"The future ain't what it used to be."

Alien influence in T T

So, we have to be crazy to see life as something wonderful? What are you talking about? Is this some sort of Metaphysical concept of reality?

Sorry, but I'm not into that New Age, weird psychedelic philosophy that you obviously are attuned to.

So we are all E.T.'s according to you, and we originated from Atlantis?


Pam, I think you should stay away from this one, if I was you.

-Javier C.

"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."

Where do aliens come from?

Are they time travelers as well?

Are they interested in people who may time travel? or are building machines?

Do humans time traveling pose a threat to them?

Do they have a way to detect if someone is using a time machine on the earth?

What does an alien do if they find someone in the act of time traveling?

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Wow! what an iron bitch Pam'

You had really showed the ole Doctor a thing of two!!!

As for your question, aliens come from," you know hon, that's a hell of a leadin set up line, where do they come from"?, but I'm going to let that one go.

1`.Yes they are time travlers as well and some even have suripiticious designs on us as well, like intent tatoos.

The Pleiadeans for one think this way about us and have even stollen a guys sperm, in middle America, so they can perpetuate their own civilization, which must have raw donner sperm, as they genetically engineer.

This was the Lyle sperm abduction case, asmentioned in Col. Steven's second book, on the Pleiades

"Do you folks allow you to talk about the S word Pam"?

You know we have morals here and an image to uphold?

They, aliens come from all over the place.

This ding danged galixy as well as other galixies are full of them.

The book A Fieldguide To Extraterrestials, has a good crossection of the differing types of aliens within the universe.

There is also the Galactic Server 2, which you can find through yahoo.com.

They have a pictoral section, that shows you most types of aliens.

They are all over Hon!Like popcorn tossed high in a moive theather.

3.Yes they are intrested in people who are building T T machines.Notice that I did not say titty machines.

When I was seven, I use to say T Ts in reference to woman's bazooms.

4.You can say, pose a threat, or pose a treat, as some aliens, such as Dracks from ALpha Drackonis, do eat people.

They prefer young children and teens who live cleanly, I'm sad to say this is reported.

I would say Pam, that it would depend on the mission involved?

I mean if Bob Johnson from the year 2023, is teleporting a 15 inch Navil ship's cannon, to Racine Wisconsen. And is going to blow away his great aunt, Carrie Philips, when she answers the door with this cannon, then yes, possably an alien might show up in order to prevent this from happening.

"Domino's Pizza delivery, Mrs. Philips"! Please open the door and don't be affraid of the big gun looking thingy at your front door?.."Snicker snicker"!

5.Yes they do and it is a magnetic event registry, that can be used to detect anomalous magnetic readings of openings through time and space.

Now say forinstance after the falling accident of the lovely Sem-ya-zee, of the Atlantian Pleaidean sect in Switzerland.

All the Pleiadeans sat around in their mothership and had asked the question,"Duhaa'
A why did our little Semjase, fall on er head"??

Was it something we said, something we did or didn't do?

Or was it the Jewish fella, that we had tried to fix her up with on a date??!

Oh lovely marvilous Pameral, twas nither, it was that not to the general knowlege of the American public viewing through their televisions screans, Semjase had a secret fraternal twin.

He had lived in Washington State at the time and when they had traced his soul pattern to Danny Boy of the moutains, well you can guess who had showed up on hot summer day?

Yep' it were them Pleiadeans and they wus pissed Pam-gu-la!

They had read the riot act to ole Danny Boy from a hover distance only and let him know,"Hey bud' it's because of an Earthling like you, that our precious little Semjase went ,"BOINK" on her head!

Oh the trajedey of it all Pam, excuse me while I run to the bedroom and dry my eyes with some Kleenex.

6.Well Pam they might say,"Hey big boy, Iv got a bottle of Dome Pering Non, back in my saucer, ever make love on a swing set above Juptier"?

No Pam, this all depends and little girls who wear their hair fluffily like you, should not worry about these things.

Sometimes, they do nothing.

My little jumping frogg, if all depends upon the stile and time frame of the aliens involved.

They can be bad, such as, "We'll cut yer heart out, while making you watch Rosie O'Donnel re-runs"!

Or they might be from hundred of thousands of years into the future and posess an overcompelling compulsion to smear Zort into your hair"?

I don't know Pamela Famela, the possabilites are endless?

Note, can I look up Javier's kilt too?

I mean is this like a club type of thing and are there dues involved?
Hi! yall'

Pam has just met me at the coffie room here at the Ultimate Bulletin Board and asked me a question.

I mean Pam just jumped right up on the coffiette pantry and I saw her legs in the mid thigh dress ands I had to put my Smithsonian History Of Physics, over my mid section.

I began to bend over and walk knock-kneed down the hall, with my teeth clenched, as Pam patted me on the back oblivious to any biomechanical problem that I might have, as I began to utter out my explination.

Pam has asked me the question, has the CIA created false realities in time travel?

Well yes Pam, howevewr we are not sure how well these realites will hold upon their own?

You see not only God, the big guy in the white robe, has a hold of how reality works here on Earth, but other gods, that God God, lets exist as well, have a say to.

So you see the CIA might have formed a false reality, however there is no assurance of how well that time and space fabrication, might hold up in the long run?

I don't think such an event might ring true?

Why the other day, I had opened my pantry cubbard door and there was a man standing there in a back sute, white shirt and tie, with sunglasses on.

He looked like a goverment guy and he said to me,"Sugar, Equal or Nutrasweet"?

I of course said Equal and he handed me the packet for my coffiee and I shut the door.

The same had happened in my bathroom the other day.

I had opened the shower stall door to warm up the water and again, there was a goverment looking guy standing in my shower stall, holding shampoo and a bottle of conditioner.

"Sampoo or conditioner"? he asked.

I of course said shampoo and by the time I had disrobed, he had flashed out of there.

I don't have the time here to tell you about the camode and the secret agent there, but in time I will Pam.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Edited by Rudolpho Wolf.
Now do you really expect me to beleive that?
What an imagination you have!
Are you sure YOU were not the one who fell on his head?

You are right though about one thing...I do know more than what I am saying. some of it is out of politeness.

I think I will heed Javier's advice on this one.

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pamela?! taking Javier's advice? now I am definitely worried. First, he agrees with you, now you're taking his advice.. what next?

Will there be peace at last?
Nope Pam'

Have told the truth.

I added a little humor, so the issue is not all dried up, like the rest of the postings on this board.

The CIA has expiermented with alternate realities and I'm not sure about living in them.

This is the CIA's busniess, not mine.

Like I had said, God, controls a lot of our reality and does so, from a crystal cave appartatus, which is below the ocean, right here on Earth.

See the Andreasson Affair and The Watcher Series, all books,m By Fowler and Luca?

The other gods, are appointed by God and this is in the book Psychic Warriors, which is about Pentagon R.V. techniques.

You had wanted to know, so it's right there in front of your face.

In the origional book, Into Thin Air, which is about the Philidelphia Expierment and subsaquent spin-off developments within technology it was said.
Sailors dispatched to a public bar and grill and they had materialized right through the wall and had caused a commotion.

This had even made the papers in the Philedelphia area, which I have been privy to.

They sometimes like to do this, but as I had written Titor in his emergency post on Art Bell's Post To Post now defunct and I quote, to this effect,"I do not foster into the idea of time or displacement travel, without the proper safeguards.

This might mean, that any felon could breach the wall of the T-shell event and cause one a malformation within the controls of the Time Displacement device and or also intrude onto the personage of the operator.

It's a mathamatical chance Pam and if you don't quit seeing J.R. behind my back, I'm going to smear pizza sauce all over your dress!

Pam J.R and Bobby, Dallas remember?

This is history, old cake and no biggie secret.Was zin and out of the news, Oh-kay Pam-el-la-la-la?

Pam would you hop up and sit down on the coffiee pantriette, just once more?

I've got my physics book, to keep a good morality within this posting board.
I know alot more about time travel than you think and if you were really able to read me psychically you would have seen that.

If you even attempt to smear pizza sauce on my dress I will have one of my "body guards" whomp you. hahaha


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So you have jumped already?

Was this within the Titor unit as posted on Bell's Post To Post?

If so, then did you make it as far as Pacifica?

The only thing that you intent on, is tearing me down here, as this is good for your woman's ego.

Have you tried beating up on a store front dummy?

Got a quick qiz question for you.

What happens if you jump out of the event shell, under full load?

Just trying to add a little humor to the board...don't get offended.

"So you have jumped already?"

YOU should be able to tell ME.

"If so, then did you make it as far as Pacifica?"

You mean home of the Polyphase warp Harmonic Field Array used over there in the 23rd century?
I don't know....did I?

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Pamela wins one

I'll take on the winner
for the title.

Opps, sorry about that, been watching to much WWF lately.

It just “reeks of awesomeness.” –King Edge.

-Javier C.
Renaldo's goodbye"

You don't get it do you?

Your all stupid Earthlings that have absolutly no concept of what goes on past the blue sky of your atmosphere.

This is not a game to keep score at, it's your survival that is at stake.

Wehn the Pleiadeans had landed publically in 1975, some of the principles of the landing were warned by the Pleiadean heiarchy, not to make contact with Earthlings, as they were reduced in social values to be preditory and abusive.

I myself and trying to find a light through this claim to where this statement was wrong.

However in this phase, I see that maybe they were right?

The thing I have fought for concerning Earthlings, as balanced aginst Pleiadeans that need their sperm in order to continue their engineered race, is that Earth based humans, do have a right to speak in respects to a galactic voice also.

If my laision was active with the Pleiadean high coucil, how much say do you think I would have, when you socially slaughter each other as you do here?

It's certainly not support is it.

And Diego, you really hurt him as he had info he wanted to come foward with along with J.

You guys must be real proud of yourselves.

Don’t worry, I was this BBS’s biggest supporter in defending humanity from foreign invaders (Temporal or Extra-terrestrial), way before you came along here. Don’t feel sorry others didn’t get to see your side of it, if it’s really important and has merit, then they’ll come around. But you don’t have to be so negative and say that we’re all stupid.

I’ve disagreed with a lot of people in my day, and I have never called anyone of them stupid.

That’s just going to far… And so far you’ve used the F*** word, the T** word, the B**** word, the M**** word (on me), and you expect people to take you serious?

I’m sorry, but this BBS’s doesn’t need people like you, if you can’t behave and speak like an adult, then don’t bother with us if you think we’re all stupid Earthlings anyway’s. Don’t waste your breath, you won’t get anywhere.

I’m sure someone else is better suited for the position

For a year now I have been making sure that both sides of Time Travel gets communicated. So don’t worry, I’ll make sure the topic of Aliens amongst us gets discussed as well.

I hope you enjoyed your brief stay here, I’m sorry you couldn’t speak like a normal person, and I’m happy that Pamela is smart enough to not- buy into your stories

Javier C.

P.S. You said: *--You guys must be real proud of yourselves.

Nice try making people feel guilty for not believing you. Titor tried that once when his plans didn’t go as he expected

I made him leave two weeks early. Now Pamela made you leave once she exposed you.
how our paths cross lately... you notice the time stamps in a few of our past posts yet?

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For your clairification in parting as all you understand is cost.

For the bases listas posted under the hit,(hidden alien bases,) in most serch engines.

About one trillion dollars annually, to keep these bases running.

These are negative , harmfull nondifferential bases.

They prey on, or effect man and woman kind in some way.

Oh' there are other sources and this is Linda Multon Howe and her book series.

On human cost,lives taken, try an Air Force Officer first in the 40s and then a steadily growing nuber of people, till this year. The toll of missing children is so great on the Wallmart entry ways, plus milk cartons from Drack preditation.

Alpha Drackonian Lizard men, eat a percentage of all missing children as food.

They like the young as they have less chemical polution in them and make better eating.

And finnaly to my own secondary family, the Pleiadeans.

They came here claiming snow white in purity, however are as much liers and deceatfull as anyone else.

At least I stood up to them for your kind, for your right to exist.

You people arn't even aware of this.

There are five Pleiadean bases here on Earth, but they are funded by the continum back in the Pleides.

Only the Antartic base, it seems host a sect of expatreioted Nazies, that a certain clan of Pleiadeans rubs elbows with.

Over all, about a trillion spent each year to keep some seventy alien bases, all hidden of course going, so they can preditate man.

Plus other bases, that both take adult humans and children as either expiermentation fodder, or food.

There is a percentage of aliens that land here, which land only for supplies.

The only reason I am kept alive, is due to my genetic relationship to Semjase.

She comes from a powerfull family in the Pleidesand there is a biological twins link there.

If I'm hurt, so will she be hurt.

This is why they do not touch me and I'm looked over.

Yes I've used the F word, but what is the greater wrong, your complaceny to the point where I have to use this word in order to wake your kind up, of the crime of both your nonbelief that your entire society is something to be expiermented on, or used as food.

Your complacency is a crime to me.

I think it is better for you to exist as you do, as your a utility source in some way.

Did Pam expose anything?

Yes she did, the fact the only one upmanship that your society can perform, is similar to turtles in an aquarium, which all jockey for the highest place atop one another.

Pam is a good journalist, but she has no understanding of greater social depth and or morality in this social set.

Yes you have won, but as a food source.

When the right person comes along that can help you, the only thing that is on your mind, is how can we use this person, in oder to get us more points.

Not your collective predicaments?

I really don't care who won or lost, as your a food, or genetics usary source and this is the way you will stay, till someone with courage emancipates the situation.
hmmmm....maybe he seen my "bodyguards"??

I seek truth....nothing more.
It is not about winning and losing.
It is about finding the truth.
I do not regret meeting you although you might regret meeting me.
May you find Peace, Renaldo.
Hey there, how ya doin' my dear Pamela?
nice to see you here again "(@^@)"

remember this you-all..

"Just when you think it's all over, it has merley just begun"


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