"The future ain't what it used to be."

Alien Intelligence



I hold a thought in my head about the real possibilty of alien visits to this planet being us travelling back in time to try and change the turn of events that may cause devastation of our race.

I read somewhere in one of Eric Von Danikens books about a theory on breaking light speed.
It seemed quite feasable to me. It will take a while as he has many books , but i will find it and quote it here for you all.
I don't doubt for one minute that we are not only in the Universe.

It is their intentions I am concerned about.
Well, I feel perfectly confident that we are not alone in the universe and I have my own views on this issue. Nevertheless, I have heard some logical discussions on the possibility of the mysterious alien sighting actually being time travelers. There is a theory of space travel dealing with an device called the Tipler Cylinder. In order to make use of this device, which would need to be created in outer space, the vessel which would be neccesary is a round, metallic disk. Therefore, from this standpoint, the sighting and reporting of 'flying saucers' and other such vehicles could easily be sighting of vehicles designed for the purpose of time travel and being used to study earth.
Sorry, I made a few mistakes in the last letter but I am not registered so I cannot edit it. But the Tipler Cylinder is a device for Time Travel (not space travel as a accidently wrote.)
Sorry, about that.

Funny that............. People often ask me, "Where do I think Alien Intelligence might come from" & my standard reply is "Did you say Where or When"
I have thought similar things about religion. People might have come from the future with a book of guildlines and consequences for people to follow in an attempt to ensure the survival of the future by preventing the mistakes that led to its destruction.

Of course im not saying "this is what I think happened!" I like to keep my mind open to new possibilities as far as things like this are concerned.
I think it is interesting that the people who claim to be abducted by aleins also experience"missing time". These people are PHYSICALLY GONE from where they were and in their minds they think they were only gone for only 20 minutes or so and later find out from other people they were gone for hours.
most of the time things are remembered in dreams or nightmares and in hypnosis.
I think it would be plausable that perhaps those little grey men are actually human beings advanced from a million years in our future. So they could be coming back to check out there long distant cousins. But why would they? Are they historians or are they here for a more interesting purpose. Peraps to tweak our own evolution. Maybe to help advance us toward a new evolutionary path.