball of fluff and intune
to people’s feelings. I have been raised by her for
the most part of my life, and have acquired her
empathic sense.

My pain in my past relationships however, have only
strengthen my compassion, if that counts

And like when you were attempting to describe the type
of confrontations I might have had with Christians and
how I may view them stereotyped; apostolate and the
such like others.

Like I said on the post: No I can’t say I do. No
interest, remember?

What views I do have of them I have already made only
obvious. I like you people, but sometimes you can
really be @$$holes to other people

Don’t get me wrong, I find you to be quite competent
in the work that you do, and I’m sure you have helped
many others with similar experiences. Well I guess
what I am trying to say is that there was no harm done
to my “ego” (if I even have one
) and that I am just
sorry that you had to waste your time and being
disappointed in me.

Javier Cortez

P.S. Here is a different picture of me. It is not
intended to impress you; I just thought I show you
that I am not always so serious
. It’s about 1 ½ old
and I been drinking a lot of coffee in the mornings,
so that’s why my teeth still look white
. Enjoy.

---------------------- -----------------------

I have in no way manipulated nor betrayed anyone here. I stand my innocence, and that is not intended to impress you or anyone else for that matter (please don’t flatter your self). Simply put, that’s precisely who the TTA is. I’m truly sorry if you feel that I have hurt and betrayed you CAT, but I just don’t see how I have. Please don’t let this misunderstanding cost you a friend.

Bytheway SonofBabylon, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to start calling you Anti-Christ like. For I don’t think you truly are, indeed you are a Christian, perhaps maybe just a little to righteous though
and a little ignorant about people’s motives. But like you said, truth is revealed in the end. Thanks for at least being there to uncover it from your end.


I thought I answer these points separately, since you seem to think it’s the whole heart of your delusions of me being the manipulator

<<You certainly know how to play both sides of the fence. First you claim that God is a manipulator and side with atheists who attempt to debunk his existence>>

Actually I never said that. If I may have said something similar to that affect, I made the clarification quite clear thereafter, that it is not GOD who is manipulating us, but Time Travelers.

As for my reason for siding with atheists, I wasn’t siding with them to betray what I believed about God. But to propose a 2-sided debate.

Here is what I said: *<<A 2 sided debate on religion and God, that’s just actually what this place needs. All this acceptance of Jesus and reaching a higher dimension is over looking the human principle and the powers that be that can manipulate to obtain such a state.>>*

Whether it be here or on the anamolies site, what is so wrong with a discussion of both sides to an issue?

<<and then try to claim with me that you "serve" God with all your heart. An honest opinion, whatever it may be, is a joy to me.>>

We all do “good” in our own little way to help out others and situations. Aren’t we then serving God’s good purpose while enhancing circumstances for our selves?

<<A hypocrite will eventually be revealed. And oh, just for the record, your double digit theories are pure CRAP.>>

Yes, a hypocrite will be revealed. And I am sad to say that this self-disclosure of your self here on this forum has not elevated your standings of being on the level. Compared to your façade of a man who genuinely cares and understands those “troubled,” to a man who only resents and forsakes. Especially those that point out their pride in the matter.

Truly a Christian quality you hold to heart, or the very thing you claim I have, an ego


P.S. <<Let me remind you that it is you who said that everyone on this forum is naive.>>

I said it’s “an naïve approach” I did not say everyone is naive. If you wish to be taken seriously Bob (not to mention sincerely), try getting the details right for once.
RE: Furthermore...


You are as spinless as a spongecake and as wimpy as a goosebump shiver looking for a spine to run up!

Have you checked your personal inbox Mr. Wizzzzzzard and may you wizen?

RE: Furthermore...


RE: Furthermore...


You are more than welcome. Your friendship is appreciated and also your words of wisdom!! As far as TTA is concerned, the idea I had in my mind was of a story I heard about several years ago about a group of believers who were visited by some very angry people with machine guns! The group was told that anyone who chose to renounce their belief would be allowed to leave. Most left in haste and only a few remained to face their fate. After the others left, the machine gunners locked the door behind them and laid down their weapons stating "Now that the true believers are left, we can get down to some REAL worship!!" You weathered my machine guns well TTA!! Cat and I have both doubted your sincerity and teamed up to really put you to the test!! You surprised me and kept your cool. The Cat and I have made several realizations and we both believe that you have a true vein running through you. You play both sides of the fence well and put me in my place. Touche!! Please accept my apology for any misunderstandings. To do any less would make me much less of a Christian.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon
Historical post, for the time traveling observer only:

<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 05-Sep-02 AT 02:57PM (EDT)</font>

At this point in time, we see within America, a certain uncertanity, involving the proposed direction of the United States politically.

With the son of ex-president Geroge Bush Senior, having been elected, there is a new stiffer quest for a rival lithic value, within the technocrocy.

Public bases for people of Earth on the surface of the moon are still not established at this time, only said secret bases.

The rampant needed or pourposeful use of antidepressents, for the entire population seems to be a recient trend that is emerging and may be population sized relaited?

We see also that Isreal is focused at a center point of contention within the middleast.

This is an odd point of contention, primarily due to the fact that within ancient times, the Jews were not wanted, sometimes kept as slaves and had statrted a two thousand year journey of wandering.

However now that a holy land had been established for Isreal, since 1948, Isreal seems to be plauged by Palestinian semites, which ironically within the Arab world itself, as said by the news cast of this time, it has been posted that nobody wants?

We have also seen accusations within jeffrense.com, that durring the world trade center catastrophy, of year 2002, that a group of Israllies, had been arrested while watching the buildings burning, by an obserevewr to the WTC disaster.

They were spotted by a resident within New York danceing and cheering ontop of a white van.

There is also the fact as told on Rense.com, that within the State Of Arizona, that Isrally nationals had been pulled over within a Ryder Rental Truck, which was to have said been carrying a masive amount of potentially explosive materials.

The trace residues had been found on the Isrally nationals gloved hands, by the state police crime lab, however no trace as to where this explosive carge could ber now lociated.

Seondly there was the case of Oregonian based Packastany nationals, who had rented an Oregon based ranch and had publically been known to practice rifle target practice upon this Oregon based ranch.

This fact had seemd odd to the locals, as this group of people was not conversant to the town by which they had lived.

These were some twenty suspects and it is not known at this date, as to whether with the supposition of Osama Bin Ladin being said to be alive, plus his computer man who can encrypt orders internationally through photos, as to whether a new set of orders will be sent to any terroist cells within the United States.

This authors has not said any link exist between the Israllies and Packastanies, however will only present this posting as a relaiment to any supposed time travler.
It seems that will al the hoopla made about another time travler, who is supposed to be from the year 2036, that any being pattern placedupon this reality is not fully understood as of yet?

There is an intimation that world events will steadlily worsen, however as to whether these events will be placed within this particular time and space frequency, is not understood or well known?

The fear placed by some that time travel is evil, is understood as a probable cloquialism, of the state of affairs, by those who do not understand that both time travel, as well as extraterrestail space travel, are often one and the same.

The attempts by these people to socially pervert, demonize as well as subjagate all of the rest of the posters into the area of time travel and what this should means, is apparent placed upon this board.

Forinstance within the context of certain items that are posted, there seems to be by some to try to question the personal morals of some, where infact their own house is not in order?

Secondly the attempted deominzation of most of the Pleiadean Empire, which is a five member multisected series of worlds, now known to lie within the Pleiades Constilation, is a prime example of ignorance.
This is even though some of the sects of Pleiadeans, may infact be deceptive within their own representations, however within the Pleiadean, overeall population, this is only a few people.

If you should be visiting this society, please note, that there seems to be an attempt by those who are in power, to gain a symbolic lithic rule hold, over all of this society?

This is at a time when it is not well realized that the area of the some 200,000 year cycle, as indiciated by many older civilzations, is comeing to a close.

This is equaited to a stack of 19th century vinal music records, which were set to play on a spindled stack.When one 33 and a third speed record is finished, then another record will fall within its place.

Durring the area of exchange to anew record, there are phenominon, such as other frequency intrusions, due to the fact that when a new recond will fall into place, the older record will be religated as a recording into time itself.

This may be what lots and lots of people are seeing now, with one of my family memebers hearing people walking by him but not being able to visually see them?This as well as "Jerry", I will Call her, seeing only partially composed people within the area of her laundry when she resides within San Francisco.

I can not and even if I knew would predict or say by protocols the nature supposed of what is to come?

These troubles of the United States, may go back to a time, when then President Grant had given small pox innoculaited blankets, to the American Indians at the White House.This occurance so then earning a drastic indian curse placed upon all presidents since then?

At this time, the general population does not realate well to extraterresials.

There are said some eighty hidden co-funded base here on Earth, at the hidden behest of many goverments.

This link can be found by entering in the serch words, (hidden alien bases), within the yahoo web serch box on the internet web.

However as a time travler, please also know, that ther are an estimaited one thousand differnt types of possably peaceful oriented offworld beings, aliens as they call them here, that come to Earth for items such as one would attend a supermarket for needed stores.

There is one member placed within the board, (Ra'uel) as I will code name refer to him, who has insulted a top Pleiadean Commander in many ways.

Rauel, as I will call him in order to protect his identiy, should know that Pleiadeans do respond to insults and challenges, and this act of Rauel's, could have landed him into an offworld combat arena for the charge of insuilt.

I am very well offworld versed, and will no longer take any responsabilty for Rauel's actions, due to the fact I would have to represent for him as a result of his stupidity for saying what he did.

This means armed combat within a challange arena, as Rauel is not compatent for his own said actions.

We see economically that finacially everyone seems to be running to finance their finanacial obligations due to the September 11th collaps of the world trade centers.

This financial actions seems to be placed at a time, to where less war-like retoric should be the proper move, however by news serivces at this time, is not the main mission.

It seems that the western world does not observe how the Arab code of justice goes.
This was with invitations to beheadings within Saudia Arabia, being a warning of what you will get, if a U.S. Soldier is invitied to a weekend's evening of entertaiment within the Arab world, as posted in the past by the news services tellings.

To maintain a more solid coalititon amongst Muslims only, may be why there is a reluctance by many of the Arab based countries, to move aginst the Iraqi Empire, which ironically was placed as a biblical center of creation within ancient text.

The John Titor debicle, was spectacular, in respects to a siupposed time travler from 2036, coming to the 1975 acces point, for an IBM computer, and then visiting the Art Bell web site, of all places and breraking every protocol in the book.

Said Titor seems to at this time be luaded as a supermetaphysical nemesis, in similar fashion to Timothy Learry, who at one time was the pop culture rage, of the injested dilesergic acid crowd, of the Haight Ashburry area of San Francisco.

This drug plugs sight into hearing hearing into sight and sound into hearing additionally.Was used to get at said social inequties lock, hold in what was known in the 60's San Fransisco, as BAD PSYCHIC BAGGAGE, people of this erra were have said to have carried around within the famileial sence.

This chariciterization, seem to go to a point, to where John Titor is a fying time oriented version of both Santa Clause, combined with a mornful Jeasus, with a touch of supermilitary powers, which somehow instill to the flavour of Television Serised Little House on The Prarie stile of aura.

Is is seen now by some, that the fabulious John Titor has the power to levitate off of the ground.
When this act is so done float down the street at will and if he so chooses, materialize through walls, while extoleing certain virtures.

Among these parabiblical warnings are; how we should all do for ourselves, to be good kind listen to classical music.

Yes all these feats of transluminalist magic, while pointing out that we of this erra are deccadent, so being responsable for the demise of the future to come.

Titor seems to laud the profile of a folk hero.However only small fragments are given, as to a clue concerning his veracity, of ever traveling backward in time.

The Ong Flying time vehicle, whose substance is eluded to within this posting board, is another figment of a nonsure phantom, which only is known at this time to have a limited performance profile.

Note the Ong Flying Vehicle, or how you can, in three easy lessions, fly be someome's house, intimidate them and then dispatch a real or supposed vampire to bite them near the ankle, so making them think the countinance of the Ong Flying Vehicle did this??

Did I say that the Ong Vehicle prototype of a harrasment weapon?
I didn't do that did I?

There are intimations that since the production of Earth based man was in secret a cleft type of deal between the said almighty and the fallen one.This is where man would be placed within a real realm as a result, has led to the intimation that time traveling attempts by the hidden government, are demonically intoned, in order to obtain performance capacities.

Who at this time had suffered as a result of these said past doings within the general population of the time, were peoples who were shamistic and naturally gifted witches of that time.

There are three uasual ports to witches and these are a white or Angelic Witch, a natural witch, who pracitices utility magic and wizzards who are of good nature can be placed into this catagory.

The other whitch, of the third one mentioned, are those who practice black magic, which is often refuted by the two other types of witches to their class.

What has been mentioned within this posting is only the begining of the national mood, which may be causeing cause and effect of how events are to unfold.

I have had to post this advisory, due to the fact that not all of the facts may be understood at to why events within this time realm only, may be proceeding as they are?

Note an not given the nature of why the said Wiccan religion, may have been devised as a sell out religion, by Dr. Gerrald Gardener.This was due to a natural return to some base forms of near shamistic qualities, of which witches and the like are natural to these populations.

In other words, if most forms of religion seem to have been having troubles, such as the past Baptist, Church Of God as well as other religions have both sexual as well as finanaical impropierties, then a subcult of beliefs, naturally according to population mechanics would be takeing place.

Note the most famous of these happenstance of a protien stained dress.This was a politically based sexually said transgression, to where certain procreative fliud mixtures, were squirtted upon a said political aid's dress wear, then this garment was placed within a closit for a period of some nine months.

The public telling later on, was that this particular aid to a politican, had no idea why these procreative now dried fluid mixtures, had been kept placed upon this said soiled garment, for so long a period?

There was an intimaited as well as accued act of complcity, as this aids friend, was part of the secretarial pol, within a goverment military bilding, some miles away from the supposed act.

What is not understood to this time peroiod, is why the said aid ever expressed these confidentialities to her friend, or why the dress, if she had really cared about this politician, as to why she did not have the dress in question, immediatly cleaned?

In other words, what woamn keeps a dress with procreative mixtures placed upon this dress, for nine months, then miraciously remembers about this peice of clothing, then accidently tells this situation concerning her lack of knowing what a dry cleaners is, to the entire world, through her supposed close and tight lipped friend??

With these irregularities placed within this said times religions, with a central falter it seems within the national political base, then the following suppositions concerning Wiccanism as a bailout religion could be deduced..

At this time, the Wiccan religion within the context of the United States Air Force is said to have very great following.

The problem was, that the use of witches and Indian Shamens, werenever designed to be a pawn to begin with.

In the early state of affairs these people were assinged to take care of the sick by their medacine skills, as well as act as traveling midwives, where other healers could not make the necessary levels of sucess.

I do not equate a screaming baby coming forth, as a pat on the back for Eisehower's said industrial military complex.

The witch and shamen were then and are now simply doing their jobs and trying to rope witches as well as shamens into the power manifold as it were.This act supposed, so the Navy can lob more powerfull artillery shells, does not equate to traditional belief systems.

Note that thew early Jews or Hebrew sets, were a special project of the main Christian God. However there are now some certain events which have changed this apprarent umbrella, that have occured since the time erra of the 1980s.

The Betty Andreasson Luca files, by most Christianism and Judeaism, are still not fully understood within their total implications.

Note for the safty of time travlers::Please be carefull in tapping into the web net enterprises of this erra.

This is so, as sent computer viruses and worms, are getting to be an ever growing problem and may crash or disable your computer system, if this system should utalize The Windows Operating Platform.

I have mail filtering which catches most viruses.

If you are from offworld and of good nature and use this form of communications plantform within your ships operating system, you may try attending an antivirus web site, to which you can eradicate your system computer virus.

I have no idea how out of time or offworld computer systems, will interface to a virus scn, or to effect a virus removal tool, if your computer system is not either standard to this time or planet?

To all who aske about the perril of time travlers and aliens into this time erra and the effect alone on time and space?

The effect is similar to going through a curtain, and open and close deal.

Social interfearnace out of time travel protocols, however is another matter, I'm not sure of an pourposly digress from, within conversation context.

RE: Historical post, for the time traveling observer only:

<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 05-Sep-02 AT 04:46PM (EDT)</font>


You are the BIGGEST Antisimitic Bigot around and all the while exempting yourself!

Its "YOU" who needs to get things in order at the home front! Besides dont you have any dirty laundry to clean?

RE: Historical post, for the time traveling observer only:


Some how I think that the aliens can manage their own antivirus computer software.

As for the military industrial complexes scruious use of withces and shamans, GOOD POINT ! I'm sure it will be topic ONE at the next meeting of The Amalgamated Spellcasters Union meeting.

Check your e-mail for a message from planet earth. They may call any day now!
RE: Historical post, yata yata CAT:

No correction, the Jews are.

The most recient data on the genetic study of both Arabs and Jews was that they were very similar.

"Come from the same local in the world you know"?

As for me being an antisemite, nope had only quote Rense verbatim and these sources are good.

What about the open ocean attack on an American destroyer and why would Isreal do such a thing, without doubly verifying the target source?

Makes you think doesn't it?

Your termage is even wrong, not anti semite at all.

I said nothing about good American Jews, regardless of any ethnic mixed extraction at all.

The problem is here the state of Isreal, not anything having to do with American Jews or Jewishness at all.

Did you go to Jeffrense.com and check on the source material given?

No you didn't because you don't want to verify.

Just because one particular part of the world sect of one particular belief sect might do something wrong, doesn't mean that they are all wrong, does it now cat?

I mean if you had been in a U.S. Navy uniform on the bridge of that destroyer and a pair of Isrally Mirage Jet Fighters sporting the Star Of David came screaming along and they were going to drop hundred pound air-burst, along with Aiden 30 air to air m.m. into midships...

I mean what do ya do CAT?

Your dead right there, in the water.

You can cut rudder hard to port, or starboard, full or half speed, but with an American aircraft carrier refusing to flush its birds, due to a political walk to base, what are you going to do Naval Lutenant?

You can do nothing babe, you've got to sit there till these birds expend ordinace. Then go down into the below compartments and scrape what is left of burning crew memebers off the interior bulkheads and call it a job well done.

Something's queer about in-gulf trading and it seems that where a load a Kashtuka rockets had been seized going up the inlet to the Pal state, it seems that other shipments to Iran, have been stopped.

I'm sorry, did the infamous Uncle Vanya, of the Russia Phylosphs just get kicked out of the house, for a I'm where I need to be discretion?

Hey Babe, you call Mike Wallace and that guy will show how to wear a U.S. Naval uniform, or did you miss on how to put a ununi on?
RE: Historical post, for the time traveling observer only:


Well for starters I knew exactly where you were coming from and what you were hinting at! Why the subject of Jewishness is interesting to you these days is no mystery concerning me!

I think it went something along these lines...The US Navy ship was in Israeli territory for starters. Secondly it was carrying weapons of mass destruction. And thirdly and most importantly, you can never trust those Arabs, they could disguise themselves as Americans and row themselves packed up with bombs into US oil ships committing suicide for their country to prove an idiotic point!

Did you know that El al airlines is the only airliner THAT HAS NEVER BEEN HI JACKED! The Israeli defense and army is very thorough, they are on their toes in matters of security, can you blame them? I mean look at their position in the world, the smallest but mightiest in all respects! their army sure hell is more efficient than our own American defense system was for us on September 11th! After knowing that our own president and secret service had known of these threats well in advance! makes you wonder? It was minutes before 8:45am that I turned my kitchen TV on to hear the weather when I saw the first plane flying into the tower! I watched with unbelief as tears welled in my eyes! and then the second plane...

The outside of my house will be lit for the memorial of September 11th in memory of all that died on that day!

But let me give you a little history lesson about Israel,

In 63 c.e. the powerful Roman Empire conquered the land of Israel and called it Palestine. When the Jews rebelled against the harsh Roman rule, Rome crushed the revolt and destroyed Jerusalem and the Second Temple. Many Jews were taken to Rome as slaves, while others were scattered in different countries. A few remained in Palestine, living under Roman rule.

The land of Israel had always been an important world crossroad. It lay directly on the routes to Arabia, India, and China. It was a bridge for land travel between Europe, Africa, and Asia. For 1,300 years the small country was a bloody battlefield. Fierce wars were fought for it. It was devastated by conquerors and neglected until it became nothing but deserts and mosquito filled swamps.

Eventually the scattered Jews returned to live, study and work, they lived mainly in four cities, Jerusalem, Safed, Tiberias, and Hebron. Come the 19th century that was a spurt of immigration of a different kind. The Jews of Eastern Europe were cruelly treated and many of them fled to America. Others mainly from Russia and Poland went to Palestine to found new settlements and to farm the soil. These were the first pioneers.

Palestine was then under Turkish rule, which came to an end during World War 1 under a British marshal. The British armies defeated the Turks who had ruled in Palestine for four hundred years. The league of Nations (at that time an organization similar to the United Nations) put England in charge of Palestine. This was known as the British Mandate over Palestine. It made England responsible for governing the land. More and more Jews began to settle in Palestine. Soon Israel had its own labor organization.

Hitler rose to power and blamed Germany's troubles on the Jews. Tens of thousands of German and Austrian Jews made their escape! This totaled some 400,000 Jews which basically built and colonized the land of Israel! Small towns grew into cities and bare countryside was teaming with forests and farms. Settlements sprang up in the desert which the pioneers irrigated with water that they hauled from great distances.

SIDE BY SIDE THE JEWS LIVED WITH THE ARABS FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS LIVING IN PEACE! Most of the Jews were farmers working on farms. Their farms were owned by Arab landlords. The Arab farmers rented land and paid the landlord with the crops they grew on it. Though they worked hard they had little to show for their labor. The landlords grew richer and richer while the farmers became still poorer! The Arab farmers saw the fertile Jewish farms and the rapidly growing settlements. They saw the modern farming methods the Jews were using and their rich crops. The Jews were eager to help their Arab neighbors improve. They lent them tractors and showed them how to use modern farm machinery. They wanted to share their knowledge with the Arab farmers. The Landlords were displeased at this saying: Soon our farmers will want to copy the Jews, before long they will even want to own their own land! They will try to take our lands away from us! We must keep them working for us! The Landlords told their farmers, The Jews have come to rob us! We have lived here for six hundred years and we have a right to the land! We must stop the Jews from coming into Palestine and fight them! War broke out and the British were caught in the middle. They wanted the Arabs for friends because in neighboring lands controlled the oil fields! Britain closed the gates to Palestine!

Finally the UN got involved and divided Palestine into two states, one Arab and one Jewish. To let the Jews have the land they have already purchased, Eastern Galiliee, the coastal plain and the desert. The rest of Palestine will belong to the Arabs. The city of Jerusalem will become international and be placed under the care of the United Nations. When the solution was presented the Arabs were mad! They protested saying, We want all of Palestine! The Jews agreed to the plan although they knew they would lose much of Israel. A tiny state is better than no state they said! The Arabs threatened with war!

The UN voted by two thirds of the delegates and the state of Israel was born!

Than you have the first prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion who well established the Israel army and the Jewish defense organization! Ben Gurion believed that the future of the State of Israel lies in the Negev desert...And that slowing but surely we will be pushed out by the Arabs giving back more and more of the land! and use our farming and irrigation skills and knowledge to establish and colonize the Negev.

I get into allot of History after all what is Time Travel all about? And if you don't like my Jewishness Creedo that's to damned bad! I know it really eats you alive to hear me go on and on and on about it! I really posted this for my friend sonofbabylon!