"The future ain't what it used to be."

Alien influence in T T

Calirification on your said, you might have regretted in meeting me?

Most of my communications are monitored by the Pleiadeans.

Their into everything I do.

An example was and I'm sure that they were just doing this to let me know they were around, was that every item that I had needed, placed upon my shopping list, was placed clearly on counters that had nothing to do with what that item I had wanted, at a large department store.

There was Alpo dog meat, on the ladie's counter which was two isle over from pet supplies.

They had done this with almost every item on my list.

I'm sure this was to let me know they were around.

They can pass easily for Human pam and slip in and out of this society.

My last encouter was in the year 1989, which scared the Hell out of me.

They woke me up from a nap and when I went outside to change the position of my water spinklers, there was this thirty foot in circumfrence Pleiadean saucer, just hovering above the hill line.

There were really miffed about how Semjase was hurt, but came to let me know in a pleasant way, they had traiced my soul pattern to hers.

The last attack on a Pleiadean ship, was in the Heinwel vally and this was a Swiss Mirage Fighter that had tried to launch a Matra Magic Dogfight Missile, on the Pleiadean saucer.

At about two miles, the internal defence mechinisms of the saucer came on and the weapons crew, had targeted the weapons fire bus, for the missile launch systems only.

They had fired a mini beam and when the Swiss fighter had landed, the inside of the missile launch access box, looked like burnt spagetti.

If some how, they would have been able to launch their missile and hit the saucer, and anti matter explosion would have occured, which would have taken out the entire vally.

More than likely Pam, they had read your statment "maybe they have not seen my body gaurds"?

Do you realize that this is how you have said Hi! to an offworld species?

Compair a group of men going to do damage or a simple pistol aginst the power of one of these beam ships?

I'm sure that I would take the Glock and redundently fire at the Beamship, wouldn't you Pam?

Their funny people, although they have a little trouble breatheing our air.

There is virtually no place or facility that they can't get into, nor no safeguard they won't take to stop to protect one of their own.

In other words Pam, what you have said in your last posting, to the Pleiadeans, is that there is a group of people coming to meet me, that will do me damage?

Is this what you call ambassadorial prose?

I'm just asking?