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airplane crashed the time barrior in florida



(I live in Clearwater Florida and remember the plane landing in the street, here is a copy/paste of the "story behind the story")

First read the St. Petersburg Times story of an emergency plane landing then read the "story behind the story" below:

Plane lands on street by Clearwater Airpark
© St. Petersburg Times, published February 25, 2000

CLEARWATER -- With his small plane less than 300 feet above a dense neighborhood, pilot Peter Krauser faced a quick decision: Go for the Clearwater Airpark or land on a residential street.
The World War II vintage aircraft had no power and was losing altitude fast, said Dennis Roper of the Clearwater Airport Authority, who watched the drama unfold from the airport.
Krauser's decision: Force the plane down on Mercury Avenue, a quiet two-lane street off Drew Street.
The single-engine propeller plane plowed through a tree and clipped utility poles. Then it hit the ground and spun about 100 feet to its resting place on the road beside Olympus Pizza on Drew Street.
"It was about three bangs," said neighbor Lisa Roth. "My dogs went bananas. I thought somebody had driven into a house."
Krauser made the right decision, said Roper, a pilot with 8,000 hours of flying time.
Krauser walked away from the 5,300-pound plane unharmed and no one else was injured. It could have been far worse.
"He slammed it down and had he not, he would have landed about where that gas station is," Roper said, pointing to the Chevron station beyond the plane across Drew Street. "He did a marvelous job."
Krauser, 43, declined to comment. He holds a pilot's license in the Federal Aviation Authority's southern region. Roper said Krauser is an experienced pilot with thousands of hours of flying time and commercial experience.
President of Mark Maconi Homes, Krauser last year won the Builder of the Year award from the Contractors and Builders Association of Pinellas County.
The emergency landing happened just before dark as Krauser was ending a 45-minute pleasure ride in the rare 1940 NA-64 Yale estimated to be worth $100,000 to $150,000. Krauser registered the aircraft in June.
The engine apparently lost fuel pressure, although it was unclear why, said Lt. Don March of the Clearwater Fire Department. The plane was towed back to the airpark Thursday night to await inspection by the Federal Aviation Authority.
Such incidents are not uncommon in the neighborhood surrounding the airpark. Neighbors all have stories about crashes and emergency landings.
In December a plane got caught in a crosswind as it was landing and rolled off the runway into a ditch.
Safety questions reached their peak in 1990, when a Tarpon Springs pilot died after crashing into the roof of a nearby home. The pilot, Erik Vanderkaay, was the 12th person to die in neighborhoods near the airpark in 11 years.
The last crash there was in April 1997, when a pilot suffered minor injuries after crashing shortly after takeoff.
"We hear planes come over the house and hold your breath," Roth said. "We're kind of fortunate."

story behind the story is below:

* * *

"Neighbors all have stories about crashes and emergency landings."

...I'll say, and the ones willing to talk had a different story! I’m one of those neighbors. Below is the story you'll never hear in the regular media. Compiled from neighborhood residence interviews,emergency personnel interviews, local and military records. ALL witnesses requested that their true identities not be revealed... it all started for me when two men in black suits came to my door told me not to speak to anyone about "the plane crash". At that time I wasn't even aware of a plane crash. What is going on and why are these mysterious men threatening me about speaking to anyone about this crash? As soon as the mysterious gentlemen left, I walked two blocks and saw the crash site wasn't even cleaned up yet. I jotted down the details that I observed; namely the 3354 serial number on the side and aircraft details that fit the 1940 NA 64 YALE depicted in newspaper articles. There were news trucks parked up and down the street of the crash area. Certainly everyone already knows about "the crash". Being retired military, I decided to investigate. The following is the accumulation of interviews with neighbors, emergency personnel, and local military officials and the painfully hard task of gleaning documents from the U.S. military:

And now for the rest of the story. February 25, 2000 in Clearwater Florida. Local residents Helen C. and Geraldine V. witnessed an "old fashioned looking airplane” emergency landing on Drew Street in Clearwater Florida. The commotion alerted neighbors who called authorities. The women watched as the addled pilot climbed from the plane and he kept asking where he was and when they told him Florida, he told them he was over "Lanai" only a moment ago. According to the witnesses, the man had a brown flight helmet, a dark leather jacket and boots. One woman, Helen C. was particularly helpful as she disclosed that she has a "photographic memory” she gave helpful details concerning the number on the side of the plane; #3354, (later verified by 911 recording copy provided by Don H.) The pilots name; Lt. Jean Turret and she remembered that he said he was "over Lanai" a moment ago. The Police and Fire Department personnel showed up and took the pilot to the ambulance. According to Helen C., Geraldine V. and another witness watching from inside his home; 5 unmarked black vans pulled up and military personnel dispersed the crowd and took the pilot from the ambulance and forced all local emergency vehicles to leave. They placed him in a stretcher in one of the black vans and that van immediately left the area. Then a man in a modern flight suit stepped out of another of the black vans and was escorted to the plane and climbed in. The military removed a blockade and allowed some NEWS trucks to the area and the same military men helped the "pilot" out of the cockpit and deposited him in front of the press to tell of "his story". Later the day of the plane crash, some well-dressed men approached neighbors and told them to not disclose what they had seen. Every witness interviewed told me these men approached them; even local emergency personnel (at their homes) were approached. As such, a precious brave few were willing to disclose any more than they were "told not to speak about the plane crash".

Details provided by Helen C and collaborated by Geraldine V. and others provided reference information to research military records I was able to access through the Freedom of Information Act.

Hickam Air Base Sunday April 5, 1942. - SIX allied aircraft RCAF 1940 NA 64 YALES left to conduct a routine patrol mission when one containing Lt. Jean Ives Turret did not return. According to military reports; the other airmen reported of Lt. Turret’s plane RCAF #3354 disappearance while in clear view of Capt. Adam Sinclair and Lt. Michael Foley. Capt. Sinclair stated that Lt. Turret was flying in a close formation between himself and Lt. Foley and "just blinked out". Lt. Foley report corroborated Capt Sinclair’s testimony. The other three aircraft were flying the same formation but in a different direction, as such were unable to provide testimony concerning the disappearance of Lt. Turret’s craft. "Lanai” as it turns out is a Hawaiian Island that stands nine miles west of Maui and eight miles south of Molokai 9,000 miles from Clearwater, Florida and 58 years later.

Is time travel viable? I will leave you to your own conclusions.
Please see: http://www.sptimes.com/2002/06/29/TampaBay/Crashing_airplane_kep.shtml

Please see:
By LISA GREENE, Times Staff Writer
© St. Petersburg Times
published June 29, 2002


This is a wreck that happened yesterday, it is within 2 miles of the "time traveling" airplane wreck on drew st. the article above has a map showing the wrecksite, look at that map and notice the close proximity of drew street.

As reported by the article by DEBORAH O'NEIL noted in the previous post, 12 airplanes have come down in 11 years, this last one makes it 13 planes! something is is different about this town of Clearwater. My theory: airplanes accidently fly into an anomalious portal and come out the other end which just happens to be over Clearwater Fl. The pilots passing thru this hyper-dimensional portal are temporally disoriented and lose control of their craft. Think about it, people from all over the world read this forum, how many have people have this number of airplanes just dropping out of the air in their town? well, anybody having this many airplane crashes happen in your town?
Oh my God!

I was going to post questions about Steven Gibbs HDR and also about The WWII plane that crashed the time barrior in Florida. Imagine my surprise when both subjects were already here on the bulletin board. I remember when that WWII plane made that emergency landing on a street in Clearwater 2 years ago and the time-traveling stories popped up almost immediately. I'm wondering if it was the result of some type of natural phenomena or some military time travel experiment in the 40's. My guess is that latter, otherwise how could the military be johnny-on-the-spot to provide a comver story before the local news media could get there.