"The future ain't what it used to be."




To Everyone Are aliens real or fake? What do you think aliens are time travelers, fallen angels, humans just like us, creatures, beings, monsters or entities? Any thoughts, ideas, plans, statements, comments, and suggestions and please explain if you can!
Aliens are nothing more than figments of one's imagination, just like the "grays" and all that other nonsense. It does, however, seem to get a lot of publicity and does stir a lot of debate on websites like this, and others. In this light, I guess it does seem to have some use.
Hi..I am new to this board and this is my first time posting. I have been reading up on the Message Board for the last few weeks and thought this would be a good opportunity to post.

When it comes to Aliens, I'm no expert but I do know that 222 and Aliens correlate with one another. Not only do I get the double digits every day of my life, but I get the digits 2:22 and it is impossible to restrain myself from looking at the clock. If that isn't enough, I just might add that my birthday is also 2/22 ( February 22)

I have had dreams of aliens most of my life. Alot of which I remember as if I had them yesterday. I only wish I had the answers for myself and others. Maybe someday there will be an understanding.

anonymous 222, I'm glad to find another who see's numbers. why do you think aliens refer to 222? Last nite I say 11:11 then I woke up at 555. then my computer starts clicking out 3 consectitive clicks 3 times. I know there here . I have learned to just be myself in thier presence and sometimes they tell me things. I don't exactly think they are the greys. I have been in their presence to and it is not to pleasant. these my be the Zeta riticulans but who can really tell . Discribe for me the ones you have seen in your dreams and I will tell you if they are the ones I have encountered also. clara
I see we’ve made another connection with an individual who is also seeing the double digits, and having Alien encounters.

Welcome Anonymous222, I know much about your situation. Truly the 2-22 birthday is significant to an Alien theme. Where one has dreams and glimpses of their symbols, and is deeply feeling their presence.

Tell me though, how old are you? I only ask to better suit my replies to you.

But nevertheless, I have someone very close to me who is also 2-22 born. And together we have discovered much about the Alien Agenda and Time Travel being at the root of it. Unfortunately, the Time Travelers have taken a lot of what I have established with this individual and have forced an inevitable change in our relationship.

This wasn’t suppose to happen, and they are going to pay deeply. The TimeTravelActivist is just getting started.

I take it you might have heard of me in some of the posts here, and don’t quite know who I am… Allow me to introduce my self. I am the TimeTravelActivist, but everyone here calls me TTA for short. I am here to lend a balance in discussion when it comes to Time Travel and it’s inevitable sanctioning a couple of centuries from now. The numbers are a message from the future; not so much it being a code, but control of our mortal lives.

It’s of bringing us to our knees and succumbing to their great omnipotent power (through Time Travel), relinquishing out individuality and becoming united for 1 single purpose only.

And when this does happen, you’ll all look back and remember what the TTA said, and say; “Oh that purpose, I see what he was talking about now, we should have listened to him, but now it’s to late.”

However, the déjà vu we sense is like our most basic human warning system, telling us tempering is occurring in our lives. I know this took place many times in my youth, and I have many journal entries describing its futile escape from an eternal cycle I seemed to have been repeating. It’s an echo from all sides, that comes right back at you, and vibrates your isolated self in the time your in, and ripples away leaving behind confusion and unanswered questions. WHY ME!?

Soon, I will embark on yet a new course of action within my self to deal another blow to the Time Traveling menace. They are good, but I am better
why else would they want me and others? There is something within each and every single one of us that motivates their contact with us. We are attune to their presence in this dimension, we are listening and willing to answer the call, and they need us to.

But not by their manipulation and exploitation of my race. The ends do not justify the means… And so it will be, that I will take back my humanity and fight the ones responsible for using my people, and cost me my paradise.

Unforgettably the Time Travelers #1 enemy,