"The future ain't what it used to be."

Alien influence in T T



In order to understand time travel, one must understand that every time Earth moves within it's orbit, it is a time established position.

This means that every now, is registered as a now, that is a register in time, just as would be a number within a large telephone directory.

Every time that you say is now, has a time event signature to it, which can be reached.

So to better understand this visually, temporarily, take a trellis, that climbing flowers grow upon and on these points of a trellis, is each a position of every time Earth has a recorded event.

Now superimpose these happenings, a a flat poster or road sign, however inback of one version of Earth, there are three to four other road signs, that are similar to the first seeable road sign representation, however each of these signs, or realities are hidden from each other.

These are other realities, that are not part of your known only to you established time line and the only way you can visit these, is via a change in frequency.

Now let's look at human beings.

Did we get the way we are all by ourselves?

Nope, we had a little help along the way.

How this was done,is that other beings, a little like we are now, in our very far ago past, had landed here on Earth and injected thier cells into featuses while they were in the womb.

This process had been repeated over and over again, till the being that goes out to pick up the morning paper, looks more like avergae day Joe Thomas, rather than a furry ape-like man.

How this deal has soured, is that our ancient contributors, had leins placed upon us and some of these leins, are still active today.

These leins are from the Grays, the Dracks, who once had used the Earth as a staging ground and a sect of beings, known as the Procyionians, who in part, only physically now mind you, had helped engineer us up from apelike man.

Every place you go either foward or backward in time on Earth, depending upon the reality that you choose, you will find at times, these types of beings.

They are all over.So in your way into time, if you are a time travler, you must contend with three influences.

The Grays must be reengineered, in order for them to stop depending upon humans so much.

The Dracks have to give up Earth, well as for one, our central sun, does not like them.

Our central sun is inteligent and Earth based humans, are the only ones who are assinged to its surface.

If they don't get off of Earth, the sun will go supercritical.

The Procyionians, it seems is an arbritary configuration, with some of them poled to one camp of letting us have our own rights, while the other still thinks that we are test subjects.

What I'm trying to tell you all, is don't dare get into a time machine, unless you have a very good workong knowlege of aliens races, by all the information that you can possably pick up?
Are you Bathrobe?
If so, what is it you know about John Titor?
and what do you mean you tried to communicate with him but couldn't get through.?

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Sorry but I don't get it.

You may want try introducing your self first. And second tell us where you got this information from, or how you came about it.

Have you seen my website yet? Check it out. And try and mellow out. I was once like you, it burns you out talking like that. Plus it makes you use up your best statments. Save it for an important time

-Javier C.
The sad thing about Earth humans,is that while most of them carry the Atlantian gene, it is dormant within them as far as memeory goes.

In me it is not.

Many thousands of years ago,one day, Atlantis just sunk and along with this, thousands of years of very advanced technologies.

There is a riddle to the time and reason why Atlantis and Mu had sunk and it depends again upon today and how you look at events pam?

There is one site and it is on the web under the hit Atlantis.

When you have found the right site, you will see how Atlantis actually had looked within the very ancient times.

It is true, that they became corrupt and feel into a social derge, which was malevolent, near the end of Atlantise's reign.

The thing you must realize Pam and I know this is extremely hard for you to do, is that the Atlantians were offworld travel fluent.

This was by certain kinds of flying devices.

It is also said that a core of Atlantians who had survived the sinking of Atlantis,still live benbith the Atlantic Ocean, within a transparent bubbled city.

My fear for you and fear for good hearted of you kind, is that you will never realize in time, that we are not only surrounded by E.T.s, but are part E.T. ourselves, within our very design.

It is a brother's act of love, that tells you this Pam and you should take the words to heart.

You might say that I pick up, where John Titor had left off.

One of the most powerfull continents to have ever existed on the face of Earth and due to their own social decadent intracisms, you might say, in a measure had destroyed itself.

With reference to the information that John Titor had bought back with him, you do see some compairsons starting to form Pam, don't you?

PEOTRY, A gift to most georgous Pamela:
And I sat pretty Pam on a rock by the stream where silver waters trickle lightly.

I had seen that her hair was waived back, to show the side of a clear complexion, which was another note, added to my lyre.

And to her composure, her long lovely legs, dig give definition to a red and maroon dress, only showing the bottom of her calf and naked ankles.

Her head propped up with pride, sporting a noble chin and my fingers did find their notes, which had intertwined with the song birds.

There is no modern, or past ancient scroll, that any man could give you for his devotion to you, most fairest of women.

It is to the humility which is held in nature, that any man should not forget the song, to such as lovely as thee.

For in nature, there is the calm revistatude of the knowing that composures of beauty, such as you, will always be held by the fairies as what is known as balance.

The countinace of rythem, as Pam's head nodded to the music, also held with movement in the wind and song.The scent of the flower of this woman,in harmoney with other flowers in large folded fields nearby.

It is with ture beauty and a woman's confidence while sitting in nature, that imps and faries dare and in the masure tiny bare buttox apparent, through veiled robes of these.

The littlest of wood nymps, face flushed with bright crimson cheeks.So shock that someone so opulent, would encompass their abode of woodlands.

The profile on the bright blue lucent day, which host a women, with an ear tuned to the hollow of the lute, to melodies long, long forgotten.

For any man that dare behold to one beauty such as you, must know and observe in his voiced song, nature does have its own blance.

Play for me, she laughingly encourages, noone have ever brought such delightfull song in nature's composition to me, in just this way.


Keep this little song with you always?
ever heard of "White Powder Gold" and its efects on the human genome system to create additional degrees of seperation between the body & spiritul limitation whithout physical death, enabling the us humans to evolve to another form of God-Like abilities? In theory not only could you download information directly into the brain instantaneously, but you could shift the harmonic resonance & frequencies within every living cell in your body, to shift between physical form, and a translucent energy body!

I'll provide additional details...

Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy
Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found?

**********-White Powder Gold-****************** http://monatomic.earth.com/david-hudson/1995-02-dallas-d-white-powder-gold.html
Now bare with me, but I think I may have an explanation. Now is it possible, could it be that maybe you seen Atlantis: The lost empire, one to many times?

Seriously though. Why are you barely coming forward with this? You must have known this for quite a while, so why barely now? Did the movie inspire you or something?

It’s quite typical for someone to start talking about something like this, once it’s been advertised nationally. It appeals to people’s interest, makes them easy targets to learn more or to have them buy into stories about it. And that is a form of manipulation.

Just like when they commercialized the movie, to sell it’s merchandise. In a way it’s exploitation, but some aren’t brainwashed to buy everything about it just for the sake that they have to have it all, or else their life won’t be complete.

But anyway’s, one another thing; why you only targeting Pam, you obviously have chosen her as the person to convince of this claim of yours? Do you see her as easy pray to your story? Why not challenge the rest of us to see if your story holds any merit? Instead of probably freaking her out with that poem of yours, eeshh

And I asked you a question, and you still have not yet answered me.

Who are you?

Javier C.
To Javier.

You know your a debunker.

I know that your a debunker.

We all know that your a debunker.

I have not even seen the movie Atlantis, as of yet.

How does that grab you?
A debunker
me? And here I thought I was just being a critic...

To tell you the truth though, I have been fascinated with the lost city of Atlantis for as long as I've been interested in Time Travel. I'm not in favor of Time Travel anymore though, but ancient civilizations still interest me. They call out to me, in a way

But I'm just asking the questions no one seems to ask.

Even if I have had visions of the curssed place. I won't let it cloud my judgment of what I need to do. It's a matter of principle.

Can you see where I'm coming from with this?

Javier C.

P.S. When you going to answer my questions?

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Your a moron.

Pam did a hearts and flowrs bit about poor John Titor coming back to this relative time.

It seesm that John had lost his wife in the future to brain cancer, from when the U.S. and Russ, did their full nuke excahnge deal?

So Pam comes along with her healing bomb of love and sprays it all over the place.

She is the only redeeming quality that is apparent on this board at all.

Go to yahoo.com.Enter in the serch words Atlantis in the serch box,punch in serch and you will get a number of hits.

Take the very first hit atr the top of the list, which is from Itaily.

Gop into this hit and it's right there, all of it, one of the most poerfull nations to ever grace the face of the Earth besides the U.S.

They were offworld travel fluent, this is now plainly known.

I come dancing foward with my full identiy and the boys in black come around and make me disappear.

Why do you need this?

ASs forPam, nobody here even said thankyou for her showing compassion to John for his loss and story of loss from the future.

Pam did however.

Whats wrong with you people any way?

Is all you know and understand power of the aquisition of wealth and no altrustic appriciation at all?

I don't know, maybe Pam should have a bozo like you, read her directions to how to put togeather a toaster, by the ole mill stream, rather than one so valliant as me..?
Hey Ronaldo di Caprio, I just wanted to say that I'm a morron too (I think), I have no pitty for that Titor, I do believe that still this is a big joke, whatever peoples says. And I'm ready to bet a very 1000.00 $ on that one, right now, that this is fake, I say only 1000 because I'm efraid nobody can afford more, but I'm ready to put a lot more.

Let's not worry about the consequences of that, what have been done is done, and what I wanna do, I'm gonna do it anyway.

Do we have a deal? We can put it on the track right now, in front of laywers.
I wanted to thank you for your poem.
What a beautiful picture you have painted in my mind with your words.

Thank you for your gift. You are quite talented. To write such a poem means you must have great beauty on the inside.

Where are you from? Are you a time traveler as well?
I don't know what John's true thoughts were on aliens. I know he thought they may be interdimensional beings or time travelers with better distortion units than what he had. but then he said that idea may be wacky.
He said even in his time they have not found out what they are.
But now that I read your postings it is strange that he use to meet with me in a kind of UFO/paranormal/alien chat room to chat. I did wonder about that.
I won't say which one but that was strange. maybe he was archiving that data while we talked???? I thought he might feel safe in there so I didnt say anything about it.
There were lots of people talking at one time so we were kind of camoflauged.

Tell me some more about what you know you are very interesting.

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I'm a what? Now that was nice of you.

What did I do wrong? Did I offend you or something? Did something catch fire and I didn't know about it?

Why you cursing me?

You should know, that this BBS has a TOS. You may want to take a read of it later.

-Javier C.
Javier, I want you to know that my feelings are very strong for you too.

Thankyou for the TOS, toaster oven selection, as your proposal of marrage concerning our potential betrothal.

However I have not and I repeat this, have not had enough time to review your cellular data and I'm not sure that it is compatable with mine?

Soan invetro dish baby, between the both of us, may not be possable.

I want you to know however, that I admire your stile and hope that this will be a winning season for the major leauge teams.

"Baseball is so important to those who live in America"!I guess that you know this.

And lovely Pamela, I must say that your hair is especially waivey tonight and when you smile,"IT glows"!

As a small token of my appriciation for you too, would you like me to send you a gallon of Arpege Parfume?

I know when you splash it all over you, then as they say, " you'll be set for the entire year"!

Your sure to be the talk of the neighborhood, at two O'clock in the morning, as they say!?

How about them Metz Pam?

Do you think that they will cornhole their way into the World Cup Pennant?

Hey' I'm like you, I enjoy America and chewing gum, especially on Tuesday.
Why'd you call him a moron?

anyway...Kinda lost my train of thought here... Oh yeah.
Why do people always think that aleins are always more advanced than us? How do scientists know that our planet was created millions of years after theirs? For all we know, we could be more intelligent than them.
Even if they were more advanced than us, then why would they want to help us? Just because they're smart doesn't mean they're all peacefull, like E.T.
Ronaldo, if you can come up with some actual evidence to support you're "theory" then we might believe you.
Just send it to
[email protected]
I once spoke to a hypnotist who specialized in past life regression and Alien Abduction recalling, about 2 and half years ago.

He’s written books on his patients testimonies and what they feel these Aliens are.

If I remember correctly, a few people would say they too would make mistakes (the Aliens) and that they would also express confusion and uneasiness.

You might want to check out his website and books. Even if I don’t agree with it: www.drbrucegoldberg.com for the sake of fairness and of being 2 sided on this issue.

Personally, I have experienced an Alien Abduction once, my memory of it was very brief, maybe about 1 second. I dreamt that I was on an operating table, and they had something going into my eyes. And when I woke up, I heard this loud high pitch sound, and my eyes were hurting.

It had me wondering about it for about a week, until another strange Time Travel dream took over it’s spot

And as for Aliens being smarter, I don’t know. From my experience, and with the strange occurrences in my life with them and Time Travel, I think there all manipulators and should be held accountable for their actions.

I used to have a milling list to: www.caus.org

Until the director of the organization started getting into the habit of preaching to people every Sunday and telling them what to believe. Saying about accepting troubles into our life, that we need them.

If we accept that, then that means we should also accept what the Aliens do to humanity. Exploit them, take them without permission.

So that was a pretty big disappointment. Kinda hypocritical of him to speak like that, if you ask me.

Then there’s: www.x-ppac.org which is taking it to the courts. It’s much better then the rest I’ve encountered, and I’m placing my money on them to get the job done on exposing the truth.

-Javier C.

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Yes Pam, I'll amnswer your questions on aliens.

There are many groups of them here on Earth.

Som,e are selfcentered, while others care about mankind very much.

Forinstance the Pleiadean in Heinwel Switzerland.

There are beings that live there in an intermoutain base.

Their family unit is established, they are weird, but happy in their own way.

Everyone, should know what aliens are.

Everything is wonderfull and we have nothing to fear, as long as we are all crazy.