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Aliens in Detroit



I am currently searching for a old 1974 broadcast. If you search with YAHOO for "UFO crash near Detroit in 1974", Well, I am looking for a copy of this broadcast. I am also interested in the location of the downed object that was supposed to be recovered from the U.S. Air Force. Read the article and print this page put. It is interesting, I can not seem to locate or contact anybody connected with this article. I have attempted contacting Angela Bowie (David Bowies X wife,she was present at recording), Alan Yentob (The person that recorded the broadcast), Stig Agermose (The person that wrote the article on the internet) and Aliens on earth book store (The people that are maintaining the frozen webpage). I have not heard from any of these people. I have also tried contacting all of the Detroit Television stations that were around, at that time. However, I did receive 1 responce from "Detroit public television". I was told that someone there remembers hearing the broadcast on the radio, that day in 1974. At this time I have over a dozen investigators looking in the matter. Anyone with any information or leads please Email me at:[email protected] Thank You, David
My Grandfather was a firefighter at the time of the incident. It was actually witnessed by another firefighter on night watch. I'm going to have the check the engine house, but it occured across the street in a cemetary. The guy on night watch pulled the alarm to wake up everyone, but that's all my grandfather ever told me.

Please see my posting about the Disclosure Project which was in answer to the Nazi Alien question.

In the 2 hour video that I have seen it talked of a crash in Peru, in Missouri, in England I think along with Roswell. The longer 4 hour version or the book may have information, witnesses to the events of 1974 in Detroit that you are looking for.

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