"The future ain't what it used to be."

Aliens Real or not



I like to think of so called aliens as Theme park attendants. This world and universe of ours are a vacation gettaway FROM who or what we really are. Occasionally something goes wrong with the program that we have been implanted into, in which case the attendants as I have called them enter to make repairs some see them by accident. Of course as the population grows the sightings will become more frequent.
If you look in Eastern Religeons and CHECK INTO O.B.E Out of body experiences, you will notice reference to what is known as the silver cord. I believe this is what connects the spiritual body to the physical body or better yet allows us to access this virtual world we call home. There are also references to the silver cord in Astral traveling, and one reference in the Bible ec 12-6. Look closely maybe this is the Matrix for lack of a better term.
All I can say is NOTHING IS ALONE no matter where, we have company. By the simple reason that one thing relates to the other. With a hard thinking we can get to that conclusion. We have samples everywhere we look, thing or living thing. Makes sense. But it sure didn't need to be so complicated, right? The good and easy are always welcomed.
How about this is JURRASIC PARK and *we* are the dinosaurs.........

Yep, they're probaby charging admission just to see us.

Surely I must be joking. Surely I am.