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Alexander V. Frolov's publications (From Russia)


Alexander V. Frolov\'s publications (From Russia)

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<center><font size=+2>Publications</font>

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<a href="rusweapon.htm">Military application of the time rate control theory,

<a href="rus-plasma-report.htm">Report on plasma, congress in St.-Petersburg,
Nov. 22, 2000</a>

"News" from France about Searl Effect

<a href="grebennikov.htm">Review on biological antigravitation (De
Broighl's waves in cavity structures)</a>

<a href="hydrino.htm">"Hydrino" (Underground state of the hydrogen

Heat pipe as drive

Segners' rotor of 1750

Underground state of the hydrogen atom, 2000

Gravitation as Gradient of Pressure, 1999

Victor Shauberger's antigravity methods, 1999

<a href="proton.htm">Proton current for gravimagnetic field generation,

<a href="threelat.htm">"Three-lateral space-time effect", paper and
Dr. Puthoff  comments, 1997</a>

<a href="gyroscope.htm">Experiments with gyroscope to get reactionless
propulsion, 1999</a>

Electrogravitics experiments, 1999

"The Work", 1996

'The Action", 1996

<a href="appl.htm">"Application of potential energy for creation of
power", 1994</a>

 Flat Spiral Coil by N. Tesla, 1999

<a href="pot.htm">"Potentials in Power Generation", 1994 by T.E.Bearden's
edition and commentary</a>

"Gravitation conception", 1995

 Hertz-Quincke-Sumoto effect, 1999

"Reactionless propulsion", 1994

<a href="chernetsky.htm">"Self-generating electric discharge" by Alexander
Chernetsky, 1999</a>

"Source of excess energy", 1998

Time-to-Heat and Heat-to-Time Conversion, 1999

<a href="zvp.htm">"Zero-velocity photon", on the nature of electromagnetic
waves and Time, 1999</a>

<a href="longfortelecom.htm">"Longitudinal waves for telecommunication",

<a href="aging.htm">Paper "Aging" about new technologies for medical
application, 1999</a>

Radioactivity and DNA repair, 1999

DNA resonance, 1999

Resonance effect in LC circuit

About Russian "Warm fusion" 1960s project

<a href="varicond.htm">"Direct transformation of heat in electricity"
in non-linear materials, 1995</a>

<a href="transmut.htm">"Transmutation of chemical elements and Stokes'
Principle", 1994</a>

<a href="calculat.htm">"Calculation of changes of spatial curvature...",

Comments on New Energy News, 1994

"The Power", 1996

<a href="water.htm">Report "High Efficiency Electrolysis of Water",
1999 Hydrogen Energetics Congress</a>

<a href="pulses.htm">Frequency Modulation in Electromagnetic Transformer,

<a href="n-machine.htm">Unipolar generator with plasma as Faraday disk,

<a href="ph-machine.htm">Description of magnet-motor and magnet-generator,

Interpretation of the Pons-Fleischmann effect, 1994

Single-wire power transmission, 1994

"Longitudinal wave generation", 1994

It will be continued

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<This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 29 November 2000).>
RE: Alexander V. Frolov\'s publications (From Russia)

I get unusual errors, 404's, odd time delays, partial loadings, and have to DOUBLE CLICK to get anything when using the above links. Am I being paranoid or is there another set of eyes between me and these servers?
RE: Alexander V. Frolov\'s publications (From Russia)

The instructions at the top provide a "Working" link to his website........